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Global Health Research: A priority area at Norwegian institutions? Panel discussion Presentation from SIU Tom Skauge Head of Section.

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1 Global Health Research: A priority area at Norwegian institutions? Panel discussion Presentation from SIU Tom Skauge Head of Section

2 2 Overview Short presentation of the new SIU SIU’s programmes relevant for Global Health research and knowledge Norad Fellows Programme NUFU How can we contribute to the new mobilisation for Global health?

3 3 SIU SIU was established January 1, 2004, based on the Centre for International University Cooperation, created in 1991 by the Norwegian Council of Universities (UHR).

4 4 SIU The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU) is organised as a public agency with its own Board of Directors under the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research (UFD). SIU is a service agency and a partner for public and private institutions of higher education. The centre is a national competence organisation for HE co- operation and research, programmes and initiatives within higher education. We promote internationalisation, cultural communication and international mobility within higher education. The centre promotes Norway abroad as a study and research destination.

5 5 SIU programme administration SIU is a national office for international programmes and initiatives within higher education which are established: › by UFD › by other public ministries and agencies › on their own initiative › by initiatives in which the Norwegian authorities decide to participate, such as the EU programmes. The centre can also run international programmes for levels of education other than university and college levels. Be a contracting party for other ministries and agencies who want to carry out projects within international higher education and research cooperation.

6 6 Education costs money, but then so does ignorance. -Sir Claus Moser

7 7 SIU administered programmes NUFU ( The Norwegian Council for Higher Education’s Programme for Development Research and Education) NORAD Fellowship Programme NORAD Programme in Arts and Cultural Education Cooperation Programme with Russia Cooperation Programme with South East Europe Cooperation Programme with the EU Candidate Countries SOCRATES (the EU’s Framework Programme for Education) Comenius – Erasmus – Grundtvig – Lingua – Minerva – Arion The Erasmus Link to Norway (mobility programme with the EU candidate countries) Erasmus Mundus SUHF (Norwegian Centre for University Cooperation with France) E-learning (EU action) NORDPLUS (information responsibility in Norway only)

8 8 The programme provides scholarships for students from the South to study in Master's and Diploma programmes in Norway. The NORAD Fellowship Programme is based on a vision that good educational opportunities at Norwegian universities and university colleges can contribute to increased competence in the South. Most of the courses in the programme are held in Norway and run over a period of two years. The NORAD Fellowship programme also includes courses given outside Norway. Courses are offered in South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi. Programme period: 2001-2005 Funding: NOK 54 million per year Students in the programme autumn 2004: 225 Norad Fellowship Programme

9 9 Global Health Research in Norad Fellowship Programme - Number of Master Thesis 1999 – 2003 ( ) Norad Fellowship Programme: Master in International Community Health, UiO (18) Master of Philosophy in International Health, UiB (17) Master in Health and Information Management system – integrated regional course in Malawi and Tanzania Master of Public Health (Information Systems Track), UWC, South Africa Master of Public Health (Information Systems Track), UEM, Mozambique (5) Master in Information systems, UEM, Mozambique (4)

10 10 NUFU is a Norwegian programme of academic research and educational cooperation based on equal partnerships between institutions in Norway and in the South. The objective of the NUFU programme is to promote mutually beneficial cooperation based on priorities by the institutions in the South. › Universities, university colleges and research institutions in Norway cooperate with corresponding institutions in the South (Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia, Central America and the Middle East). Programme period: 2001-2005 Funding: NOK 300 million (whole period) Active projects in 2004: 71 Participating institutions: 30 in the South and 12 in Norway NUFU (The Norwegian Council for Higher Education’s Programme for Development Research and Education) – The partnership model

11 11 Graduates from NUFU’s 2nd period + (1.1.1996 – 30.04.2003)

12 12 NUFU II - Scientific publications Articles in international academic journals580 Articles in other academic journals and anthologies300 Books (monographs, text books, anthologies)271 Published papers from international meetings/conferences 521 Other related activities (incl. doctoral and master thesis)776 Publications, not specified706 SUM3154

13 13 Collaborative Research in Environmental Toxicology and Zoonotic Diseases: a South-North Veterinary Network Health Systems Research and Health Promotion in Relation to Reproductive Health in Tanzania Strengthening HIV-related interventions in Zambia: cooperation in research and institution capacity building. Program to improve child health and nutrition in South Asia Urogenital occurrence and persistence of Group B streptococcal colonisation in Pregnancy and Pregnancy outcome in Zimbabwe. Research and Training in Southern Africa for the Development and Evaluation of New Childhood Vaccines Building Competence in Epidemiology in Palestine - Taking over and maintain phase Occupational respiratory diseases among male and female workers in dusty industries in Tanzania Research and Training Network in Pathology. Lungwena health, Nutrition and Agricultural Multidisciplinary Project - Towards poverty reduction Global Health Research in NUFU III – 10 projects

14 14 How can we contribute? Global Health research in NUFU IV and Norad Fellowship programme 2007-2011 NUFU – New programme period 2007 – 2011 (Bottom Up research initiatives) NUFU § 2.2 (Top Down research initiatives) Malawi (Embassy initiative) Palestine (Norad initiative) Kampala Conference – Feedback from African partners Norad Fellowship Programme Evaluation Strategic initiatives or freedom in disciplines? Norad Fellowship Programme 2007-2010 Global Health?

15 15 Doubt is the key to knowledge. - Iranian saying

16 For more information

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