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Biomes Thinking Questions.

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1 Biomes Thinking Questions

2 When settlers first came to the northeastern United States, they cut down trees to clear land for farming. Native Americans taught settlers how to tap maple trees to make sugar. What biome did these settlers find themselves in? How do you know?

3 The temperate deciduous forest biome; maple trees are deciduous

4 How do coral reefs form?

5 Animals called corals secrete calcium carbonate shells
Animals called corals secrete calcium carbonate shells. When the corals die, their shells remain and build up, forming reefs.

6 What are wetlands and where are they located?

7 Land areas that are covered with water most of the year; located in regions that lie between solid land and water

8 Describe characteristics of organisms that live in intertidal zones.

9 They are adapted to dramatic changes in temperature, moisture, and salinity, and can withstand the force of wave action.

10 Why are estuaries among the most productive ecosystems on Earth?

11 Estuaries receive tons of nutrients washed from inland soils, so their nutrient levels are very high.

12 How are grassland and tundra biomes similar?

13 Both are treeless and flat. Both have freezing temperatures in winter
Both are treeless and flat. Both have freezing temperatures in winter. Both receive small amounts of precipitation. Both include grazing animals.

14 What are the four zones of the Tropical Rain Forest?

15 Forest floor Understory Canopy Emergents

16 Why is much of the desert bare ground?

17 Lack of water

18 What is the biggest climactic difference between a temperate rain forest and a tropical rain forest?

19 Tropical rainforests are warmer and tend to have higher precipitation

20 Why does the soil of tropical rain forests make poor farmland?

21 A high level of rainfall tends to wash nutrients from the soil.

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