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Salma’s food basket The following slides show typical foods eaten in Zanzibar.

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1 Salma’s food basket The following slides show typical foods eaten in Zanzibar

2 Eating on a tropical island Coconuts, rice, cassava, sweet potatoes, bananas, plantains, yams, spices. Fruits such as mangoes, pineapples, oranges, jackfruits, and many more are available but due to seasonal shortages and high demand they are imported from the mainland. Vegetables are mostly imported from the mainland but a number of green leafy vegetables are produced locally. Fishing is by traditional methods. Fish is the most important source of animal protein. Rice is the staple food but most is imported The high use of sugar in the form of sweets, table sugar and soft drinks is a major contributory factor in tooth decay, obesity and other illnesses.

3 What fruit is growing on this tree? This is a papaya tree Have you eaten papaya? Would you be able to buy papaya in your local supermarket? Can you name any other tropical fruits?

4 What do you think this woman is doing? This woman is grinding millet to make porridge What is your porridge made from? Can you describe how the woman is grinding the millet seeds? What is she using?

5 What do you think these young men are doing? They are pressing the juice out of sugar cane to make a drink which they will sell to local people and tourists Look at the waste sugar cane, what could this be used for?

6 Fruits in the market place Can you name the fruits in the photograph? The fruits are: Bananas Passion fruit Lemons Oranges Water melon Did you know that you can get purple bananas!

7 Drinks Name the drinks on this table? Was this photograph taken in Wales or Zanzibar? Explain your answer. What other foods are shown in the photograph? This photograph was taken in Zanzibar. People drink tea and water and lots of fizzy drinks. There is a factory in Zanzibar which makes Fanta. Are fizzy drinks good for you?

8 What is this grain? This grain is rice. Rice is a staple food, what does that mean? Give an example of a staple food we eat in Wales. A staple food is one that we eat nearly every day.

9 Can you name these foods? CassavaCoconutSweet potato ClovesCinnamon, vanilla cardoman, Did you know that Zanzibar is also called the Spice Islands? The growing of spices is a major industry; pepper and nutmeg is also grown and exported.

10 Shopping for Salma Activity: You are going to shop for Salma. The food you put in her basket will be the food that she normally eats and can buy in Zanzibar. You need to know that Salma cannot afford to eat meat or fish very often but she can afford to buy some eggs. Can you put together a healthy food basket for Salma?

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