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Inductus Infrastructure & Network Services (IINS) ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standardized Organization.

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1 Inductus Infrastructure & Network Services (IINS) ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standardized Organization

2 Introduction………. INDUCTUS Inductus has been incorporated to execute passive and active infrastructure to various mobile operators all over India. ICPL consortium is working in telecom domain as a vendor company. The company provides its services to Various mobile operators & other vendors in the field of BTS Installation & Commissioning, Transmission Network Design & Implementation, Electrical Installation, Civil Foundation, Civil Survey, Shelter Erection,Tower Erection works for GSM & CDMA networks, Telecom OFC blowing and Splicing,. The Company also provides Training and Consultancy services in Telecom sector.

3 Our Objective.. Committed to High Standard of Services: High standard of services enabled us to penetrate the highly competitive Indian Telecom market. Quality and Customer Oriented Vision Gained high level of customer loyalty by our never ending quality efforts and customer oriented policies. “Our mission is to meet and exceed the customer expectations by our quality of services.” “Our objective is to fulfill customer desire” Our Ambition is to extend our high class services to benefit various telecom related organizations.

4 Our Organization …….. Accounts Division Administrative Division Technical Division Training & Consultancy Division Survey & Acquisition Project Planning, Infrastructure,Development & Transmission Network Implementation Commissioning& Integration Maintenance Services Division R.F. Electrical

5 Administrative & Accounts Division….. INDUCTUS has qualified & skilled Accounts, Material, Administrative & Customer supports professionals for…. Healthy relation between employees and company Smoother dealing with different clients World class documentary work Friendly environment in office Better relation with our sub-Contractors World class office management Reduce friction between employees Excellent customer dealing

6 Technical Division …….. This division deals with all the Technical issues and ensures good quality output and complete customer satisfaction. Service, Training & Consultancy Department come under this division. Services: Survey & Acquisition Division Project Planning Division Infrastructure Development Division Transmission Division Network Implementation Division Commissioning & Integration Division Maintenance Division


8 Survey & Acquisition Division…….. Site Survey: Carry out all type of survey like RF survey, Civil Survey & LOS Survey. So that we helps our customer to built or expand their network. Carry out survey as per customer demand Preparation of site reports Day to day hand over of site documents Co-ordination with customer Acquisition: Carry our acquisition for BSS station as well as switch sites. Preparation of daily reports and submitted to customer Making lease agreement in between customer & landlord. Finalization of rent for the acquire area.

9 Project Planning & Management Division… Pre-Deployment Planning: Resource requirement planning Warehouse planning Installation planning and scheduling to meet the customer set objectives Foot print, rack layouts, mounting structures drawings approval Onsite Project handling & Management: Handling logistics & material management Day to Day progress monitoring Frequent reporting to update customer on project progress o Co ordination and follow up with sub-contractors to meet the completion mile stones

10 Infrastructure Division…….. Built quality infrastructure ourselves or plan & manage the project for our customers by guiding & supervising the customer nominated sub-contractors. Vast experience in building telecom sites. Tower, Shelter & DG foundations works. Shelter Erection & Tower Erection works.

11 Transmission Division…….. Provide end to end solution to customer even in the hill area. Perform LOS survey in all areas like intra City and Inter City. Analyses the survey data. Calculate and provide the appropriate data to the customer. Implementation of MW & SDH sites and provide end to end solution.

12 Network Implementation Division… Site Implementation: Site Selection, Preparation & Implementation of Cell sites as per site layouts and other specifications laid by customer or equipment manufacturer. Implementation of Switch sites as per site layouts and other specifications laid by customer or equipment manufacturer. Equipment Installation & cable routing & termination.

13 Commissioning & Integration Division… Commissioning & Integration: Commissioning of various types of GSM BTS. Commissioning of various types of CDMA BTS. Installation of SDH equipments. Commissioning of others telecom equipments. Integration of Cell sites & Switch sites. Integration of MW & SDH sites

14 Maintenance Division…….. Provide through-out GSM/CDMA network maintenance, for smoother network operation. Provide Preventive maintenance. Provide regular & breakdown maintenance. Provide electrical maintenance.

15 Consultancy Division: We provide skilled telecom professionals for complete telecom solutions. Professionals for site acquisition Professionals for civil survey Professional for RF & LOS survey Professional for Drive Test Professional for Commissioning & Integration Professional for maintenance Professional for cell sites implementation

16 Services to Telecom Customer One Stop Shop Infra Services Infrastructure (Civil and Electrical) Development Pre-Deployment Planning Onsite Project handling & Management Site Survey and Acquisition Operation and Maintenance of Cell Sites Fabrication of Steel Structures Galvanization of Steel Structures Telecom Shelter Plant INDUCTUS OFFERINGS Manufacturing

