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R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit

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1 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit
Motivation Why R/quantstrat? Overview: The Toolset Data Warehousing with XTS Modeling Backtesting E. Allen Nov. 4th 2013 Pittsburgh R Users Group Lightning Talk

2 References Jan Humme, Brian Peterson @ R/Finance 2013:
Guy Yollin, quantstrat/blotter lecture notes: Blair R/Finance 2012: My Blog: This presentation focuses on brevity and perceived gaps in more comprehensive resources. Slides will be available.

3 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit: Motivation
Quantitative Trading Motivation Profit! But, it’s risky – not good for regular income to pay the rent. Don’t quit your day job – unless you’re working for a group that really knows what they’re doing. But, it is also interesting! Not as expensive as you might think to trade –except for High Frequency.

4 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit: Why R/quantstrat?
Features – Leveraging framework with much of what commercial packages offer. Flexibility – Ability to change for own use. Cost Used in professional trading firms. From Blair Hull: xts, xtime, indexing, sde, monomvn, lars, fUnitRoots, fGarch, manova Proprietary trading firm contributions, even those with large operations.

5 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit: The Toolset
The Toolset (from Humme/Peterson)

6 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit: The Toolset: quantstrat
Part of the TradeAnalytics package Not yet available on CRAN (under heavy development) Installing quantstrat: (Linux/from source) or, you can try: install.packages("quantstrat", repos="")

7 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit: The Toolset: quantstrat
Recommended Reading: Trading Systems: A New Approach to System Development and Portfolio Optimisation by Tomasini and Jaekle This text follows the development and testing of a simple system, Luxor which is featured in several quantstrat demos.

8 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit: The Toolset: quantstrat
Professional+Commercial Tools will provide: Data Warehouse System Development Production Strategy Deployment R/quantstrat can be used for 1 and 2 – maybe 3.

9 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit: The Toolset: quantstrat
Toolset: quantstrat (from Humme/Peterson)

10 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit: The Toolset: quantstrat
Functional Programming Workflow Indicators and Signals add columns to mkdata xts object. Applying a Strategy results in a blotter object that contains trade information, ready for analysis. More advanced features include optimization methods and parallelization.

11 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit: Data Warehousing
Acquire Data Record from feed (IQFeed, Interactive Brokers) Purchase (, IQFeed 6-mo backfill) Code for the following forthcoming at Import Data Use read.csv, convert to xts, name columns for BBO or OHLC data Use FinancialInstrument SaveSymbols()/getSymbols.FI to save xts data into daily .rda data files load/merge subsets of daily data into xts objects

12 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit: Modeling
R offers many useful packages. Some examples: urca: Unit root and cointegration tests for time series data fGarch: Rmetrics - Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedastic Modelling

13 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit: Backtesting
Backtesting (from Humme/Peterson)

14 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit: Backtesting
Backtesting (from Humme/Peterson)

15 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit: Optimization
Optimization/Parallelization (from Guy Yollin)

16 R/quantstrat For Fun & Profit: Questions?

17 Appendix A: Equity curve for a strategy under development.

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