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Do now: copy Black Plague Vocabulary into your notebooks.

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1 Do now: copy Black Plague Vocabulary into your notebooks

2 Bubonic plague AKA Black Death – a contagious disease that devastated the world in the 1300s Epidemic – an outbreak of a disease that spreads quickly & affects a large number of people

3 Origins of the “Black Death” Spread of the Plague Effects of the Plague 1 – In the 1300s, a mysterious & deadly disease arrived from Central Asia & rapidly spread to Europe & Africa 1 – Rats, carrying fleas infected with the bubonic plague, migrated to crowded Medieval towns where the disease quickly spread. 2 – Increased trade in the late Middle Ages helped spread the plague with greater speed. 1 – Millions of people died throughout Europe, Asia & Africa. Some estimates place the death toll as high as 1/3 rd of Europe’s total population. 2 – Lack of adequate farmers, due to death by disease, leads to food shortages & the deaths of millions more people even after the plague ends.

4 Read the paragraphs & examine the map Answer questions 1 – 4 in your notebooks using FULL SENTENCES

5 Each member of the group will read about the effects of the plague Use the underlined or highlighted information to fill out the graphic organizer Summarize each using 10 words or less for each

6 Population Losses Economic Decline Social & Political Change Confusion & Disorder

7 Which effect of the Black Plague do you feel has had the largest impact on global history? -give 2 reasons that support your choice

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