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2 L ocation HUST, located in Wuhan, the capital city of central China’s Hubei Province. “Oriental Chicago” Center of Economy, Culture, Education, Transportation in Central China A population of 10 million 84 universities, 1.14 million college students The 6th promising city of China* * UN Urbanization Prospects in February ,2012

3 C ampuses —— Campus Main Campus 3.3 Square Kilometers 1153 acres with 72% greenery coverage thus has the reputation of “Forest University”.

4 C ampuses —— Campus ◆A bird-eye view of HUST

5 B rief Introduction --- A national key university under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education of P. R. China ---- Research-based comprehensive University (“211” plus “985” Project) ---- Top 10 in China Top in the world* *Academic Ranking of World Universities

6 H istory 1900’ 1950’ 1980’ 2000 Shanghai German Medical School 1907 1953 Huazhong Institute of Technology 1988 HIT renamed as HUST 1952 Wuhan Urban Construction Institute 2000 Merged to form new HUST The new HUST, result of a merging in 2000 between former Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Tongji Medical University, Wuhan Urban Construction Institute

7 S tudents: 57,000+ Undergraduates: 32,863 Master: 16,493 PhD: 6,282
International Students: 2,195 from 124 countries

8 F aculty : 3,153 Teaching Faculty :3,153 Professors: 932
Associate Professors: 1,210 Academy fellows of CAS & CAE: 11

9 A cademic Disciplines Main Campus Tongji Medical College ——Medicine
Science Liberal Arts Basic Medicine Public Health Education Philosophy Medical Management Pharmacy Economics Agriculture Forensic Medicine Nursing History Law Reproductive Medicine Engineering Management

10 A cademic Figures National Key Labs: 17+ Bachelor Program: 94
Master Program: Schools & Departments: PhD Program: Journals and Publications: Post Doctor Programs: Library Collections: Million

11 A cademic Schools and Departments Engineering Medicine Science
School of Mechanical Science and Engineering School of Materials Science and Engineering School of Energy and Power Engineering School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering School of Hydropower and Information Engineering School of Optical and Electronic information Scholl of Computer Science and Technology School of Software Engineering School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering School of Architecture and Urban Planning School of Automation Dept. of Electronics and Information Engineering China-EU Institute for clean and renewable energy Medicine School of Basic Medicine School of Public Health School of Pharmacy School of Medicine and Health Management Department of Forensic Medicine Department of Nursing Institute of Reproductive medicine Science School of Environmental Science and Engineering School of Mathematics and Statistics School of Physics School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering School of Life Science and Technology

12 H UST Schools & Departments Social Science & Liberal Arts
School of Economics School of Management School of Public Administration School of Journalism and Information Communication School of Law School of Educational Research School of Distance and Continuing Education School of Marxism School of Foreign Languages Department of Philosophy Department of Sociology Department of Chinese Language and Literature Institute of Historical Studies Department of Physical Education

13 A reas of Excellence — Ranking of Disciplines
TOP 5 Disciplines in China Mechanical Engineering (1st) Public Health & Preventive Medicine (1st) Optical engineering (1st) Electrical Engineering (2nd) Public Administration (5th) Bio-Medical Engineering(5th) Journalism & Communication(5th) TOP 10 Disciplines in China Control Science & Engineering Basic Medicine Clinical Medicine Sociology Architecture Computer Science & Technology Education According to statistics from China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center--2012

14 8 disciplines listed in the ESI subject ranking (Top1%) Engineering
Physics Chemistry Pharmacology and toxicology Computer science Clinical medicine Material science Biology & Biochemistry

15 I nternational Partners (numbers of partner institutions)

16 M ajor Int’l Partner Universities

17 M ajor Int’l Partner Universities

18 M ajor Int’l Partner Universities

19 M ajor Int’l Partner Universities

20 I nternational Education *Statistics of the year 2012

21 I nternational Programs Chinese and Cultural Programs
Chinese Summer Programs ( CSP) 3+3 Internship Programs Chinese Internship Programs(CIP) Long-term Chinese Programs

22 I nternational Programs 4 Bachelor’s Programs MBBS
Telecommunication Engineering Mechanical Design and Manufacture and Automation Pharmacy

23 I nternational Programs 81 Master’s and 87 Doctoral Programs Economics
Business Administration Public Administration Computer Science and Technology Biomedical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Communication Engineering

24 S cholarships Chinese Government Scholarship
Available for : Masters and Doctors Full Scholarship covers: tuition, accommodation, insurance, living allowance, one-time settlement subsidy Confucius Institute Scholarship Available for : Masters and Chinese language Programs HUST President Scholarship Available for : Masters Partial Scholarship covers tuition fee only

25 Thank you Contact us: International Student Office
Huazhong University of Science and Technology Luoyu Road, Wuhan, Hubei Province, , P. R. China Tel: Fax: Website: Online Application:

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