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Participating in Occupational Safety and Health Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2012-13 Name and title of speaker Date | Event title Safety and health at work.

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1 Participating in Occupational Safety and Health Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2012-13 Name and title of speaker Date | Event title Safety and health at work is everyone’s concern. It’s good for you. It’s good for business.

2 2 Rights, duties and playing your part Permanent employee, Agency worker, contractor? You need to be aware of issues that affect your health and safety at work: −Your employer’s responsibilities −Your rights and responsibilities −How to contribute to safe and healthy work

3 3 In workplaces with health and safety culture Leadership is strong, with management: −Demonstrating commitment to health and safety −Creating the conditions for a partnership approach Everyone −Participates fully −Accepts their rights, roles and responsibilities in relation to health and safety −Works together to prevent ill-health and injury

4 4 Why get involved? Because a safe workplace protects your health No one knows better than you how to do your job and how your work affects you If everyone does their bit it can make a real difference Workplaces where employees are active in health and safety often have lower accident rates

5 5 Rights and responsibilities You have the right to work in a place where risks to your health and safety are properly controlled Your employer is mainly responsible for taking care of this, but you also have a duty to help prevent ill-health and injury

6 6 What your employer must do for your health and safety Assess the risks and put in place preventive measures Tell you about risks and train you Provide toilets, drinking water, rest and first-aid facilities, and any protective equipment and clothing Report injuries, diseases and dangerous incidents Work with other employers and contractors involved in the workplace and temporary employment agencies Consult and involve you and your representatives over risks and safety measures National legislation and practices can vary in how consultation takes place

7 7 What you must do As an employee, you have a legal duty to: Do your job safely the way you have been trained, using the right safety devices, personal protective equipment, etc. Cooperate with your employer on safety and health Tell your employer, supervisor or worker representative… if you think the work or poor safety measures are posing a risk to health

8 8 Health and safety management needs worker participation To involve you, your employer should: Encourage you to report safety problems Actively involve you in spotting problems Ask you to suggest ideas for improving safety measures Make it clear your ideas are valued and will be seriously considered Give you recognition for your idea Explain which ideas they will take forward and which they won’t and why

9 9 A two-way process Worker involvement is a two-way process where employers and their employees/employee representatives: Talk and listen to one another Raise concerns and solve problems together Seek and share views and information Discuss issues in good time Make decisions together

10 10 Get involved! You know the risks in your workplace – get involved to help manage them and raise health and safety standards for you and your workmates Be ready to: −Cooperate −Speak up −Be assertive −Pay attention −Accept feedback

11 11 Ways of getting involved Ask questions, make suggestions Report any accidents and health and safety problems Speak to your worker representative Participate in any activities to involve workers Tell your doctor if you think any health problems could be work-related.

12 12 Young worker / New to the job? When you first start a job you are particularly prone to accidents. To protect yourself: Ask questions during training If you are unsure of something, check with your supervisor Consult more experienced co-workers Speak up with ideas or observations

13 13 Find out more about your health and safety at work EU-OSHA webpages on worker participation EU-OSHA campaign site EU-OSHA factsheets in 24 languages Your national health and safety authority Trade unions and trade associations Work accident insurance organisations Workplaces where employers and employees work together on OSH are safer for everyone

14 14 Network-based campaigning Core strength: national focal points and tripartite networks. But also … engage other stakeholders/partners Official campaign partners (Pan-European and international organisations) including social partners, NGOs, sectoral federations and networks, private companies EU institutions including European Commission, EU Parliament, EU representations, EU agencies, Enterprise Europe Network

15 15 How to get involved? The campaign is open to all individuals and organisations. You can get involved by: Disseminating campaign information and materials Joining in with one of the many events, conferences, competitions, advertising campaigns – taking place during the campaign Organising your own activities

16 16 Campaign partnership offer Pan-European organisations can also apply to be campaign partners. The Agency offers: Partner certificate Welcome pack Promotion at EU level and in the media Online Communication Platform Partner web section

17 17 European Good Practice Awards Recognise outstanding and innovative contributions Encourage managers and workers to work together Enhance workplace safety and health EU Member States, EEA, Western Balkans and Turkey Two categories: −Workplaces employing fewer than 100 people −Those with 100 or more workers Winners chosen from entries submitted by national focal points

18 18 Resources Campaign guide Practical guides for workers and managers Good practice examples News about campaign events Presentations and animated video clips All available in 24 languages

19 Campaign launch18 April 2012 European Weeks for Safety and Health at Work October 2012 and 2013 Good Practice Awards Ceremony April 2013 Healthy Workplaces Summit November 2013 19 Key dates

20 20 Further information Visit the campaign website To find out about events and activities in your country, contact your national focal point

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