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Fire Precautionary Arrangements Presented by Mick Leadbetter Fire Safety Adviser.

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1 Fire Precautionary Arrangements Presented by Mick Leadbetter Fire Safety Adviser

2 Merry Hill covers 125 acres having 1.5 Million Sq Mtrs of retail space on two levels that are continually being developed. There are some 220 smaller units and 10 blue chip anchor stores. Background


4 Merry Hill Is Not One Building. It Has 16 Major Smoke Zones Which Can Be Evacuated In Isolation or Simultaneously. For Example, There Could Be A Fire In Marks and Spencers, But Because of The Fire Shutters and various Smoke Control Systems in Place, Customers Could Still Shop Safely In Adjacent Stores.

5 Why Such Facilities? Building Regulations ADB2000. Requirements of British Standard 5588, Part 10, 1991 (Code of Practice for Shopping Centres). N.B. Previously the Town Centre Re- development Guide was used for this type of premises. British Standard 5588, Part 11, 1997 (Code of Practice for Shops, Offices, Industrial Storage and other similar buildings. Fire Precautions (Workplace) (Amendment) Regulations (1999).

6 Legislation Merry Hill, Landlord areas and various stores have a current Fire Certificate in place further A Fire Risk Assessment under the Amended Workplace Regulations has been carried out To both Landlord and Tenant Areas. Some 30 Landlord Fire Exits are in place, also except for small kiosks all retail shops have alternative Means of Escape Facilities via back of house escape corridors which given the 20 Million customer visits per year it is imperative are maintained.

7 Merry Hill Landlords Fire Risk Assessment was the first of such a size to be completed in the West Midlands Fire Service area and was used as a benchmark for other premises.

8 Future Legislation Government proposes that the Fire Service will no longer issue Fire Certificates. Building Managers will need to carry out comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments considering amongst other things Means of escape, Fire Alarm, Sprinklers, Smoke,Shutters, training etc. Plans may need to be included. On completion formal Fire Authority validation may be required. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS CHANGE !

9 Fire Alarm System Analogue addressable system covering all areas within the covered mall areas. Linked to the permanently manned Control Room. Bell alarms within shop units and voice alarm within the Landlord’s areas. Way finding beacons are included to facilitate rapid fire service identification. Smoke and heat detection is incorporated within the main system, also beam detectors are provided within the mall environment. An Agreed Fire Procedure Whereby Security Have 90 Seconds to Investigate Any Fire Alarm Before The Fire Brigade Are Called. Do you have auto dial? If so this is negated. What can you do to prevent a false alarm? A Double Knock i.e. Smoke Detector, Sprinkler Activation, etc, Brings About An Immediate Call To The Fire Service by Merry Hill Control Room.

10 Sprinkler System Ordinary Hazard Group 3 (Life Safety). Wet, Dry and Alternate. (Usually wet) 23 Valve Sets. Twin Compartment Water Tanks with a Separate Tank For Phase 2. Electric, Diesel and Jockey Pumps(2 Locations). Fire Brigade Inlet. Sprinkler Head Rating 68°c Within Shop Units. Sprinkler Heads Rated at 141 °c Within The Mall Environment. To avoid premature operation by hot smoke Sprinkler Lock Off and Flow Switches are Incorporated Raising Alarm Directly to the Control Room.

11 Smoke Control Systems Natural Smoke Ventilators Are Provided In The Ridge Of The Mall Roof. Major Stores usually have Either a Powered, Natural or mixed Smoke Venting Strategy. Secure Power Supplies are Necessary For Powered Extract Systems Either Through Dual Circuitry Or Back-up Generators. Are they maintained?

12 Fire Shutters Fire Shutters Are used to Separate many of the Major Stores From The Mall Environment Given That Their Footprint Is Too Excessive To Vent Smoke Into The Mall. Shutters Rated at 2 Hours Fire Resistance. They Arrest at 2.5mtrs Above Finished Floor Level For 5 Minutes To Facilitate Evacuation. Audible and Visual Alarms Are Incorporated. Manual Override Facility is Also Incorporated. If you have them are they maintained?

13 Water Supplies Fire Hydrant Ring Main Encompasses The Whole Site. Water Supplies Are Supplied From Four Separate Main Sources. Dry Riser Facility (10) Including Roof Provision Are Provided Around The Covered Complex. To facilitate fire fighting and avoid hose on stairs, mall etc

14 Other Active Fire Systems Escape Lighting Throughout (Maintained and Non-Maintained). Do you usually have a full duration test. Independent Power Pack or Inverters In Light Fittings Are Utilised. Generator Facility Within some larger Stores. Permanently Manned Control Room and Permanent Security Presence, Variable to Reflect Footfall.

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