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Inca food (Press F5 for slideshow) What they ate and why.

2 meats The Incas ate meats rarely due to the lack of animals up in the mountains For protein the Inca ate things like guinea pigs, llamas, vicunas (camel relatives) and an occasional fish

3 veggies Incas had and interesting assortment of vegetables including things like seaweed, amaranth (a type of grain), potatoes, a pumpkin relative called zapallo, peppers, peanuts and corn Fun fact: the first potatoes were the size of a baby’s fist

4 fruits The Incas got a lot of their fruits from the rainforest and ate some of the fruits we eat today They ate bananas, plums, pineapples, lemons, limes, and many others too

5 Other foods Other foods are a type of root called oca, honey, batata, anus, axi, oculla, guayabas, Pepina Lucama and bread made of corn Fun fact: the Inca helped develop popcorn

6 The end!

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