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MOZAMBIQUE CLIMATE Sérgio L. M. Buque October, 2006.

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1 MOZAMBIQUE CLIMATE Sérgio L. M. Buque October, 2006

2 The Meteorological Conditions Prevailing In Mozambique Are Mainly Caused By: The Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ); The two subtropical anticyclones in the southern hemisphere ; The extra-tropical cold fronts which reach the southern part of the country. Tropical Cyclones Meteorological conditions prevailing in Mozambique NORTH/CENTRE – (ITCZ) CENTRE/SOUTH -( Cold Fronts)

3 The influence of all these factors lead to two distinct seasons on the climate of the country: A dry winter season from April to September Typically Weather : - Light rain - Mist and fog A rainy summer season from October to March Typically Weather: - Shower (Heavy Fall of Rain) - Thunderstorms - Tropical Depressions

4 In the south most of the rain falls between December and March. In the north this period lengthens by a few weeks. The coast of Mozambique is occasionally affected by tropical cyclones. These cyclones bring heavy rain and strong winds which can cause extensive damage. One reason for the comparatively low rainfall over much of the coastal lowlands is the shelter provided by the large mountainous island of Madagascar. THE RAINY (SUMMER) SEASON - October, November & December (OND) - January, February & March (JFM)

5 AVERAGE CONDITIONS MAPUTOMax. TempMin. TempPrecipit October26,618,457,0 November27,719,888,8 December29,321,5109,2 January30,022,3165,9 February29,822,4133,9

6 SÉRGIO L. BUQUE e-mail:

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