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Student Sustainability Advisory Council Recommendations Spring 2014.

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1 Student Sustainability Advisory Council Recommendations Spring 2014

2 Agenda Review last semester Community Relations Energy Food Waste Closing

3 Policy Changes Review Increase payback time required for large projects Re-route OPP funds from more “financially efficient” projects to sustainable projects Upward flexibility in 2% allocation of 5-Year Plan energy savings projects o Extra consideration to sustainable projects

4 Community Relations Review Council of Sustainable Leaders Annual Sustainability Summit

5 Energy Review Convert outdoor lighting to LED o As-needed, rolling basis On-Campus solar array o Educational and research purposes

6 Food Review Trayless dining in Findlay Johnson Commons Modified serving style Informational tabletops Build in local food and agriculture o 1 local meal per week

7 Waste Review Sustainability learning component of NSO Increase RA awareness

8 Community Relations Penn State Homepage o Add tab related to sustainability o Connects directly to

9 Community Relations Penn State Involvement Fair Row of sustainable clubs during Involvement Days

10 Community Relations Council of Sustainable Leaders o Test Meeting (3-6-14) o Affiliated under Sustainability Institute o Feedback:  Meet once per month  Provide opportunities for collaboration  Promotion of events/projects

11 Community Relations Council of Sustainable Leaders o Affiliated with the Sustainability Institute o Elections in the Fall → student leaders/directors o First Meeting  Discuss plans and collaborative events for the upcoming year

12 Community Relations Council of Sustainable Leaders o Possible Projects 1. Earth Week 2. Sustainability Summit 3. Green Career Fair

13 Community Relations – Contacts Rob Andrejewski, Sustainability Institute Kyle Johnson, president Environmental Brigades Emily Stein, president SEED Jason Lilly, president PSU Community Garden Nichole Heil, president ESW Amanda Murphy, president Society of Environmental Systems Engineers

14 Community Relations - Summary Add “Sustainability” link to Penn State Website Sustainable Involvement Fair Council of Sustainable Leaders

15 Energy - Fall 2013 Follow-up Policy Updates on payback period o Help with Fall 2013 recommendations  LED Outdoor Lights  Solar Energy Array o Solar-EV Station near OPP Building

16 Energy - Spring 2014 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations Many Penn State entities want stations o Student use, faculty use, University vehicle use, etc.  Dependent on location and what specific groups want to do with it Minor limitations Different entities require overarching guidelines

17 Energy - Spring 2014 EV Charging Stations Future Requires rollout plan that continuously matches demand o Will unite PSU groups looking to implement stations Collaboration required between entities, needs structure for success

18 Recommendation EV Station Implementation Task Force o Representatives of PSU departments that want EV Stations o Representatives of departments that can get it done sustainably o Decide when/where/what type of stations implemented for now and for the future Energy - Spring 2014

19 Energy - Key Contacts: Steve Maruszewski, Assistant VP for Physical Plant Ryan Givens, Assistant Director of Transportation David Dorman, Parking Allocations Manager Steve Oskin, Energy and Eng. Continuous Commissioning Engineer

20 Energy - Summary Past Recommendations LED Outdoor Lighting Solar Energy Arrays Current Recommendations EV Station Task Force

21 Food - Introduction Fall 2013: Findlay Commons renovations: o Trayless dining o Educational table tops o Serving style research Spring 2014: Follow-up on Fall recommendations Student Farm

22 Food - Fall 2013 Follow-up Trayless Educational table tops Serving style research Student run survey by S.T.A.T.E.R.S. and Eco Action

23 Food - Spring 2014 Student Farm - Currently Demand for Student Farm from University students Sustainability Institute initiative o Funded through the Reinvention Fund o Appointed position to design farm and investigate current policies Farmland owned by PSU not fully utilized o History of summer course offered at farmland

24 Food - Spring 2014 Student Farm - Future Michigan State University Student Organic Farm o Student initiated in 1999  Year round production  15 acres of farmland and 20,000 sq ft of passive solar greenhouses and hoop houses  Certified Organic

25 Food - Spring 2014 Michigan State University Organic Student Farm o Four components:  Community Supported Agriculture Program 65 weekly shares year round, over 100 in the summer  Student Farm Education Organic Farmer Training Program Courses Farm Crew  Research Partners  On-campus distribution Sells produce to on-campus dining halls

26 Recommendations: Trayless Dining Educational Tabletops Serving Style Research Student Farm o Support Sustainability Institute in planning o Reutilize farmland Food - Spring 2014

27 Food - Key Contacts: Bill Lamont, Department of Plant Science Carol Hoelscher, President of S.T.A.T.E.R.S. Jeremy Bean, Sustainability Institute Elyzabeth Engle, Sustainability Institute Christi Daniels, Architecture Department Program Assistant Jason Lilley, Graduate Student in Horticulture

28 Waste - Introduction Last semester New Student Orientation Tours RA Training Sustainability Showcase This semester Sustainability Showcase RA training recommendations

29 Waste - Sustainability Showcase Recommendations Uniform recycling containers indoors and outdoors Use signs to emphasize sustainable aspects of the Creamery: o Local Food o Recycling o Dart Polystyrene o Natural Lighting Revamp the Food Science Green Team: rejuvenate, and update goals to include creamery employees- model after UHS

30 Waste - Sustainability Showcase Timeline for Sustainability Showcase Enact changes during Mobius rollout to the Food Science Building Perform a waste audit and a public survey before rollout to determine baseline If possible complete all changes while students are away (weekend, winter break, thanksgiving break) Afterwards perform another waste audit and public survey to track changes and success What can the Administration do to help? Create deadline Administrative support Financial Support

31 Waste - Sustainability RA Training University of Iowa Sustainability toolkit given to RA’s during summer training session with program ideas, talking points, recycling guide Delhi State University of New York and Illinois Wesleyan University Sustainability Educator, Student Staff- Facilitates and encourages students to engage in making their carbon footprint as small as possible in the resident halls

32 Waste - Sustainability RA Training Recommendations Require RA’s to teach students about recycling and sustainability in their Residence Hall and at Penn State Update outdated RA curriculum at Penn State to include sustainability

33 Waste - Key Contacts Ryan Steinberg - Assistant Director at East Halls -- Jim Brown Berkey - Creamery Assistant Manager -- Al Matyasovsky - Supervisor Office of Physical Plant --

34 Waste - Summary Sustainability Showcase Uniform signage Add compost and more outdoor recycling RA Training Provide sustainability toolkits to RA’s Require updated RA curriculum

35 Closing Questions? Electronic copies will be distributed

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