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Let’s play Koontz Trivia. What are our school colors?

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1 Let’s play Koontz Trivia

2 What are our school colors?

3 Blue Gold

4 What Grades are included at Koontz Intermediate?

5 Fifth Sixth

6 Who is our Principal?

7 Dr. Sheila Gibbs Principal

8 Who is our assistant principal?

9 Mr. Michael Miller Assistant principal

10 What is our mascot?

11 We are the Rams!

12 What time does school begin and end?

13 7:45 – 2:45

14 What time can car riders be dropped off at Koontz?

15 7:00 am Pick up at 2:45 pm

16 What academic classes do fifth graders take?

17 Language Arts (Reading, spelling, writing) Social Studies Math Science

18 What does Team Teaching at Koontz look like?

19 Two Teacher Teams for all students at Koontz

20 One teacher for Math and Science A second teacher for English and Social Studies

21 Do I get to take PE?

22 Yes. Everyone takes PE Recess is given on days when you do not have PE.

23 What are some of the Koontz Clubs that fifth graders can join?

24 Green Team Green Team Arts and Crafts Club Lego Club Classic Movie Club Koontz Kids For Kindness Girls in Motion Theater Club Newspaper Club Technology Club The Strategic Games Club The Rockin’ Rams Chorus Clubs are subject to change every year

25 What are 5 th grade teachers like?

26 Nice Caring Structured Have high academic expectations for all their students Come to 5 th grade ready to learn!

27 How much homework will we have?

28 Generally, homework will be given every night except Fridays. Individual teachers are in charge of amount of homework given.

29 What grade will we get lockers?

30 Lockers are for 6 th graders only.

31 What is the best Intermediate school in the state?

32 Koontz Intermediate School, of course!

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