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Nga Motika Tangata: Human Rights When you see me it means you need to take notes!!

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1 Nga Motika Tangata: Human Rights When you see me it means you need to take notes!!

2 Why learn about Human Rights? All citizens need: To understand their responsibilities in regards of the rights of others To be aware of those rights which are fundamental to dignity and to humanity To value the differences and diversity among people so that conflicts which can arise from these difference are reduced To know the agencies in our society which have been set up to help protect human rights CHOOSE TWO POINTS

3 What are Human Rights? UNIVERSAL Human Rights are the standards of treatment and equality of opportunity that all people everywhere should have so that they can have fair, free and peaceful lives.

4 Human Rights, Legal Rights and Moral Rights Legal rights are laid down by law. Moral rights are not formal but are held to be reasonable. Human rights are thought to have universal application.

5 What are Human Rights? Defined and stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) Includes such rights as: The right to life, liberty and safety; freedom from slavery or unlawful detention; equality under the law. UDHR was created by the United Nations as a direct result of the atrocities of WW2.

6 Human Rights in Aotearoa SUMMARISE New Zealand does not have a written constitution which guarantees the rights of New Zealanders. NZ citizens enjoy a wide range of civil and other liberties under specific laws which set out rights and outlaw discrimination. The Human Rights Commission, established in 1978, provides a further safeguards that the rights of New Zealanders are respected.

7 Te Ra Whanaungatanga: Race Relations Day, 21 March.

8 Can you curtail human rights ? Here are some measures that Governments take which overrule the rights of the individual: STATE OF EMERGENCY: Curfew is enforced Internment of suspected terrorists without charge Identity cards/papers Stop and search

9 Can you curtail human rights ? RELIGIOUS PRINCIPLES: No trading on Sundays Women must observe a dress code No alcohol THE GOOD OF THE MAJORITY OVERRULES INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS Noise regulations Birth restrictions Hosepipe ban

10 Can you curtail human rights ? Reasons for limiting human rights include: national security the economic well-being of a country public health and morals the preservation of law and order the need to respect the rights of others CHOOSE TWO POINTS In view of these exceptions it becomes harder to define a list of human rights that should always apply, whatever the circumstances.

11 What is Social Justice? Social Justice is the idea that all groups of people should get a fair share of the Earth’s resources and be free from oppression.

12 Key ideas freedom free from oppression standards of treatment equality of opportunity fair, free and peaceful lives a fair share of the Earth’s resources These key ideas have been developed over time. Construct a “Freedom Road” timeline using what you consider to be the 10 most important developments listed on pages 12-13 of the Freedom text book.

13 “ISMS” - systems of power that have been used to take away freedom. RACISM CAPITALISM MILITARISM COLONIALISM COMMUNISM FASCISM SECTARIANISM GANGSTERISM TERRORISM SEXISM The belief that one race is superior to another. The resources of a country are owned by a few people. The armed forces take control of a country and, in Some cases


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