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$100 $200 $400 $300 $200 $400 $200 $500 $10 0 $200 $400 $300 $200 $400 $200 $500 $10 0 Personne l Personne l Off- campus Recruiting Off- campus Recruiting.

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3 $100 $200 $400 $300 $200 $400 $200 $500 $10 0 $200 $400 $300 $200 $400 $200 $500 $10 0 Personne l Personne l Off- campus Recruiting Off- campus Recruiting Jo’s Potpourr i Jo’s Potpourr i Dee’s Anagra ms Dee’s Anagra ms On- campus Recruiting On- campus Recruiting Protect Your Team Protect Your Team

4 100 points What is a Volunteer Coach? This “coach” may receive 2 comp tickets for home contests in their sport, pre or post game meals, occasional meals or meals provided during a recruits official campus visit. Personnel

5 200 points What is the Professional Sport Counseling Panel? This particular committee can contact agents, professional sports teams or professional sports organizations on behalf of our student-athletes. Personnel

6 300 points What is when the coach is actually employed by the camp? This is the only time a CU coach can promote a non CU camp/clinic with his/her quote or picture Personnel

7 400 points What are multi event/tournaments/double-headers? This is the only time it is permissible to “scout an opponent” Personnel

8 500 points Who is a non coaching staff member? If this person engages in on or off-field coaching activities (attending meeting involving coaching activities, analyzing video involving our opponent), is involved in any off-campus recruiting, or scouts opponents, he/she is no longer considered one of these staff members Personnel

9 100 points What is the Permission to Contact? If the coach is NOT provided this, CU shall not encourage the transfer and shall not provide financial aid for the first academic year of that SA’s transfer. Off-Campus Recruiting

10 200 points What is a permissible banquet for a coach to speak at? This is an event that is not initiated and conducted by CU, a recruiting presentation is not made, no direct contact is made with any prospective student-athlete, and no evaluation activities take place. Off-Campus Recruiting

11 300 points What are contact and evaluation periods? These are recruiting periods where it is permissible to observe an individual in athletically activity prior to them being in the 9th grade Off-Campus Recruiting

12 400 points What is the National Letter of Intent? Signing this document releases the phone call, electronic correspondence, off-campus contacts, and countable coach restrictions in recruiting Off-Campus Recruiting

13 500 points What is a signed NLI? This is what we must have in order for an institutional staff member to attend a funeral of a PSA Off-Campus Recruiting

14 100 points What is 30 miles? This is the radius for team entertainment during the vacation periods if a team is in season Jo’s Potpourri

15 200 points What are unlimited phone calls? This is the number of phone calls you can make on the first calendar day of a signing period and the two calendar days following the initial signing date Jo’s Potpourri

16 300 points What is three complimentary admissions? This is the number of complimentary admissions we can give during an Unofficial visit Jo’s Potpourri

17 400 points What is $325? This is the dollar limit for a Senior Participation Award Jo’s Potpourri

18 500 points What is a ‘contact?’ You must count this in your recruiting logs when you go off-campus with an unofficial visitor Jo’s Potpourri

19 100 points What is a Contact Period? Deportation cc Dee’s Anagrams

20 200 points What is an Evaluation Period? Overlaudation epi Dee’s Anagrams

21 300 points What is a Volunteer Coach? Counterlove cha Dee’s Anagrams

22 400 points What is a Prospect? Rectos pp Dee’s Anagrams

23 500 points What is a Letter of Intent? Nonfertile tett Dee’s Anagrams

24 100 points Who are the CU Ambassadors? Besides the student host or another student-athlete, a member of this organization is the only other student that can be involved in an on-campus tour for a PSA. On-Campus Recruiting

25 200 points What is make/receive telephone calls to PSA’s? It is permissible for President Benson, Chancellor DiStefano, Mike Bohn, David Clough and/or Ceal Barry to do this in the recruiting process On-Campus Recruiting

26 300 points What is triggering the start of the official visit 48 hour period? This happens when a coach or staff member engages in impermissible off-campus contact with a PSA is in transit to CU for an official visit. On-Campus Recruiting

27 400 points What is responding to a Prospective student-athlete’s Request? This is a permissible item of general correspondence to send a PSA as a CU staff member if no part of the correspondence initiates recruitment of the PSA On-Campus Recruiting

28 500 points Who is the spouse of any institutional staff member? This non-staff member is permitted to have contact with a PSA on campus during recruiting visits and off-campus during official visits, provided the contact occurs within a 30 mile radius of CU's campus On-Campus Recruiting

29 100 points When is before the period of the award begins? This is when a student-athlete's grant-in- aid can be increased without cause. Protect Your Team

30 200 points What is any institutional staff member? These are the people who are allowed to write correspondence to prospects prior to signing a National Letter of Intent. Protect Your Team

31 300 points What is permissible hand-delivery? This has occurred if a National Letter of Intent is given to a PSA while they are on our campus Protect Your Team

32 400 points What is a pre-existing relationship? You have this if it did not develop due to athletics in any way, developed prior to someone becoming a prospect, did not develop as a result of athletics notoriety, and the pattern of benefits provided was not altered after a person became a prospect. Protect Your Team

33 500 points What is permissible self-promotion? This activity can continue if the SA's involvement began prior to becoming a student-athlete, is not related to athletics, is not referenced as a student-athlete, no endorsement takes place, and the SA is paid the going rate for their services. Protect Your Team

34 Final Jeopardy In what year was the University of Colorado founded? 1876

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