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Bell work What do you think the effect of imperialism had on Latin America? Write 4-6 sentences.

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1 Bell work What do you think the effect of imperialism had on Latin America? Write 4-6 sentences.

2 Imperialism In Latin America
By Ashley, Anna, Dylan and Sterling

3 Imperialism in Latin America

4 Mexican History Mexico won independence from Spain in 1821.
Became a republic nation in 1823. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna ruled as president five times between He was exiled from country multiple times, then returned when enemies left.

5 Diaz Defeated! Benito Juarez made major reforms that reduced power of the Catholic Church. After Juarez, Porfirio Diaz used military to rule, and modernized Mexico. Francisco “Pancho” Villa led a band of rebels who supported Maderno. Maderno was jailed by Diaz in 1910. When he was released, he escaped to Texas and declared himself president of Mexico. Pancho captured the city of Juarez in 1911, at the same time Emiliano Zapata arose and called for land reforms, Diaz soon resigned.

6 Changes in Mexico Venustiano Carranza became president, Zapata Villa refused to support him. Nation plunged into war, by end of 1915 Carranza was defeated. After attacked by the U.S. in 1920 Villa agreed to halt attacks. The constitution of 1917 allowed government to redistribute land, limit power of church and protect the rights of citizens.

7 & E F S A I L R L Of Huerta The
Maderno was elected president soon after army chief Victioriano Huerta seized power and imprisoned Madreno. Pancho resisted Huerta after executing Maderno in 1914. US sent marines into the city of Juarez and Huetra resigned in July.

8 The Spanish- American War
Many people in the U.S. felt sympathy for the Cuban rebels. U.S. newspaper printed scandalous stories and large, shocking illustrations about events in Cuba. This was know was yellow journalism. In February 1898 U.S. battleship Maine exploded in Havana’s harbor The war was just a disaster for Spain. Within three months the U.S. had won the war.

9 The Spanish American War
In a treaty ending the war the U.S. got Puerto Rico, Guam and agreed to purchase the Philippines for $20 million. The United States made a Cuba a protectorate because they included it in the Platt Amendment. The Platt Amendment let the U.S. intervene in Cuba, approve foreign treaties and lease land at Guantanamo Bay for a naval base.

10 Revolt in The Philippines
The Philippines also thought that the Spanish- American War would bring them independence but the United States made it an American colony. A rebel leader Emilio Aguinaldo who cooperated with the U.S. felt betrayed. The Filipinos revolted, they fought for three more years.

11 Revolt in The Philippines
They did not win their independence. The United States ruled them through a governor appointed by the U.S. president until 1935. They were granted full independence in 1946.

12 The Panama Canal The U.S. gained control over more territory by building the Panama Canal. In 1903 the U.S. bought the French property and equipment. Colombia would not let the U.S. to build the canal. U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt sent warships to fight Colombia.

13 The Panama Canal When Panama was declared independent, they signed a treaty granting the U.S. a strip of land to build the canal. The Panama Canal was built between 1904 t It shortened the sea voyage from San Francisco to New York City by about 8,000 miles.

14 Europe’s Warning 1823 proclamation of the Monroe Doctrine
By the late 1800’s Europe and the U.S. had considerable financial interest in Latin America. In the 1904 European creditors used military force to collect their debts in the Dominican Republic. President Roosevelt announce the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine.

15 Monroe Doctrine The Monroe Doctrine was U.S. President James Monroe’s statement forbidding colonization in the Americas and declaring that any attempt by a foreign country to colonize would be considered an act of hostility. The Roosevelt Corollary was an addition to the Monroe Doctrine, it pledged to use U.S. military force to prevent European interference in the internal affairs of Latin America nations while reserving the U.S. right to intervene.

16 U.S. Overpowering U.S. sent troops to several nations in the early 1900’s. The United States took control of the finances of these countries, to prevent a chaos. They used the Roosevelt Corollary to become more involved with the political affairs of Latin America countries.

17 Review What was the Spanish American War?
What did the Europeans use to collect debt in Dominican Republic? When did Mexico gain it’s independence from Spain? What do you think the effect of imperialism had on Latin America?

18 Homework Page 367. Questions 1-3.

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