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Hotels and Guest Houses the way forward. New ways of thinking for changing times.

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1 Hotels and Guest Houses the way forward

2 New ways of thinking for changing times

3  You must not refuse to serve a disabled person (1996)  You must adapt your policies practices and procedures (1999)  You must remove physical barriers that prevent people from using the service (2004)  October 2006 more people covered  2010 – Equalities Act

4  Managements responsibility Appoint a responsible person Use existing building systems and structures Provide additional systems to facilitate DP’s escape Provide a suitable escape plan for all people using the building  Disabled peoples responsibility The same as every one else’s


6 Assisted escape Traditional way in which escape for disabled people is considered Facilitated escape Opportunity for use of the buildings existing structure.

7  Hearing impairment  Visual impairment  Cognitive impairment  Mobility Impaired  Wheelchair users  Unknown requirements

8  Building Capability Statement  Evacuation Capability Statement  Peep’s Communication Process

9  Alarm systems  Progressive horizontal escape/ Compartmentation  Evacuation stairs  Refuges  Lifts  Orientation / Way finding

10  Type and use of building  Age of Building  Number of fire compartments  Bedroom protection and positioning  Type of alarm system  Provision of flashing beacons  Provision of other aids  Refuge points  Communications in place

11  Information about where the emergency has started  Type of initial alert  Ability to provide information about the building  Use of compartmentation and evacuation routes  Early knowledge of false alarms

12 a Escape stair Accommodation stair Escape stair Compartment 1 phase one of the escape Compartment 2 phase 2 of the escape Escape stair

13  Readability of escape routes  Logical setting out of rooms and spaces  Colour coding of routes  Door numbering systems  Corridor handrails and dado rails  Wall and floor contrasting  Maps and information and signage  Way finding systems Qequality

14  Fire fighting lift Used before required by fire service as a part of management plan  Evacuation lift Used as a part of management plan  Ordinary lift Used after risk assessment and part of management plan

15  Evacuation chairs  Vibrating pads  Way finding systems  Evacuation slides  Evacuation seats

16  Number of staff available  Public profile  Policies  Building management systems  Reservations  Check in

17  Training for staff  Booking process  Check In records  Transfer information from alarm  Contact disabled guests by phone when alarm goes off?

18 Changes to:  Part B – recognises the need for suitable escape – Does it go far enough?  BS 8300 used in escape – BS 9999 series – Will people read it?  RRO supplementary guidance: Code of practice for means of escape of disabled people – Needs explanation through Regulation 16b

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