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Custodial Best Practices and Industry Trends

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1 Custodial Best Practices and Industry Trends

2 First Impression Take 5 minutes each day to see what others see…..

3 First Inspection….. Entrances to buildings – free of dirt and debris
Glass – no visible finger prints Floor care - should have a uniform luster appearance Matts – should be vacuumed at the beginning and end of each day Restrooms - stocked, trash pulled, no debris on floor, clean smell Trash Cans - emptied, wiped, polished chrome or other material Waiting areas – carpet vacuumed with tables wiped down Elevators/stairs/escalators – no debris or fingerprints Have a porter designated to police the first floor entrances, with scheduled times to tidy restrooms, police elevators, pull trash, etc.

4 Daily Maintenance – waxed hard floors
Dust mop floors daily (should be done at night) Autoscrub hard floor surfaces with either a neutral cleaner or restorer Buff floors with a walk behind or ride on battery burnisher and either pink or hogs hair pad. Dust mop floors again to remove dust particles from burnisher.

5 Mat Program – the most critical component to a floor care program
Place scraper mats outside entrances. These help scrape dirt and soil from footwear. Follow with the wiper/scraper mat in the breezeway, area between two sets of doors, and inside the facility. The more traffic the floor gets, the more mats. Walk off mats at entrances should cover feet of traffic.

6 Restroom – what does yours say?
Is this your restroom?

7 Is this your janitor closet?
This is where your work starts.

8 Dirty mop = Dirty floor

9 Mop Bucket Styles

10 Clean mop = clean floor

11 Vendor Relationship You should have a Primary and Secondary
Should be large enough to handle your account Hold them accountable for low / reasonable prices Should know your operation in and out Provide assistance with problem solving Bring you equipment / supplies that meet your operational needs, not just to sell product. Assist in all levels of training You need a partner not an order taker!

12 New Generation Mopping Dilution Control Belt Sprayers, Dust Covers
Equipment & Supplies Vacuums Micro Fiber New Generation Mopping Dilution Control Belt Sprayers, Dust Covers Color Coding Chemicals: Green, Bio-based, Enzymes, Chemical Free Part of the solution lies with property utilization of equipment & supplies. Only 22% of contractors use backpack vacuums. Yet the greatest labor savings can be realized when implementing. Additionally, HEPA-filtered vacuums can actually remove dust from environment. New quite versions can be used during the day while tenants are working. Quieter than speech. Safer, better, cleaner. Don’t let fear get in the way. Micro fiber allows us to use technology to clean. Micro fiber is an exploded fiber. Different versions for different tasks--stainless to windows. Up to 4000 washing. Water releases dirt. Less chemical, cleaners, safer. No more swabbing the deck. Next generation of mops--two sided and self filtering. Pulse and Truway Bucketless. Ergonomically correct. Weight comparison between deck mop and flat mop. Multiple used from wall washing to mirror cleaning. Dilution controls versus RTU. Accessory items. Eliminate multiple trips to cart. Capture and remove dust. Color coding safety and easier to match employee to position. Visual inspection. UV irradiation, biostatic surface protectants, hydrogen peroxide solutions, ever advancing cleaning tools. Exciting technologies, unwise to place too much reliance on any tool. Fundamental focus on proper cleaning and disinfection by expert specialists. If your budget is stretched and making new equipment acquisitions costs are prohibitive look at how to increase productivity and effectiveness without the additional cost of equipment.

13 Small equipment must -haves
Employees must have the right equipment to do the job properly, reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve safety. Basic needs: 2 sided (or double bucket) mop bucket Cloth or microfiber dusters (not feather dusters) Vacuum cleaners appropriate to job (backpack, hip, upright, corridor) 2 in one spray bottle/paper towel Clean dry and wet mops (either cleaned on-site or through laundry service) Cleaning chemical dispenser system Outdoor blowers/vacs to clean entrances and garages

14 Are you still using the same machines from 20 years ago…
Modern Equipment Are you still using the same machines from 20 years ago…

15 Riding Scrubber If you demand high levels of cleaning with the ultimate in green benefits, this is what you've been looking for. Save up to 70% in solution Extend your pad life by 40% Longer battery runtimes Reduce labor time Reduce risk of injury

16 Improved Equipment Cylindrical Brush Autoscrubber easy to use
reduces fatigue prevents injuries provides greater pressure on tile surfaces than rotary machines allows employees to get along baseboards and corners, improving overall appearance of floors and reducing labor uses less water and chemical than traditional machines

17 Battery Burnisher For use in lobbies, halls, and any large hard surface area that is waxed. High performer Easy operation Added safety considerations Superb dust control with HEPA filtration Self regulating pad pressure On board battery charger Burnishing deck automatically lifts when the motor is off

18 Floor Machines 3M natural blend pad 3M high productivity pad
Surface Prep Pad (red/black)

19 Types of Wax Applicators
Kaivac motion Back pack application Push button application

20 Total Restroom Cleaning
Windsor Compass 2 Kiavac

21 Vacuum Cleaners Backpack vac Battery powered hip vac Battery powered
sweeper Upright vac Space vac

22 Increase Productivity Increased Quality Shrinking Budgets
The Year Ahead Doing More with Less Increase Productivity Increased Quality Shrinking Budgets Green Moving to Sustainability Partnering and Solutions? Budgets are shrinking. Financial pressures mean adjusted budgets. Incorporating technology to increase productivity. Clients are looking for ways to meet basic levels. Or clients want to to meet new levels, such as LEED certification with existing budget. Your competitors are doing more with less. Industry is sophisticated, clients are sophisticated. Need to increase efficiency without sacrificing effectiveness.

