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No, no, no, it’s not a race, that would very uncivilised. it’s an epic social adventure. A chance in a life time to go halfway across the African continent,

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2 No, no, no, it’s not a race, that would very uncivilised. it’s an epic social adventure. A chance in a life time to go halfway across the African continent, in any vehicle you choose, by any means necessary. It’s you, relying on yourself, team mates, a sense of old fashioned adventure to experience Africa in its purest and wildest form!




6 IMPORTANT DATES The table below illustrates when and where all the action will be taking place during the 17-day Put Foot Rally. You have a choice of Start Line from where you will start the rally; either Cape Town or Johannesburg. Once you are all signed up, we’ll see you at Registration Day where your Crew will Check-in, with passports and other documents given a last check.

7 Killarney Race Track Cape Town 22 June 2011 Kyalami Race Track Jo’burg 22 June 2011 Cape Town 21 June 2011 Jo’burg 21 June 2011







14 The table below illustrates the distances that you may wish to travel each day. Its just you, your crew, your trusty wagon and 7000km of pure adventure in the African bush! Let’s go!

15 The following is based on a Crew that has entered 1x vehicle. Below is an accurate estimate of the costs involved in entering a Crew into the Put Foot Rally 2011. The cost will vary dependant on the number of people in the Crew, the route chosen, and the type of vehicle used. The costs below exclude any additional any insurance that a participant may take out and does not include any provision for spares, breakdowns or additional equipment. Notes: Accommodation: Camp sites charge between R50 – R90 per person, per night. Food: R40 per person, per day would be considered the maximum. It is more than possible to feed a Crew of 5 on R50 per day. Border Crossings: Detailed on the next page, these costs are generally fixed. **Fuel: Calculations based on worst case pricing for fuel costs and higher than average consumption for an average vehicle. The cost of fuel in SA is higher than Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, while Zambia and Malawi can be considerably higher. *Zimbabwe also has lower fuel costs. Best to have a jerry can or two to carry some extra fuel.

16 Border Crossing Costs The table below is a rough guide to the costs involved with each Border Crossing that Crews will encounter on the Put Foot Rally.

17 Fuel Costs The table below provides a means to determine the fuel costs involved in participating in the Put Foot Rally. Note: Prices vary from country to country with Namibia, Botswana, and Mozambique having the best prices, while Zambia and Malawi fuel prices are roughly double. The fuel calculations above are based on a worst case average price for fuel having balanced out the prices from each country + 10%

18 Facts about the Put Foot Rally Tarred Roads - just about everywhere Safety - It is safe Border Control - easy if you keep calm In-expensive - it really is Hospitality Services - the best Checkpoints ever International Tourism - you’re at the heart of it World Heritage Sites - at every Checkpoint Freedom of Movement - Bribes not necessary! The Put Foot Rally Policies The Prizes 1.Spirit of Africa Award 2.Best Dressed Vehicle 3.Panic Mechanic – ‘most breakdowns’ (floating trophy) 1.The ‘Spirit of Africa’ policy 2.The ‘Me, Myself, I and Me’ policy 3.The ‘You are NOT at the top of the Food Chain’ policy

19 Founded by former Springbok captain Bob Skinstad and super globetrotter, Ron Rutland, the Bobs for Good Foundation is an exciting, high impact Public Beneficiary Organisation that is rapidly becoming one of South Africa's most prominent contributors to social development. They work relentlessly with partners on the ground, as well as private and public donors to ensure the neediest children of this great country walk with hope, pride and dignity into their bright futures, through the Bobs For Good gift of South African made, brand new, robust, 100% leather school shoes. Bobs For Good actively contributes to Enterprise Development by ensuring that our shoes are made right here in South Africa by previously disadvantaged women. This proves Bobs For Good’s commitment to Enterprise Development by creating secure, stable jobs for more South Africans while boosting the local economy.

20 Bob Skinstad’s Put Foot Rally Mission? To shoe kids! No no! Not beat up some poor kiddies! Bobs for Good are going to put brand new, 100% leather school shoes onto the bare feet of hundreds and hundreds of young underprivileged learners along the Put Foot Rally route in 2011. Bobs for Good has been recognised by the South African Government and endorsed by Provincial Education Departments for its role in improving the lives and safety (Health and Wellness) of over 15,000 children to date while making a positive impact on the upliftment of children in the classroom (Education). The Put Foot Rally gives you the chance to get involved and play a hands-on role in changing the lives of young African kids across Southern Africa. To view the foundations work please visit:

21 So, you’ve managed to convince your mates, your boss and your fellow employees, to join you on this epic adventure through Africa, you’ve bagged yourself a vehicle and now your Crew is ready to submit your entry for the Put Foot Rally. Your next step is going to be raising as much money as possible to cover your expenses and a bit more for the Bobs For Good Foundation, the Official Rally Charity. We’ve included a few logos and slides at the end of this presso that you may want to use in your proposals as your begin seeking out sponsorship for your Crew. Feel free to use the logos on your websites, in flyers, letters etc… all we ask is that your keep it clean and if you have any concerns; feel free to run ideas past our HQ: For more information about the Bobs For Good Foundation: For all other information check out:

22 Put Foot Rally Website: Facebook: Twitter:


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