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February 19-20, 2015 Galt House Louisville, KY. Talent Competition Group acts (5 or more participants) — 6-minute limit. You will have a time limit of.

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1 February 19-20, 2015 Galt House Louisville, KY

2 Talent Competition Group acts (5 or more participants) — 6-minute limit. You will have a time limit of eleven (11) minutes. This includes set up and take down, but the performance still has a maximum time limit of six (6) minutes. Special acts (4 or fewer participants) — 4-minute limit The final five groups of Group Talent will compete at the First General Session and the final six Special Talents will compete at the Second General Session. The disc for vocal entries must contain music only. (This means no words or computerized/synthesized voices on disc.) The original version of the chosen song MUST not refer to alcohol, drugs, sex, race or make use of inappropriate language. NO LIP SYNCING ALLOWED. Sources for ordering CD without background vocals: 1) Musical Creations – – phone: 919.460.7464 2) Pocket Songs – – phone 1.800.NOW.SING AX 1-917-592-3116

3 Arts and Crafts Competition An individual may enter one item per category, however, an individual may enter more than one category. Paintings, photography and other similar works should be matted or framed for best presentation. No easels will be supplied. No kits of any kind should be used. Winning entries in all categories will be invited to participate at the Junior National Convention

4 Photography In this category the photograph must be original content. The photograph must not be a picture of a picture. Photographs cannot be larger than 8” X 10” before framing. 1. Black and White Photographs 2. Color Photographs 3. Digitally Enhanced Photographs – Must have the original photo with the digitally enhanced photo entered for competition.

5 Artwork Oil or Acrylics Sketching (pastels or charcoals) Sketching (pen, pencil, or ink) Watercolors Sculpture

6 Criteria for art entries: 1. Creativity – Originality, innovation 2. Composition – Lines, simplicity, balance, color contrast, details 3. Focus – Degree of sharpness or softness, depth of field 4. Lighting – Exposure, direction quality, use of shadows, shading 5. Technique – camera angle, paint strokes 6. Primary visual Impact – Subject matter 7. Presentation – Appearance, complimentary framing and/or mounting, overall artistic appeal 8. Degree of difficulty

7 Crafts 1. Cross-stitch – MUST be original and related to the 2014-2015 Beta Theme: Betas, Rockin’ the Country 2. Hand-made Jewelry (ONLY one piece) – Must be displayed on black or white foam board ONLY. 3. Quilting – May be hand quilted or machine quilted 4. Recyclable Art 5. Woodworking 6. Wreath – MUST be related to the 2014-2015 Beta Theme: Betas, Rockin’ the Country

8 Criteria for craft entries 1. Originality – exhibits creativity 2. Craftsmanship – Artists skill in the use of material 3. Elements of Art – Line color, space, form texture 4. Composition - Effective use of forms or abstract techniques 5. Unity and Variety – Balance of elements, repetition 6. Medium and Texture – appropriate use of materials and textures 7. Use of space – Prospective and mass 8. Presentation – appearance, complimentary framing and/or mounting 9. Degree of difficulty







15 Academic Competitions Exams will have a time limit of one hour Exams will be compiled from Kentucky Core Content No outside resources will be allowed during the testing…this includes calculators, dictionaries, or any type of reference material

16 Subject Areas for Academic Competitions LANGUAGE ARTS COMPETITION MATH COMPETITION SCIENCE COMPETITION SOCIAL STUDIES COMPETITION **Top 3 winners will be invited to compete at the National Convention

17 Banner Competition This is a club entry made by Beta members Banner must measure 24” W x 36”L The banner must be free flowing and 2 dimensional Banner must be on a display (see rules) The theme for the banner will be “Betas, Rockin’ the Country”…does not have to be written out on banner, just implied A paragraph has to be written about the meaning or symbolism used on the banner and how the banner carries out the theme

18 Essay Competition Only ONE essay per school Title: Betas, Rockin’ the Country Length: 600-1000 words Scored on how the essay relates to this year’s theme, how developed the essay is, creative writing, proper grammar and punctuation

19 Poetry Competition 1. Each school may enter one student for competition. 2. Students have a 60 minute time limit. 3. No prewritten materials allowed. 4. Each student must bring pen and loose-leaf paper and may bring dictionary/thesaurus. 5. Limit of 200 words. 6. Subject for the poem will be assigned at the beginning of the competition. 7. Writing must be legible to be judged. 8. Student must record the poem’s word count at the end of poem. Deductions will be made if there is no word count. 9. Top three winners will be invited to compete at the National Convention.

20 Poster Competition 1. Teams of 2 to 4 students will design an original poster. 2. Time limit – one hour (60 minutes). 3. Theme will be assigned at the beginning of the competition. 4. Theme does not have to be written on poster. 5. Teams will be provided with: a. One sheet of WHITE poster board measuring 14” X 22” b. 2 - #2 Pencils and eraser c. 8 standard markers –Brown, Black, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red, Blue, and Green 6. A room will be designated to display the posters after judging. 7. Top 3 winners will be invited to compete at the National Convention.

