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Scott 4.5 Introductory SCBA.

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1 Scott 4.5 Introductory SCBA

2 Parts of the Airpack Harness Face piece Cylinder Regulator
Integrated PASS.

3 Face Piece AV 3000 Latex free Four point tightening
Increased visibility.

4 Cylinder Carbon Wrapped Lighter weight Smaller bottle
Increased mobility Max pressure 4500 psi.

5 Regulator Air supply connection By-pass valve
Clip connection to face piece Button for positive pressure supply.

6 Integrated PASS Connected to harness Manual alarm button Alarm reset
Remote air supply gauge Lighted area during alarm activation.

7 Face piece & Regulator Assembled regulator connects with a ¼ turn
If wearing the mask, by-pass valve pointed up, place into slot on face piece then turn a ¼ turn counter-clockwise.

8 Activating the Air-Pak 4.5
Open the turn valve on the cylinder If air bleeds out of the regulator: Press the positive pressure supply button, or Turn the by-pass valve off of purge.

9 Turning off the Integrated PASS
Turn the cylinder completely off; Open the by-pass valve until all residual pressure is bled off; Depress the reset alarm button twice quickly; The pack will chirp and make a distinct sound to signify the PASS is deactivated.

10 Changing a Cylinder Turn the cylinder off;
Completely bleed the remaining air by opening the by-pass valve; Unscrew the cylinder from the harness; Unlock the cylinder strap; Depress the cylinder release button; Slide the cylinder to be changed out;

11 Changing a Cylinder Slide a full cylinder back through the cylinder strap until it clicks in; Screw the cylinder on; Secure the cylinder strap; Open the cylinder and assure that the remote gauge reading is within 100 psi of the cylinder psi reading.

12 Weekly Inspection Inspect SCBA for cleanliness;
Inspect Harness for wear; Ensure the cylinder gauge reads above 4200 psi; Completely open the cylinder; Allow SCBA to remain motionless; PASS device should activate within 45 seconds;

13 Weekly Inspection Confirm SCBA hoses and cylinder connection has no leaks; Open and close by-pass valve to ensure operation; Close cylinder; Bleed off residual pressure by slowly opening by-pass valve;

14 Weekly Inspection Observe remote gauge as pressure drops;
Warning alarm should activate between 900 and 100 psi; Ensure straps are extended; Store SCBA in proper place with regulator in holder.

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