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By: Isabella Moreno The Columbus School Rafael Giraldo. 7.4.

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1 By: Isabella Moreno The Columbus School Rafael Giraldo. 7.4

2 Introduction The black death was one of the most destructive sickness in the middle ages. The black death killed 5,000 people per day and it destroyed 1/3 of Europe's population, its like the whole Medellin city and more much more.

3 Time line 1.Black death came from Asia to Europe 14 th century 2.The black death attacked Europe14th to 17th century 3.Killed half of Europe’s population14 th to 17 th century 4.Egypt gets the plague558 – 590 5.Austria gets the plague1711 6.The Balkans got it from 1770 - 1772 7.The world’s modern epidemic was in India after an earthquake

4 Names of the black death The black death Bubonic plague Plague

5 medicine The medicine we have now is far way better than one that was used in the middle ages.

6 Type of disease The plague is a bacterial disease or an infectious disease. The bubonic plague is a very contagious disease that’s why it spread quickly.

7 treatment In the Middle ages the treatment where simple and non helpful. One of them was if you had the plague they would lock you in your house and let you out when you are cured or you are dead. The other one is they burry you when you are dead. Now we have better treatments. We have medicine and vaccine's. “antibiotics effectively treat plague if it is diagnosed early enough”(Bryan Bunch).

8 The spread The black death started on Asia and it came down to Europe by boat. It sounds crazy but it technically did. See the rats carry the disease in their blood and they traveled by boat when the Europeans went from Asia or the Asians came to Europe the rats went with them. So when the rats get bitten by a flee, the flee now carries the disease and when the flee bits you, you get it and if you get it your whole family gets it and it goes on.

9 Black death swipe trough Europe

10 Why did they get it In the middle ages they got the plague because they where not sanitary. The septic tank was the street so all the waste got to the street. They through the poop in the middle of the street. now in the hole world we have improved our sanitation skill's. Some people have to work on it but we are more sanitary than back in the middle ages

11 cause at the end of the black death there was a great lost of people but the plague had some good influence. It help us in sanitation. It get us the cure and the vaccines. It helped us seared our knowledge. It still killed many people. Another thing is that our ancestress gave us their immune system so it’s rare that we die if we have an immortality rate.

12 How did it became important the Black death was important because it was an amazing plague not that it was good but it was incredible what it did. It got important by all the killing it did. The black death was like the crusades because they killed a lot of people. They are not exactly the same but is similar. The black death where like 1,0000 men soldering a lot of people.

13 The damage's of the plague The plague was devastating an it still is. I think you can’t believe it but there is still incidence modern world today. The damages this disease made was enormous but it helped us with some population like now we are in a because we are a lot of people and we would have bin a lot more and it would be cause.

14 pictures

15 conclusion I learned that the black death is and was a very dangerous disease. That rats carry the disease and that it came from Asia.

16 Sources Diseases (book pg. 94-95) volume 6 Mr. Giraldo Holt World History The Human Journey How would you Survive in the Middle Ages (book pg.34-35)

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