21 Quiz Bowl Competition Rules 1. Each team consists of 4 members. Students must be registered with the National Beta Club by the registration deadline of the Convention. Each team must designate a captain. 2. The competition will be single elimination. 3. Each match will consist of two teams and will be played with two, 20-question halves.

22 Quiz Bowl Written Test 1. A team of four will work on the test together. 2. Scores on the written test will be determined from the total number of correct answers. 3. The four teams with the highest scores will be the finalists for the oral competition. 4. To break ties for the four team qualifiers for the semifinal rounds, the time the answer sheets are turned in will be used. 5. The entrants will be allowed one (1) hour to complete the 50 questions. 6. Protests on the written competition must be registered with the judges within one (1) hour after the posting of the results. 7. The decision of the judges will be final.

23 Quiz Bowl Oral Competition 1. Only team members who have taken the written test will be permitted to compete in the oral competition. 2. The first place qualifying team will compete with the fourth place qualifying team, the second against the third. 3. There will be two semifinal rounds. The first round will feature the second and third place qualifying teams, and the second round will feature the first and fourth place qualifying teams. 4. The final round will feature the winners of the first and second rounds of the semifinals.

24 Scrapbook We won’t be able to do this one this year, but we need to be aware of items that need to be documented: school service projects, community service projects, interclub service projects, social functions, original categories (unique to school)

25 Songfest Competition 1. Clubs who are interested will take the melody of a well-known song, jingle, or commercial and re-write the words for Junior Beta. (No Medleys) THE SONGFEST ENTRY MUST FOLLOW THE CONVENTION THEME. Do not use the club's name in the lyrics. 2. The Songfest entry must follow the Convention Theme-Betas. Rockin’ the Country The theme interpretation MUST be evident throughout the song’s lyrics. 3. Do not use the club's name in the lyrics. 4. Lyrics to the original song and lyrics of the new song must be typewritten and submitted with the entry form. 5. The original version of the chosen song MUST not refer to alcohol, drugs, sex, race, or make use of inappropriate language.

26 Songfest Competition 6. No props. Stationary movement will be allowed. This means that the student’s feet MUST remain in place during the performance. Examples of stationary movement are, but not limited to, clapping, finger snapping, swaying, and simple gestures that enhance the lyrics. 7. Only matching shirts, pants, shorts, skirts or school uniforms will be allowed. NO Costumes 8. The club submitting the song will sing the song at the preliminary competition on Thursday. Each club must supply own music and CD or Keyboard. 9. All club members on stage must sing. 10. Length of the song may not exceed three minutes. On stage presentation may not exceed six minutes including set up and take down. 11. Fifty percent (50%) of your Beta students registered at convention must participate in the competition.

27 Speech Competition 1. Topic: Beta, Rockin’ the Country 2. Only one student per school can 3. Time limit: 1-2 minutes. There will be an official timer to record times. Any variation from the limits — over or under — will result in points being deducted from the speaker's score — five points for every fifteen seconds. 4. Only one sponsor/chaperone will be allowed in the speech competition room. 5. Date: Speeches will be presented at 3:00 PM on Thursday of the convention. 6. No props or costumes allowed. 7. The winning speech will be presented on stage during one of the general

28 Spelling Competition Twenty-five spelling words will be presented with four possible choices. The top ten scorers will move to the oral competition to be held later in the day.

29 Spotlight Competition This is a club entry and must be made by Beta members, and turned in on Thursday according to the schedule. This entry must be new for 2014-2015 and cannot contain any boards or items used in previous Spotlight Your Club displays. It should follow the Beta Theme: Beta, Rockin’ the Country Club Spotlights will be on display for viewing. 1. Each club must use a display board that is the size of a regulation science fair board 3 ft. high x 4 ft. wide and should not include the optional attached banner. No additional materials should be displayed with the spotlight, such as brochures, candy, etc. Everything incorporated with the spotlight board must be attached. Any border, trim, etc. should not exceed the regulation size noted above. The depth of any material attached to the spotlight board should not exceed ¾ inch. 2. Display should include: 1. A county map pinpointing the location of the school. 2. Photographs of club, school, sponsors, service projects, etc. 3. Interesting information about your community 4. Information about school and club A. Number of students and Beta club members B. Beta club information, sponsors C. Age of club D. Club service projects

30 T-Shirt Design Competition One entry per school Convention Theme: Beta, Rockin’ the Country Original hand drawn artwork must be submitted with t-shirt T-shirt must be commercially reproduced…no iron-on Only one side of t-shirt will be judged

31 To Parents… Thank you for taking time to look through this power point with your child. Most of the work on projects will take place at home. We will work at school on the Songfest entry. The estimated cost for this trip will be $200.

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