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Bell Ringer: Monday What are some of your favorite foods/What did you have for dinner last night? First 5 min. for completion stamp.

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1 Bell Ringer: Monday What are some of your favorite foods/What did you have for dinner last night? First 5 min. for completion stamp

2 Meaning of words Global Diffusion: Spreading of culture to other places Genocide: deliberate killing of mass group of people; based on race, religion, background, etc.

3 Objective: Identify cause/effect of the Columbian Exchange on the Americas PG. 5 or 6 in your TABLE OF CONTENT/NOTES “Columbian Exchange”

4 Cause and Effect When one events causes another to happen. –Cause: WHY something happens –Effect: WHAT happens

5 Columbian Exchange global diffusion of plants, food crops, animals, human populations, and diseases after the voyages of Christopher Columbus (1492) BY EUROPEANS TO THE AMERICAS!

6 Impact The Europeans brought to the AMERICAS: –Religion –Disease –People –Goods

7 Religion Religious Conversions: Catholic missionaries (Jesuits) converted native people to Catholicism What is cause? Effect?

8 Genocide by Disease Spaniards unknowingly brought infectious diseases (FLU, smallpox) to native populations. Killed millions of people between 1520-1600 What is cause? What is the effect?

9 Of all the organisms Europeans brought to America, none were more harmful to Native Americans than Old World diseases (Cronon 1983). The Europeans brought with them smallpox, measles, diphtheria, trachoma, whooping cough, chicken pox, bubonic plague (carried by fleas, which were carried by European rats), malaria, typhoid fever, cholera, yellow fever, dengue fever, scarlet fever, amebic dysentery, influenza, and a number of worm infections (Figure 3). Native Americans had absolutely no antibodies to these diseases. To say that the effect of these illnesses on the population of the Americas was devastating would be an understatement. WHAT ROLE DID DISEASE PLAY IN SPANISH CONQUEST???


11 People- Slave Trade Imported African slaves to work on large plantations Needed on sugar cane plantations What is cause? Effect?


13 The “Columbian Exchange”  Squash  Avocado  Peppers  Sweet Potatoes  Turkey  Pumpkin  Tobacco  Quinine  Cocoa  Pineapple  Cassava  POTATO  Peanut  TOMATO  Vanilla  MAIZE  Syphilis  Olive  COFFEE BEAN  Banana  Rice  Onion  Turnip  Honeybee  Barley  Grape  Peach  SUGAR CANE  Oats  Citrus Fruits  Pear  Wheat  HORSE  Cattle  Sheep  Pigs  Smallpox  Flu  Typhus  Measles  Malaria  Diptheria  Whooping Cough  Trinkets  Liquor  GUNS

14 Cause and effect: Bell Ringer What foods would you no longer have if the Europeans/Americans did not bring foods over/to?

15 Cause/Effect Chart Use your notes, with a partner if you’d like Fill out missing boxes Go over in about 5 min.

16 Bell Ringer Tuesday Name one cause/effect from the Columbian Exchange

17 MOW Export: Shipping goods/service OUT of a country Triangular Trade: The trade of goods/people from Americas to Europe/Africa and back

18 Objective Identify cause and effect of the slave trade on African society Map out the Triangular Trade Take these notes on the back of your cause/effect map

19 Triangular Trade Triangular Trade Connected the economies of three continents. 1.Africa 2.Europe 3.Americas

20 Triangular Trade Portuguese replaced European slaves with Africans. –Sugar cane & sugar plantations.

21 Triangular Trade First: European goods sent to Africa (Guns, alcohol) Second: African/European goods. (people, coffee, cattle, horse) Third: American goods BACK to Europe (tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco, etc)

22 Slave Trade Existed in Africa before the coming of the Europeans. European slave trade expanded under the Portuguese African slavery very different from brutal European slavery

23 Slave Trade Between 1500s and 1800s, about 10 million Africans shipped to the Americas.

24 Slave Ship “ Middle Passage ”

25 “Coffin” Position Below Deck

26 African Captives Thrown Overboard Sharks followed the slave ships!

27 Impact on African Society 1. Loss of Population in African society –Up to 50 million were lost –Many were the strongest and healthiest of people

28 Impact 2. Society Disrupted Tribal wars broke out Crimes punishable by slavery

29 Impact 3. Cities destroyed –People feared the cities –Didn’t want to be sold into slavery –No cities= no civilization?

30 Impact 4. Trade Decreased over time -Europeans were mainly there to buy slaves until colonization begins in 1800s -Long term economic problems?

31 Impact Africans seen as inferior –Less intelligent –Cheap labor

32 Overall effect The slave trade destroyed societies in Africa Could be the reason many parts are still under developed (economically) today

33 Reading We will read together the primary source. YOU will answer the questions. Homework: Chart/mapping it out

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