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Bellringer 9/30/13 What are three things you learned from this chapter? *Finish Section 3-5 paper and turn in tray when you are finished.

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1 Bellringer 9/30/13 What are three things you learned from this chapter? *Finish Section 3-5 paper and turn in tray when you are finished

2 Bellringer If you lived in Ancient Egypt, what would your occupation be? (Farmer, artisan, warrior, builder of pyramids, doctor, prepare mummies for burial, etc.) Study your Chapter 3 Vocabulary Terms Get your notes organized, stapled, and name on them to turn them in tomorrow before your Ch. 3 Test – Ch. 3-1 – Ch. 3-2 – Ch. 3-3 (Graphic Organizer) – Ch. 3-4 (Graphic Organizer) – Ch. 3-5 (Graphic Organizer

3 Ancient Egypt & Nubia Review

4 1.The Nile River affected ancient Egyptian life by creating A.Hot winds that blew across the land B.Lower and Upper Egypt C.Rich farmland in the river valley D.A large desert

5 2.In about 4000 B.C., the earliest communities in the Nile River valley first developed A.In the delta of Lower Egypt B.In the delta of Upper Egypt C.In the deserts of Upper Egypt D.Between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers

6 3.The greatest achievement of the pharaoh Menes was A.Conquering the Nubians B.Uniting Upper and Lower Egypt C.Building a pyramid D.Ruling the empire from Abu Simbel

7 4.The Egyptian pharaohs ruled with absolute power over A.All the people in Africa B.Only priests C.Only slaves D.All Egyptians

8 5. Around 4000 B.C., which of the following appeared in the Nile River delta? A. Traders from other countries B. Nubian soldiers C. First communities in the Nile River valley D. The first Egyptian artisans and miners

9 6.Throughout the first six dynasties, Egypt became A.Weak and divided B.Bigger and more prosperous C.A target for conquering empires D.The first civilization to be ruled by local governors

10 7.Because ancient Egyptian civilization was located on the banks of the Nile River, Egypt had A.Rich farmland B.Poor farmland C.No farmland D.Hardly any farmland

11 8.Religion played an important part in Egyptian life by A.Encouraging Egypt to make peace with its neighbors B.Destroying the power of the pharaoh C.Explaining natural events to the people D.Supporting a democratic government

12 9.What happened when Nubians took control of trade routes by using iron weapons? A.They made pyramids from metal instead of stone B.Meroe became rich C.They stopped spending time growing crops D.Meroe controlled an empire that extended into Europe

13 10.How did the ancient Egyptians demonstrate their belief in life after death? A.They believed in only one God B.They preserved the bodies of their dead C.They became famous warriors D.They did not think the bodies of the dead should be preserved

14 11.Ancient Egyptian astronomers studied the stars to A.Predict the flooding of the Nile River B.Appoint the next pharaoh C.Create new medicines from plants D.Create a new writing system

15 12.In ancient Egypt, most of the people belonged to the social class of A.Artisans B.Merchants C.Kings and nobles D.Workers and farmers

16 13.Egyptian rulers governed their empire A.By establishing a democracy B.By maintaining absolute power over the people C.By establishing dynasties that were unstable D.With the help of governors elected by the citizens

17 14.Because of Nubia’s location between Egypt and Central Africa, it was A.Destroyed by the people of Kush B.A center for trade C.Never very prosperous D.The first sea empire

18 15.In ancient Egypt, a very important religious practice was to A.Worship the pharaoh’s children B.Travel to the west bank of the Nile each night C.Prepare the dead for the afterlife D.Worship one God

19 16.To keep track of the kingdom’s growing wealth, ancient Egyptians began to A.Use hieroglyphics B.Tax the farmers C.Use cuneiform D.Publish a list of the pharaoh’s possessions each year

20 17.The first pharaoh’s of the New Dynasty expanded Egypt’s A.Universities B.Power C.Religion D.Farmland

21 18.The lives of the Egyptian peasants were greatly influenced by A.Their ability to read and write B.The study of astronomy C.The planting seasons D.Their contact with merchants from other countries

22 Vocabulary Matching Artisan Astronomer Cataract Dynasty Hieroglyph Papyrus Pharaoh Pyramid Regent Silt Essay Essay - List three specific achievements of the Egyptians.

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