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Universidade Eduardo Mondlane Eduardo Mondlane University UEM MozambiqueMozambique.

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1 Universidade Eduardo Mondlane Eduardo Mondlane University UEM MozambiqueMozambique

2 Mozambique Location – Southeast Africa Surface area, population and climate – 799, 380 sq km – 23 515 934 inhabitants ( July 2012) – Tropical and sub-tropical – 2 seasons: dry (May - September) and wet (October – April) 2

3 Borders: – North – Tanzania – South – South Africa and Swaziland – East – Indian Ocean – West – Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi Administrative division and official language – 11 provinces, 148 districts, 414 administrative post and 979 localities. – Portuguese Currency – Metical (MZN) 1MZN = 4.75 SEK ( on Monday, 19 th May by Source: world atlas Mozambique

4 UEM Brief History Vision 4 To be a national, regional and international reference in production and dissemination of scientific knowledge and innovation, highlighting research as the foundation of the teaching-learning and extension processes.

5 UEM Brief History Mission To produce and disseminate the scientific knowledge and stimulate innovation through research as the foundation of the teachin-learning and extension processes, educating generations with humanistic values in order to face the current challenges for the development of society 5

6 UEM Brief History August,1962: The Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) was founded in the capital city of Mozambique as “General University Studies of Mozambique”; 1968: it was promoted to the category of University, adopting the name of ‘Universidade de Lourenço Marques’; 1976: the University was renamed Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (named after the first president of the liberalization movement against the colonization). 6

7 Business and Entrepreneurship School (Gaza province) Hospitality and Tourism School Marine Sciences School Rural Development School UEM 11 FACULTIES 6 SCHOOLS UEM 11 FACULTIES 6 SCHOOLS Sports School and Communication and Arts School UEM headquarters / Sports School and Communication and Arts School HEI IN 2013 PUBLIC: 18 PRIVATE: 27 HEI IN 2013 PUBLIC: 18 PRIVATE: 27 Confucius Institute UEM Brief History

8 Faculties, Centers and Schools Some areas of teaching, research and extension covered by UEM are unique in the country, fact that represents distinctive capacities of intervention in the process of social and economic development. 11 Faculties 6 Schools 8 Research Centers 1.659 Lecturers 2.866 Administ. staff 35.000 Students 132 courses in different areas 8

9 9 Graduated Students vs. Gender

10 Courses Offered 10 Faculty / School Nr. of Courses UdgradPtgradLocation 1Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 1306Maputo 2Faculty of Education0405Maputo 3Faculty of Economics0403Maputo 4Faculty of Philosophy01-Maputo 5 Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry Engineering 0207Maputo 6Faculty of Law 0105Maputo 7Faculty of Medicine0104Maputo 8 Faculty of Veterinary 0105Maputo 9Faculty of Sciences 0908Maputo

11 Courses Offered 11 Faculty/ School Nr. of Courses UdgradPtgradLocation 10 Faculty of Engineering08 Maputo 11 Faculty of Architecture0102Maputo 12 School of Marine Sciences0403Quelimane 13 School of Entrepreneurship05-Chibuto 14 School of Communication and Arts0401Maputo 15 School of Sport Sciences01-Maputo 16 School of Hospitality and Tourism05-Inhambane 17 Rural Development School07-Vilankulo 18Biotechnology Center-01Maputo

12 Courses in Perspective Undergraduate Courses Petroleum Engineering Railway and Port Engineering Hydrocarbons Engineering Mining, Mineralogy and Metallurgy Engineering Mapping and Geological Survey Postgraduate Courses Master Program in Wood Technology Master Program in Food Technology Master Program in Chemistry and Processing of Local Resources Master Program in Mineral Resources Management Master in Petroleum Engineering Master in Disasters Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation Doctorate in Energy Science and Technology 12

13 Fields of Research Research The Research programs at UEM arise through the: Faculties, Schools and Centers Fields of research: humanities, social science, engineering, public health, natural sciences… Examples: Impact of Bovine Tuberculosis on Public Health and Livestock Production in Mozambique – Faculty of Veterinary Use of Cassava Flour in Bread Making – Faculty of Engineering Solar Panels in the Communities – Faculty of Sciences 13

14 1.Continued research cooperation between Sweden and Eduardo Mondlane University (2011-2015): 13 Research programs; 96 PhD and 46 Msc in Sweden and in S.A; 90 Msc scholarships for UEM Msc students 2.Capacity building from Italy (2013 – 2016) on Academic Reform, Technology Innovation and Scientific Research 3.Belgium Government: VLIR-UOS IUC: Development Programme in Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS and Family Matters through Multi- disciplinary Inter-university Research 4.Dutch Government: NICHE funding 3 projects for the period 2011 – 2015 5.Japan: Bio fuel production from Jatropha in Mozambique 14 Examples of ongoing programs


16 UEM Funding

17 Challenges 17

18 New developmentsActions New High Education Institutions Quality, competitivity and relevance Discovery of natural and mineral resources New courses and diversification GlobalizationInternationalisation New Development

19 Expectations Establish cooperation with more universities (…) Conceive and promote exchange programs (for students, lecturers and staff) – mobility and internationalisation

20 Some images of Mozambique Gorongosa National Park Quirimbas Archipelago Inhaca Island Moatize Coal Mines Maputo Fortress Wood Fisheries

21 Some images of Mozambique

22 Thank you for your attention! Muito Obrigado! Universidade Eduardo Mondlane - Office of Cooperation Rectory Building - UEM Main Campus, 2nd Floor, Av. Julius Nyerere - Maputo City Telefax: +258 21484991 By: Ângela Olimpia R. Fernandes 22

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