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External Trade Statistical System UNECA – Addis Ababa, October 2011.

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1 External Trade Statistical System UNECA – Addis Ababa, October 2011

2 Comext Standalone Data Browser Eurotrace has been substantially revised and improved. Three separate applications that work together. Eurotrace Data EditorEurotrace DBMS

3  Built with Microsoft Visual Basic and C++ Programming Languages  Supports Data Access Objects (DAO) and Open database connectivity Standards (OBDC)  Pentium II 450Mhz  256MB RAM  Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Me or XP Operating system  A 3 part system of Interacting programs, offering an extensive and complete range of data processing tools to meet all External Trade Statistics data processing needs.  The software is free and can be downloaded from:

4 Mostly CUSTOMS DECLARATION Data Sources External Trade Statistics: Implementing system with Comext/Eurotrace Package Data Requests EUROSTAT MedComext UN IMF Country Table and Publication External Trade Database Definition External Trade Database RAW DATA Enterprise Indices Estimation Data Integration Procedure COMEXT Stand-Alone Browser

5 Derived Data Source Dataset Classification Plan Eurotrace Actors How to design a Domain ? 4. Target of Data dissemination Statistical Office Statistics Users 2. Provider of Data Trade Statistics data Supplier, Customs, Statistical Office Data Editor 3. Validity Check and Quality Control Data Coders, Data Controller 1. Define External Trade Statistical Database Expert of Nomenclatures and/or Trade Information System

6 Eurotrace DOMAIN Definition Dictionary Classification Plan

7 Managing Nomenclatures and Relations HS SITC BEC Enterprise Activity CTY GeoNom.

8 Definition Eurotrace DOMAIN Dictionary Classification Plan Dataset Source Source Data

9 Source Dataset Validation 1. Define Data Structure Define the data set structure using Dictionaries 2. Source Data Structure Define the file structure to be integrated within Eurotrace 3. Define Data Integration Algorithm Importing data by using the Wizard Format: Asycuda, Eurotrace Dos, SAD … Data Entry/Correction Direct Validation

10 Data Entry/Data Correction 1. Database Extraction a. Single File b. Record Locking Security c. Extraction Criteria 2. Data Editor a. Appending New Records b. Modify Records c. “Undo” function d. Header – Detail - Footer e. Validation “On The Fly” 3. Detecting Errors a. Highlighted in red b. Type of Error occurred 5. Code List Selector a. Hierarchy selection b. Code Validation 4. Form Designer a. Customize the Customs Declaration Form b. Hide/Mask fields c. Move Boxes ( from/to body to/from header/footer part) 7. Database Update a. File sent to administrator in order to update the DB b. Errors could be corrected one by one (No lock in process) c. Database Records Unlocked 6. Record Navigator a. Select a specific record directly b. View data in Grid format

11 Dataset Management Data Monitoring Historical back-up Error Correction Wizard Checking of Error Type List of valid codes (dictionary)

12 Definition Eurotrace DOMAIN Dataset Source Dictionary Classification Plan Source Data Derived Dataset Derived Dataset Upgrade

13 1. Define Algorithm for Derived Dataset a. Parameters based on Data Source b. Codes Filter & Correlation Tables Derived Dataset Upgrade 2. Simple Interface to Upgrade Derived DS a. Selecting of Period to be updated b. Global control on Data Maintenance

14 Definition Eurotrace DOMAIN Derived Dataset Derived Dataset Dataset Source Dictionary Classification Plan Source Data Upgrade Dissemination/Analysis

15 COMEXT Stand-Alone A common Interface for Data Dissemination

16 Criteria Selection and Data Browsing Comext Plan COMEXT Stand-Alone

17 COMEXT Stand-Alone

18 COMEXT Stand-Alone TYPE.txt.dmp.dta.xls.csv Spreadsheet format Excel format

19 Eurotrace DOMAIN Definition Derived Dataset Derived Dataset Dataset Source Dictionary Classification Plan Source Data Upgrade Dissemination/Analysis Eurotrace Local Administrator Black Box or Installation mission Parameters

20 Implementation, Efficiency & Robustness

21 Helps Cooperation between partner countries Make data compatible with EU standards Ensure compatibility with partner countries Enables easy transmission of data Flexibility Full control of statistical data Fully definable control parameters Save Time Reduce data validation time Track down and easily correct errors

22 EUROTRACE is able to store codes and labels in different languages that are accessible throughout the application. Data can be displayed in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Luxembourgish. The language of the interface is set by the user to either French or English.

23 Thank You

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