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Jeopardy Important People WWI Part One WWI Part Two Roaring 20’s $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Final Jeopardy Misc.

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2 Jeopardy Important People WWI Part One WWI Part Two Roaring 20’s $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Final Jeopardy Misc.

3 $100 Question from Important People Who was Louis Armstrong?

4 $100 Answer from Important People Louis Armstrong was a talented jazz musician during the 1920’s.

5 $200 Question from Important People Who was the president when the US decided to enter WWI?

6 $200 Answer from Important People Woodrow Wilson

7 $300 Question from Important People Describe the new freedom that women were granted during the Roaring Twenties (include the Amendment Number).

8 $300 Answer from Important People Women were granted the right to vote by the passing of the 19 th amendment.

9 $400 Question from Important People Why was the decade of the 1920’s referred to as the Roaring Twenties?

10 $400 Answer from Important People The Roaring Twenties was a good name for the 1920’s because life was “roaring” forward. Americans started enjoying new pastimes and the economy was good!

11 $500 Question from Important People Name three things that women started Doing in the Roaring Twenties that Had not been done before.

12 $500 Answer from Important People Women started voting, playing sports, Working outside the home, and going to College for the first time.

13 $100 Question from Misc. Who was the famous baseball player whose records Were broadcast over the radio during the 1920’s?

14 $100 Answer from Misc. Babe Ruth

15 $200 Question from Misc. Where did most European immigrants first land in the US? What about the Asian immigrants?

16 $200 Answer from Misc. Europeans came through Ellis Island and Asian Immigrants through Angel Island.

17 $300 Question from Misc. What was Charles Lindberg famous for?

18 $300 Answer from Misc. Charles Lindberg became famous for being The first person to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean.

19 $400 Question from Misc. What were three reasons why people immigrated To the United States?

20 $400 Answer from Misc. Possible reasons: more freedom, greater opportunity, or for a better life

21 $500 Question from Misc. Why was the Panama Canal built and what were three struggles that the workers faced while building it?

22 $500 Answer from Misc. The Panama Canal was built to make the journey of ships faster and cheaper. Three struggles to get it built included Disease, dangerous dynamite, and that it took 10 yrs.

23 $100 Question from WWI A What were two characteristics of trench warfare?

24 $100 Answer from WWI A Trench warfare took place in long, narrow ditches. In the ditches, soldiers sought cover and fired their weapons.

25 $200 Question from WWI A What were three struggles that soldiers faced while fighting in the trenches?

26 $200 Answer from WWI A Soldiers spent day and night in the trenches. They were muddy, could get cold, and rat-infested.

27 $300 Question from WWI A DOUBLE What were the two alliances when WW1 broke out? Name two countries that were on each.

28 $300 Answer from WWI A The major Allied Powers were France, Russia, Britain, Italy, and later the U.S. The Central Powers were Austria-Hungry, Germany, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire.

29 $400 Question from WWI A How did the US get involved in the War?

30 $400 Answer from WW IA The Germans and their submarines sank a British passenger ship that was Carrying Americans called the Lusitania. After that, Germany promised not to sink any more ships. They Soon broke that promise and the US declared war.

31 $500 Question from WWI A Name three causes of WWI.

32 $500 Answer from WWI A Possible causes: Imperialism Militarism Alliances Sinking of the Lusitania

33 $100 Question from WWI B What were three things that American soldiers needed to fight in WW1 that were provided by Americans on the homefront?

34 $100 Answer from WWI B Soldiers needed ships, trucks, large and small weapons, uniforms, gas masks, and helmets.

35 $200 Question from WWI B Describe two things that women did to help the war effort.

36 $200 Answer from WWI B Women took over men’s jobs which included Farming, law enforcement, nursing, or enlisting to help With the war effort.

37 $300 Question from WWI B What is propaganda and how was it used in WWI?

38 $300 Answer from WWI B Propaganda was information used to shape people’s thinking. The U.S. gov’t used it to remind civilians to help with the war effort.

39 $400 Question from WWI B What were two things that Americans back home did to help the war effort?

40 $400 Answer from WWI B The US produced more war supplies than ever-before. Americans were also encouraged to “eat less” and food was rationed. More workers, including African Americans, took over men’s jobs in the factories.

41 $500 Question from WWI B What was the Treaty that ended WWI, what was created under it, and what was its purpose?

42 $500 Answer from WWI B The Treaty that ended WWI was called the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations was formed under it. The purpose of the League of Nations was to solve world problems peacefully and protect each other if another war started.

43 $100 Question from Roaring 20’s What are consumer goods? Give the definition and two examples. How did consumer goods make lives easier?

44 $100 Answer from Roaring 20’s Consumer goods are goods that are created to be sold to the public like vacuum cleaners and washing machines. Consumer goods saved Americans loads of time by allowing them to do household chores faster.

45 $200 Question from Roaring 20’s Name four new sources of entertainment that came about in the 1920s.

46 $200 Answer from Roaring 20’s The radio, sports, movies, and jazz music

47 $300 Question from Roaring 20’s How did Henry Ford make it more affordable for Americans to own cars?

48 $300 Answer from Roaring 20’s Ford created the assembly line as a system of mass production for cars. Manufacturing cars using an assembly line is a faster and more efficient way of building cars. Since Ford could now produce cars faster and cheaper, he sold his cars for lower prices.

49 $400 Question from Roaring 20’s What was Harlem and why was it an important place?

50 $400 Answer from Roaring 20’s Harlem was a city in New York that became a center for African American musicians, artists, and writers.

51 $500 Question from Roaring 20’s Who were two important people to come out of Harlem and what were they famous for?

52 $500 Answer from Roaring 20’s Langston Hughes was a famous poet and Louis Armstrong was a famous jazz Musician.

53 Final Jeopardy What was the new foreign policy of the US after WWI ended? Explain why the US adopted it and what it meant for our country.

54 Final Jeopardy Answer After WW1, the US refused to join the League of Nations that was set-up at the Treaty of Versailles. They were afraid that it would pull the US into future wars. The US adopted a policy of isolationism and decided to avoid alliances and conflicts when possible.

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