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Ms. Coughlin An Ellis Island Webquest Scavenger Hunt adapted from

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1 Ms. Coughlin An Ellis Island Webquest Scavenger Hunt adapted from

2 Table of contents Introduction Task Procedure Resources Evaluation
Conclusion Rubrics

3 Introduction: You are about to embark on a webquest journey that will take you to a new world of knowledge about a place known as Ellis Island. A simple name for a not so simple place. A place that for many meant the beginning of a new life. During your journey you will meet some of these new Americans, you will visit Ellis Island as an immigrant, as an observer, as a student in search of knowledge. You will have the opportunity to turn the pages of on-line photo albums that hold the hopes, dreams, and even some disappointments of people you have never before met.

4 TASK As you travel through many websites you will become "an expert" on Ellis Island. You will come to understand what it means to embark on a journey. As you surf through the information in search of answers, you will become one of those new Americans. You will find information, ask questions, and write about your experiences. Come along now on a journey through the Gateway to America…..

5 PROCEDURE You will be taking this journey with a partner. Each partner will have specific responsibilities. During some of the activities you will be working together and during others you will be working individually. The two roles for this activity are: The Captain: the person who does the searching on the computer during the journey. The Captain guides the journey through the sites in search of information and makes sure that the First Mate is recording the necessary details of the trip. The First Mate: the person who records all of the details during the journey. The First Mate is also responsible for keeping the team on task so that they arrive at the end of their journey on time. Set sail by preparing for your journey. In order to do this you must visit the websites that will assist you in your quest for information and knowledge. Each site will help you to discover different information. Before you begin your journey you will want to read through all of the questions and activities in this webquest ( BE SURE TO SEE DOCUMENTS SECTIONS, IT HAS THE QUESTIONS AND THE JOURNAL PAGES ~ WHEN YOU REACH CONCLUSIONS CONTINUE TO SCROLL DOWN) . This is similar to reading through the brochure before a trip. Just as the brochure gives you information about your destination (what you should bring with you and what you will be doing) these questions and activities will help you to gather information about your webquest by preparing you for what you will need

6 Resources The History Channel
Ellis Island Foundation Ellis Island Tour Seymour’s Journey Learning Adventures in Citizenship ~ Ellis Island A Tour of Ellis Island

7 Procedure Cont… 2. After you have visited these sites and taken the time to look around, you will need to print out the Question Sheet. Revisit the sites, as necessary, in order to find the information that you will need to answer the questions. I will provide you with a copy of the questions and the journal pages. NOTE – THIS WILL BE COLLECTED! 3. After you have successfully navigated the sea of information and answered all of the questions you will next set out to record information about your journey. In order to do this, both partners will need to work together to do the following: Using information and knowledge that you have gained from the websites create an imaginary immigrant. In your Social Studies journal describe this person. You will need to tell where they are traveling from, their name (be sure that it reflects their nationality (the country they are from), use the websites to help you do this), age, why they are coming to America, the year of their journey, their plans for the future, what they have brought with them (including any money), and who they are traveling with (if they are not alone). All of this information will need to be written in bullet format. Next you will print out the journal pages and together decide what you want to write in the journal. (SEE DOCUMENTS SECTION ~ SCROLL DOWN) The last step for this activity is to design a cover for your journal. (*Remember that a person’s journal is a valuable and important piece of their life.) Bind your journal pages to your cover. I WILL BE COLLECTING THIS! You many wish to write additional journal entries for EXTRA CREDIT!

8 Procedure Cont… 4. Go to the following website: and travel with a young boy to America. Read what types of experiences immigrants had upon their arrival at Ellis Island. Next take a tour of Ellis Island at to help you gather information about what Ellis Island actually looked like. This will also help you to imagine what it was like to be there on Ellis Island. Now, it is time to work on your own. Imagine that you are the person in the photo that you printed. Using the information that you have learned about Ellis Island, write an imaginary story about the character(s) in your photograph. Be sure to include details about where they have traveled from, why they have come to America, the year of their arrival, their ages, their names, what happened when they arrive on Ellis Island, etc. (Similar to the journal, only this time it will be in correct composition format ). Use your Social Studies Journal to do your rough draft. Once you have finished your rough draft pair-share with your partner. Final copies can be done on the computer or handwritten neatly on composition paper. When you have finished, you will create a poster with the photo and your story.

9 Evaluation Each person will receive a group grade and an individual grade for this project. All work will be graded using a rubric (a rubric is a way to evaluate your work, for both yourself and for me. The chart below is a rubric and shows how I will be grading your project.)

10 Conclusion: Now that you have reached the end of your journey, you should feel confident in the knowledge that you have gained a better understanding for those immigrants who entered into America through Ellis Island. Some of those immigrants may be your ancestors and are a reminder of all of our immigrant roots. Also, as a resident of New York State you have now learned about a national landmark that is practically in your own backyard. Be proud of your journey and share your newfound knowledge with others. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE COMPLETION OF YOUR SAFE JOURNEY!

1 Little or no effort made.  2 Some effort made.  3 Strong effort indicated. 4 Strong effort given & high attention given to detail. ************************** Use & accuracy of internet information. 1 2 3 4  Neatness1 2 3 4 Writing Project 1 2 3 4 Presentation 1 2 3 4 On time 1 2 3 4

12 GROUP GRADING RUBRIC 1 Little or no effort made. 2 Some effort made.
3 Strong effort indicated. 4 Strong effort given & high attention given to detail. ************************** Accurate use of internet information. 1  2 3 4  Individual contribution to group project. 1 2 3 4  Members fulfilled job responsibilities. 1 2 3 4  Project completed on time (journal & questions) 1 2 3 4 Neatness 1 2 3 4

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