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Britain Worth the Conquest.

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1 Britain Worth the Conquest

2 (450-1150) The Invasions on Britain in Old English Period
Roman Invasion Germanic Conquest (Anglo-Saxon) Scandinavian Invasion Norman Invasion

3 500 years before the Roman Invasion
The Celts 500 years before the Roman Invasion



6 The Roman Invasions on Britain
First Invasion (54-55 B.C.) Julius Caesar

7 Britain Gaul

8 Emperor Claudius 43 A.D.

9 Roman Bath Roman Theater Roman Cloths Mosaic Floor

10 The Germanic Conquest (Anglo-Saxon Invasion)

11 Spanish

12 The Scandinavian Invasion
First Stage:

13 The Scandinavian Invasion
Second Stage: Canterbury&London CAPTURED WEDMORE TREATY King Alfred Wessex Summerset

14 The Scandinavian Invasion
Third Stage: Guthrum Vs. Edward & Athelstan Brunanburh

15 The Epic of The Battle of Brunanburh
In this year King Aethelstan, Lord of warriors, ring-giver to men, and his brother also, Prince Eadmund, won eternal glory in battle with sword edges around Brunanburh. They split the shield-wall, they hewed battle shields with the remnants of hammers. The sons of Eadweard, it was only befitting their noble descent from their ancestors that they should often defend their land in battle against each hostile people, horde and home. The enemy perished, Scots men and seamen, fated they fell. The field flowed with blood of warriors, from sun up in the morning, when the glorious star glided over the earth, God's bright candle, eternal lord, till that noble creation sank to its seat. There lay many a warrior by spears destroyed; Northern men shot over shield, likewise Scottish as well, weary, war sated. The West-Saxons pushed onward all day; in troops they pursued the hostile people. They hewed the fugitive grievously from behind with swords sharp from the grinding. The Mercians did not refuse hard hand-play to any warrior who came with Anlaf over the sea-surge in the bosom of a ship, those who sought land, fated to fight. Five lay dead on the battle-field, young kings, put to sleep by swords, likewise also seven of Anlaf's earls, countless of the army, sailors and Scots. There the North-men's chief was put to flight, by need constrained to the prow of a ship with little company: he pressed the ship afloat, the king went out on the dusky flood-tide, he saved his life. Likewise, there also the old campaigner through flight came

16 The Scandinavian Invasion
King Olaf DANISH 25YRS King Svien Ethelred

17 The Norman Conquest Normandy Normans Danes Charles + Rollo

18 Before The Norman Conquest
1066 King Ethelred (1002) Norman Wife Edward

19 The Norman Conquest 1066 Edward Godwin Harold William







26 The Foreign Influences on Old English Language
The Celtic Influence: The Germans adopted some words from the Celts 2. There are many Celtic place names that still exist till this day Kent ‘Canti’ Celtic Celtic Devonshire ‘Dumnonii’ Celtic London+Winchester+Salisbury+Thames=

27 The Foreign Influences on Old English Language
The Roman Influence: Because Latin was the language of a high civilization, it attracted the Anglo-Saxons and they wanted to learn it. Commercial Military Religious

28 The Foreign Influences on Old English Language
The Roman Influence: First Period: continental borrowing Commercial cheap, mangian, pond , wīn, eced camp, weal , cytel, mese, pulvinus , cāseus, pipor copor, pic

29 The Foreign Influences on Old English Language
The Roman Influence: Second Period: Celtic transmission ceaster Chester, Dorchester and Manchester munt mountain

30 The Foreign Influences on Old English Language
The Roman Influence: Third Period: christening period 1. Building churches and monasteries 2. The transmission of Latin candle, martyr, minister, temple schoolmaster, metre, grammatical

31 derby, rugby, Linthorpe, Stevenson, Richardson
The Foreign Influences on Old English Language The Scandinavian Influence: derby, rugby, Linthorpe, Stevenson, Richardson Brada, dreng Law, outlaw, tax, assembly Bank, birth, low, cast and crave same words but different in the endings

32 Spanish

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