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Safe Evacuation for All NDA Conference 23 rd September 2009.

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1 Safe Evacuation for All NDA Conference 23 rd September 2009

2 Aviva Stadium - Redeveloped Aviva Stadium – Home of FAI and IRFU Funding – Government, FAI, IRFU Owner – LRSDC Architect – POPULOUS with STW Construction – John Sisk & Sons Completion – April 2010 Capacity – 50,000 Boxes – 36 (4 x 50, 22 x 24, 10 x 12) Car Park – 200 Spaces (100 for Disabled Parking)



5 Guiding Principles The guiding principle of the design is that disabled spectators are included with everyone else as far as possible so that they share the same sporting experiences, rather than providing separate areas for them.

6 Facilities for People with Disabilities Viewing positions for wheelchair users on all levels. Bar and food counters have a lowered section to accommodate wheelchair users. Induction loops to assist people with hearing aids are installed at food kiosks, bars and information counters.

7 Fire Protection at Aviva Stadium Restrict fire growth and spread. Sufficient emergency evacuation routes. Provision of fire detection and warning systems. Provision of fire fighting equipment. Staff training.


9 Number of Wheelchair Spaces LevelQuantity of Chair Spaces Level 00 (North Stand) 16 + Carer Seats Level 01155 + Carer Seats Level 0320 + Carer Seats Level 046 Level 0540 + Carer Seats TOTAL237 *

10 Disabled Seating






16 Evacuation Methodology Based on Wembley and Emirates Stadia Evacuation will be managed by event control and assisted by the Stewards. All public lifts are designed and certified for use in an emergency evacuation situation. Wheelchair users are evacuated via evacuation lifts.

17 Inputs and Assumptions Lift Equipment Lift Capacities Speed of Travel Lift Speeds Order of Evacuation

18 Lift Travel Times TierSeconds to / from service level Level 05 Upper Tier20 Seconds Levels 04 Box Tier16 Seconds Level 03 Premium Tier12 Seconds Level 01 Lower Tier5 Seconds There are 13 public lifts for use in Aviva Stadium

19 Refuge Concourse areas are designed as refuge areas to facilitate wheelchair users waiting for egress via lifts. Supervisory Stewards do a full building walk down as part of the Evacuation Procedures to ensure full evacuation.

20 Summary of Clearance Times LevelNo. of Wheelchair Users Seating bowl clearance time Mean wait time for lift Concourse clearance times Stadium Clearance Time Lower1555:3007:3014:2215:14 Upper402:3007:2016:1617:30 Premium202:302:0008:1409:20 Box61:3001:2303:0703:47 Summary221 *5:3016:1617:30 Level 00 Wheelchair users x 16 are at ground level and do not require a lift.

21 Order of Evacuation Level 04 – Box Level Level 03 – Premium Level Level 05 – Upper Level Level 01 – Lower Level Specific evacuation order will be managed by Event Control / Stewards and depends on the nature and location of an emergency.

22 Questions?

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