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1 Confidential Introducing the new Foretrex Series: Our new high sensitivity, rugged wrist-top navigator.

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1 1 Confidential Introducing the new Foretrex Series: Our new high sensitivity, rugged wrist-top navigator

2 2 Introducing the new Foretrex. High sensitivity. Rugged. Compact. Wrist-mounted Foretrex 301 Foretrex 401

3 3 The new Foretrex Series: 2 models within the range DisplaySize Weig ht Compa ss Altimete r Timers PC Connectivit y ANT Trackpoint / saved tracks Battery Foretrex 30123 x 36mm 43 x 70 x 22mm 82g--YesUSB-10,000 / 10 2 x AAA 18 hours Foretrex 40123 x 36mm 43 x 70 x 22mm82g Yes (2 axis) Yes USB ANT (unit- unit + sensor) 10,000 / 10 2 x AAA 17 hours August 2009 When / RRP? High sensitivity. Improved rugged, wrist-mounted design. Extended battery life. Countdown timers. USB interface. 13 languages included. Across the models ‚Sensor inclusion – compass + barometric altimeter. Unit-to-unit data share + HRM / CAD compatible Foretrex 401

4 4 Who is the Foretrex user? gender: age: Primary Target: Secondary Target: Habits: Key requirements: 75:25 (male:female) 25-50 Action sports: Mountain Biking / Climbing / Alpine sports / Orienteering / Fell running Military / Sailing Active. Adventurous. Involved. Community. Weekend Warriors – Sense of adventure. Not enough hours in the day. Compact + Rugged. Reliable + Accurate. Functional.

5 5 Foretrex Product Highlights Simplicity of use. High sensitivity GPS. Multiple position formats + Multiple languages. Compact, rugged wrist-mount design. Customisable trip computer. Track recording /.gpx compatible Compass and altimeter HRM / Cadence sensor compatible Wireless unit to unit track sharing Large, visible, wrist-top display. Easy to adjust countdown timer. Customisable trip computer IPX7 Waterproofing. Wireless unit to unit data sharing Electronic compass / Barometric altimer MilitaryAction SportsSailing The Garmin experience High sensitivity GPS. Rugged screw-based wrist strap. Dual position format display. Altimeter. Compass. Wireless unit to unit data transfer *blue font = Foretrex 401 only

6 6 The Foretrex Series Compact. Rugged. High sensitivity. Designed for all conditions / multiple uses: High sensitivity GPS – for quick, strong GPS lock in all conditions + terrain. New improved strap that fits easily and securely to your wrist. IPX7 water resistance + 18 hour battery life. Compact design but with large display. New compact design: 43 x 70 x 22mm Lightweight – only 82g incl. batteries. Large highly visible + customisable display Navigation capable: USB connectivity for.gpx data transfer to and from computer (waypoints / tracks / routes…) Wrist top track log display + Dual position display capability

7 7 The Foretrex Series: Foretrex 401 additional features Built-in barometric altimeter – for accurate trip elevation data and profiling. Built-in electronic compass – for accurate directional information, even when standing still. Wireless data sharing capable – share tracks, routes, and waypoints with other Garmin users – no need for a PC. Fitness data compatible – use with a Garmin heart rate monitor or cadence sensor for fitness data while exercising / exploring.

8 8 The Foretrex Series - Family Foretrex 301Foretrex 401 Screen Size23 x 36mm Screen Pixels64 x 100 Weight w/batteries82g Dimensions (cm)4.3 x 7.0 x 2.2 BasemapNo Internal Memory 10000 trackpoints/ 10 saved tracks 10000 trackpoints/ 10 saved tracks InterfaceUSB High SensitivityYes Countdown timerYes CompassNoYes AltimeterNoYes Wireless commNoYes HRM / CAD compatibleNoYes Battery Life18 hours (2 AAA)17 hours (2 AAA) WaterproofingIPX7

9 9 Foretrex 301 / 401 Announcement 16 th June 2009. Available week 3 July 2009. New product Compact. Lightweight. Rugged. High sensitivity. USB + wireless data transfer Barometric Altimeter + Compass What’s New Action Sports: MTB / Climbing / Alpine sports. Orienteering / Sailing / Military applications. Target market Foretrex Product Summary

10 10 Appendix: Product Details + Accessories Foretrex 301Foretrex 401 Part number010-00776-00010-00777-00 UPC code753759096915 753759096922 Case Pack Information Packaging dims13.7cm W x 13.7cmH x 6.9cmD Packaging weight348.7g Case Qty24 What’s in the box? USB Cable + Expander strap Owners Manual on disc Quick Start Manual (EFIGS) Device languages Czech, Danish, Dutch, US English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish Accessories 010-10723-01USB Cable 010-11281-00Hook and loop strap 010-10644-00Cadence Sensor (401 only) 010-10997-00Heart Rate monitor (401 only) 010-11029-00Bicycle mount kit

11 11 Appendix: Foretrex Images + Screen shots

12 12 Appendix: Garmin Outdoor Range. Range Positioning + Targeting. Foretrex Rugged. Functional. Wristworn Target: Action Sports / Military ‘Action’ ‘Leisure’ – Entry / Mid eTrex H / HC / HCx models Rugged Functional. Affordable Target: Walking / Hiking / Education. Dakota 10 / 20 Oregon Simplicity. Touchscreen. Functional. Target: Walking / ‘Weekenders’ / Families / Geocaching / Crossover / Sports ‘Leisure’ – Mid / High 60 Series Rugged. Functional. Technical. Target: Trekking / Hiking / GIS / Professional ‘Professional / Technical’

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