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Scott Shearer SharePoint Evangelist/Developer FlexPoint Technology

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1 Scott Shearer SharePoint Evangelist/Developer FlexPoint Technology

2 SharePoint Evangelist and Consultant for FlexPoint Technology Based in Reston, VA Done everything from System Administration to C# development to helpdesk CPA Former Stock Broker Former Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Past Certifications Held: MCSE, MCSD, MCDBA, MCT, CNE Conference Speaker

3 @ScottJShearer on Twitter

4 IT Consulting firm based in Reston, VA Cloud Technologies SharePoint consulting, development, training US Government and commercial customers

5 My presentation today is based on my experience and research Its just my opinion….

6 Discuss as much as we can about Dealing with SharePoint Security Content Types Dealing with end users Promoting user adoption Tips, tricks, etc… Focus is on team sites and other internal collaborative sites

7 The top priority of the SCA is to secure the site collection Its all about inheritance Trickle Down Theory of permissions By default, all objects inherit permissions from their parent It doesnt have to be complicated Manage SharePoint Groups – not people Leverage Active Directory Groups Use Members, Owners and Visitors groups Dont assign permissions directly to users Keep the top level site open to members of subsites, if possible SharePoint doesnt offer column level security

8 Top Level SiteLists/Libraries Rows of data/documents Folders Rows of data/documents SubsiteLists/libraries

9 Dont make decisions on who should have site access Its not your data (usually) – data owner should make that decision Have an access request and approval process with a paper trail (CYA) Avoid the issue by using Active Directory groups Plan and document your security structure Keep it as simple as possible If it starts getting complicated, think about another site collection Its OK to break inheritance, but think it through The more you break inheritance, the harder it is to maintain your site Permission Levels vs Custom Permission Levels Site Owners group should own any group that you create Dont give users full control unless they know what they are doing Youll have to fix what they mess-up SCA vs Site Owner

10 Have a written policy approved by management for creating site collections and subsites Archive and/or delete site collections that are inactive for a specified period of time Dont keep project oriented sites around when the project is through Never create a site when a list, library or page will meet the requirement When a user asks for a new site, ask some questions Keep the site structure wide rather than deep

11 Keep your sites as Out of the Box as possible Time to deployment is accelerated Much easier to maintain Avoid upgrade issues Dont use Designer until you have exhausted what you can do through the browser Dont make changes to your master page for Team Sites unless you really really need to The audience for your Team Site is your team It doesnt need to have rounded corners Avoid upgrade issues

12 What is a Content Type Template for collecting data in a list or library Made up of site columns All Content types inherit from another content type Demo Custom Content Types Demo – create leave calendar

13 Allows for a standard way to record a given type of data Allows for slightly different types of data to be stored in a single list Allows for reuse Allows for easy updates Allows for standard policies Allows for standard workflows


15 Users dont care about SharePoint They care about solutions that help them get their job done Whats in it for me? Give users a reason to care Save them time Save them hassles Streamline processes Get Management Buy-in Big Bang Theory Not what they needed delivered too late Roll-out SharePoint one app at a time

16 Identify the power users in each office and spend your time with them Show users what they need to know when they need to know it Just in Time Training If you use out of the box solutions, need for training is minimized Make use of online resources

17 Easy customizations to your site Selectively show/hide columns Easy to find lots of examples SPServices is your friend jQuery library Cascading dropdowns Filter lookup columns Retrieve list data Mark Rackley has some great blog posts that will help get you started

18 Import data into SharePoint Clean-up data prior to import Export data from SharePoint Combine SharePoint data with data from other data sources Bulk updates of SharePoint data Reporting

19 Not all data belongs in SharePoint Why move data out of Excel? Relational data belongs in a relational database DONT CLOSE Web Parts Slows down page load time ?Contents=1 (Web Part Page Maintenance) Dont enable any feature unless you know what it does and you need it Not all features roll-back cleanly when deactivated Use Choice instead of Lookup Columns whenever possible

20 Never put spaces in the names of SharePoint objects when creating them Create with no spaces Add spaces to create friendly names after creation Keeps URLs much shorter Makes working with jQuery and JavaScript easier Dont replicate a share drive folder structure in a document library Minimize the use of folders Use managed metadata


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