17 Quality Assurance Material Supply Services Tower: Raw material checks : 1.Test certificates 2.In house Material Testing 3.Material procurement confirming to standards In House Process Checks : 1.Checks for welding, punching, drilling, notching 2.Galvanizing checks Electrical: 1. Procurement of branded and ISI mark material Foundation: 1.Checks for foundation design 2.Sourcing of material as per ISI recommendations 3.Supervision by engineer at time of casting foundation Tower Erection: 1 Erection as per drawing 2. Checks for nut and bolt tightening 3. Painting as per recommendation 4. Grounding and lightening arrestors as per recommendations DG, Shelter, AC etc 1. As per installation guide lines of manufacturer 2. Checks on installation and commissioning by manufacturer representative QUALITY ASSURANCE

18 Raw Materials Check – Sheet Thickness, Chemical quality, Marine Board, thickness Anti Static Sheet thickness, Accessories make and quality. In Process Check- Sheet Cutting, Shearing, Bending as per drawing. PUF Thickness and Density as per specifications, Floor loading structure as per specification etc. Finished Good Inspection - Panel has no bends, Cam Locks are properly positioned, panel is clean and no scratches visible, Panels are packed properly. QUALITY CONTROL PROCESS

19 Our Team ……. Team of around hundred & twenty five qualified telecom and structural consultants Highly Qualified Trained and Experienced Motivated and Innovative Possess all the capabilities to build any telecom network from scratch Acquisition, planning, approvals, site building, equipment installation and commissioning of BTS & transmission equipments, preparation of documentation and customer handover

20 Division… (OFC Network)

21 Our Core Team (OFC Network) ICPL has following divisions / sections as integral part of the infrastructure. Telecommunication (OFC Network) Engineers (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/Telecom) Ducting consultants Architects Site Execution team Sourcing team

22 Telecom 1. Survey & Designing 2. Telecom Building and other Civil Work including trenching, ducting, construction of manholes, reinstatement of trenches etc. 3. Fiber Optic 4. Cable Laying by HDD/DBC method. 5. Liasioning Services including statutory clearances 6. Operation and Maintenance of Telecom Network (Fiber) 7. Execution and Maintenance of backbone networks 8. Maintenance of Cell sites

23 ICPL’s Project Delivery Process……. PLAN WORK PERFORM WORK CLOSE OUT WORK CHARTER  Select the best people for the project team.  Use team chartering techniques to provide clarity of purpose and direction. PLAN  Implement a project plan that focuses on project definition apply proven technologies, processes, and procedures. ENDORSE  Secure high level of commitment for the plan.  Build strong advocacy for jointly crafted solution. EXECUTE  Provide leadership and clear, consistent direction to implement the project.  Maintain close client communication. MANAGECHANGE  Provide clear consistent direction and leadership when change occurs.  Recognize change as opportunity to add value. CLOSE  Complete the project.  Apply final close out procedures.  Use feedback mechanisms to apply lessons learned to future projects.

24 Management of Sub-Contractors

25  Pre-qualifications must include on-site inspection of the firm and inspection of resources  Subcontract must include terms and conditions to reflect our client’s obligations, terms and liabilities  Subcontracted firms will operate within ICPL’s operation control to ensure full project visibility and integration  Subcontracted work/material will perform within financial milestones and Performance objectives  For ICPL’s subcontracts, all disputes will be managed by our experienced project delivery staff to protect our client’s performance objectives

26 ICPL’s VALUE ADDED SERVICES SMS SMS MO GW SMS IVR Cell Broadcast MMS MMS Library WAPGW SDP Welcome Roaming Server

27 Why “ICPL” ??? Timely delivery of services No compromise on Quality Speedy communication & Reporting Competent work force so minimal errors We fully appreciate value of customer’s money – unbeaten on the cost effectiveness One of the fastest growing organization in the Telecom Sector.

28 How “ICPL” Can Support ??? Providing Resource for Project Planning and Management. Support for Recruiting Technical Manpower. Providing Resource for Site Selection from RF point of view. Providing Resource for Surveys and Transmission Planning. Providing Resource for civil survey & Infrastructure Development. Providing Resource for O&M of GSM/CDMA Network. Providing resources for installation of MDF, DDF, FMS & Spooler. Providing resources for Copper wire laying and termination at DDF & MDF. Providing resources for Electrical works. Providing resources for commissioning of BTS, MW & SDH.

29 What “ICPL” Can Do ??? Installation of BSC & Transcoder Installation of DSL Rack Installation of SDH Installation & Commissioning of MW Installation & Commissioning of BTS Installation of electrical equipments. Tower foundation works Tower Erection works Shelter Erection works Survey works (civil, RF, LOS) “ICPL” can handle

30 E-Mail: Tel: 011 – 65901100 Mob: 9771479600 / 9810174257 Web: Contact Us… Head Office: C – 927, Palam Extension Sector – 7, Dwarka New Delhi – 110 045 Regional Office: 311, N P Center New Dakbunglow Road Patna – 800 001

31 ISO 9001:2008

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