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The Universal Nuclear Family Part 2

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1 The Universal Nuclear Family Part 2

2 The Nuclear family is not universal
The Nayar community Martifocal families Gay families

3 Matrifocal Families prove that the nuclear family does not exist
Murdoch: The nuclear family needs 1 adult of each sex. However, today and in the past, families have been raised in households that don’t have both sexes. Significant proportion of black families in the West Indies and parts of central America such as Gyana do not include adult males. The “family unit” consists of women and her dependent children and often her mother. Although they are a small minority of families, they are still a recognised FAMILY unit. Gonzalez (1970) argues that the female headed household is a well organised social group which represents a positive alternative. The woman can gain financial and emotional support from her friends and family whist also getting the same support from multiple lovers.

4 Matrifocal families

5 The female carer core Yanina Sheeran:
The female carer unit is the basic foundation of the single mother family and two parent family and any other family unit. Female carers predominate and therefore a woman and her child form the basis of any family unit, NOT the nuclear family.

6 Gay Families prove that the nuclear family DOES NOT exist
Gay and Lesbian adults do not conform to Murdoch’s definition of the nuclear family because…. Even if the couple have children, these families are not viewed in British society as being “proper” families. The partners cannot marry and the children will only have a genetic bond to possibly 1 of the parents.

7 Gay families are no different from Nuclear families

8 Matrifocal families DO prove that nuclear families exist.
Matricarcal families are not regarded as the norm and make up a small minority of families. They are often as a result of nuclear families breaking up rather than an althernative family form

9 Conclusions Whether the family is universal ultimately depends on how the family is defined. Lots of “unconventional” families exist. Gittins It almost appears to be pointless to try and find a single definition that embraces all types of households and these can be called families. Read p35 and add notes to the conclusion

10 Nuclear families are universal Nuclear families are NOT universal
Complete a table with the following headings (Read p34 and add these examples to your notes) Nuclear families are universal Nuclear families are NOT universal

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