23 Hygienic Cleaning/Cleaning for Health Outsourced Management
Process & Procedures Work Loading Team Cleaning Day Cleaning Cross Training Hygienic Cleaning/Cleaning for Health Outsourced Management Pinpoint Efficiencies through Knowledge Work loading: Gone are the days you could walk a building and apply a standard productivity rate. Pinpoint staff to meet level of cleanliness. Work loading is a tool to offer solutions, solve problems. Understand your business. Existing process may actually hinder cleaning process. Process-based cleaning makes training, supervision easier. Double check system eliminates complaints. Fundamentals: Target high touch surfaces, Continuous audits by control experts, Rigorous training and supervision, QA, QC,Innovative technologies. Focus on staffing, work loading, work flow, route of work, safety, and security. Reduces injuries, reduces complaints, supervise/manage more, predictable, short staffing plans. Lower level of general cleanliness while putting emphasis on higher customer/human touch points. Allow us to match employee to job. Difficulty increases with specialist position. Allows employee to master a cleaning function. Limits numbers of tools and chemicals. Day Cleaning: Huge energy savings, improves moral, lowers turnover, positive client reaction. Cross Train: Single point of contact for multiple service lines demands cross train between specialists plus additional functional areas, I.e., mail room, reception, landscape Clients are contracting for your expertise.

24 Cleaning Specifications
Task Frequency Based 3/8” round wood with lead insert Rubber eraser Painted yellow Performance Based I want an instrument that will write. Centralized Trash Collection Shred, Recycle, Compost Surfaces & Coatings Cleaning specs are changing: Trash and Dash is gone. Infection control stresses the importance of product selection, training, frequency of application, communication. Probably familiar with Task and Frequency based and Performance based. Blended specifications. Next evolution is Conditional Cleaning. Universal Standard APPA Levels of Cleaning Government leading the way with centralized trash collection to reduce cost. eliminate desk-side trash collection. Reduced frequency, except in restrooms and cafeteria area. Latest trends, shredding ALL office trash. Cheaper. Additional streams of recycles to offset collection costs. To the extreme, in-office composting. Technology is changing what we’re cleaning, so we need to adapt how we’re cleaning. New surfaces require new solutions.

25 Green Cleaning – A light look
Single stream recycling Metered paper towel dispensers Integrated Pest Management Low flow chemical dispenser systems Updated floor care equipment Restroom odor control – no odor

26 Audits, Inspections, Quality
Appearance versus Science Customer Complaint Inspection Let’s Go See! Web Based Inspection Systems Measure, measure, measure. Communicate, communicate, communicate Better to understand & implement new audits and science-based inspections BEFORE client makes a requirement to meet new certifications. Audit: How do I measure what’s happening? Gives you a number. Audits are good, measures the SYSTEM not people. No longer appearance based. Science based measure the factors which keep a building clean. Indoor Air Quality: Scientific measurements. Particle counts. Reporting requirements more demanding. Health: Actually measuring live organisms on a surface after proper disinfecting. It’s moving from Health Care. Two years ago this measurement started on college campuses. Continue as fear of cross contamination increases, such as swine flu, pandemic, etc. Visual base inspections, white glove tests may not be acceptable to your client. Better to understand & implement new audits and science-based inspections BEFORE client makes are requirement to meet new certifications.

27 Things Have Changed, Have You?
Pinpoint Your Opportunity to Improve Don’t Stay Stuck In 1975 Evaluate Your Organization & Operation Evaluate Your Employee’s Determine Your Goal If You’re Not Ready For A Complete Change, Identify Easily Accepted Changes Which Move You Toward Your Goal. Don’t stay stuck in 1975. Conclusion.

28 10 Issues that Create Performance Problems
Executive Directors / Upper Management not involved or visiting projects. The on site Project Managers and employee's need to know upper Management is watching and are interested. On site Project Manager doesn't know or understand the SOW or how the cost for the contract was developed. In some cases they do not know how many labor hours, supplies or equipment are allowed in the contract. No outside QC Inspections are being performed. Someone other than the on site staff needs to perform an Inspection at least monthly. No structured cleaning process is being used. In many cases employees have created their own process and are cleaning at their own pace. 5. Out of date or sub-standard equipment is being used.

29 10 Issues that Create Performance Problems cont.
6. Cleaning chemicals not performing as needed. In most cases multiple lines of chemicals are being used and in some instances chemicals are not being mixed properly. This should be changed to one line and the dispensing process streamlined. 7. There is no formal and ongoing training program to include a new employee orientation. 8. Staff and employees need to be periodically reevaluated, retrained and/or replaced if needed. 9. Dirty mops being used. Clean mops and rags should be used daily. Mops and rags should be washed in a washer and dried in a dryer in order to remove soil from the buildings and prevent mold and mildew from being spread around the buildings.(Rinsing them out does not work) 10. Government customers / Tenants do not understand the cleaning process and or the cleaning schedule.

30 Training If not continually trained and inspected, housekeepers will regress to the way they have always cleaned, regardless of what you teach in a class. Many vendors have excellent training programs that are user friendly for both the employee and the supervisor. Too often, the vendor trains the Project Manager instead of the supervisors and front line staff. Everyone must be involved in the “hands on” training for a program to be effective. I recommend using the same vendor for both surface and floor care equipment. They are designed to complement each other and improve quality of product. Recommended Training SourceAmerica – we provide several classroom and textbook training opportunities. Diversey / Spartan – available for purchase videos, posters, binders and documents to use throughout the year. Nilfisk / Clark / Windsor – schedule monthly training with staff on various floor care equipment and techniques. Project Manager/Corporate designee – classroom training and hands on training on regulatory issues and policies. Ask questions when walking around to test for understanding of emergency operations plan, MSDS, customer satisfaction.

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