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TASER AXON Flex/EVIDENCE.COM Presented by: Chad Gappa

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1 TASER AXON Flex/EVIDENCE.COM Presented by: Chad Gappa

2 What is AXON Flex and EVIDENCE.COM?
TASER’s AXON Flex is a breakthrough point-of-view video system that improves transparency between law enforcement agencies and their communities, while protecting officers from false claims. 1000’s of law enforcement officers’ feedback developed AXON Flex, making it the most customer driven officer worn camera solution ever produced. EVIDENCE.COM enables you to instantly view and manage your digital evidence from anywhere in the world using only a browser. This secure, chain-of-custody -guaranteed, hosted solution requires no hardware or software to manage so you can dedicate scarce resources to other higher priority organizational tasks.

3 AXON Flex Features and Benefits

4 Features POV video – When it matters most… Show what really happened
Your perspective matters. Point of view video is not only critical in capturing what really happened but also getting that video record accepted as evidence. In a ground breaking US Supreme Court Case (Graham v. Connor 490 U.S. 386 (1989)) the court stated, “The ‘reasonableness’ of a particular use of force case must be judged from The Perspective of a Reasonable Officer on the Scene.” Full shift video buffer- You never know when the action will happen Reach back 30 seconds into the past and retrieve the events leading up to the event. When your honor is on the line, don’t let a 3-second cell phone clip define you. The AXON Flex controller has a 12+ hour battery that allows for full shift video buffer.

5 Features Seamless Oakley eyewear Integration – Optimizes comfort, safety, and clarity Protect your vision as well as the truth by seamlessly mounting AXON Flex to the Oakley Flak Jacket. There are over 29 lens options for the Flak Jacket including: Ballistic, Clear, Transition, Prescription and more. The Flak Jacket’s lens and frame are designed for anti-fog and come equipped with nose pads for full shift comfort. Limitless mounting options – There’s no such thing as one size fits all With multiple mounting options you can wear your AXON Flex equipment just the way you like. The AXON Flex system includes multiple mounts that can be worn in countless variations. Oakley Flak Jacket Headbands (Lowrider, Hi-rise) Collar Mount Ball Cap Mount Helmet Mount Epaulette Mount AXON Flex Body Cam In Dash Car Mount And More…

6 Features Retina Low Light – Because most critical events happen at night With Retina Low-Light we’ve used advanced imaging technology to increase the camera’s light sensitivity, allowing each pixel to capture light comparable to the human retina. We’ve highly customized this capability to give our users spectacular low light imaging that was designed to match the human eye. Retina Low-Light – there’s nothing else like it. Rapid Grip Magnet – Ready when you are Versatility redefined: rapidly transition from one mounting option to the next … from Oakleys to the collar mount to a helmet or headband in seconds. Never be caught out of position.

7 Features Simply dock and go… It’s that easy with automated workflows
Spend more time on patrol, not sitting at a computer uploading files. At the end of your shift, simply dock your AXON Flex camera and controller in the Evidence Transfer Manager ETM, where the camera automatically uploads to the website. The next day, your unit is charged and ready to go. At the end of a long shift you don’t want sit down and transfer videos. With AXON Flex, simply dock and go. EVIDENCE.COM cloud computing – All of your digital evidence in one place AXON Flex technology effortlessly connects with EVIDENCE.COM services to provide an “always-on,” instantly available, infinitely scalable system that is monitored 24-7 to secure your digital evidence. cloud or stand alone: You choose Already have full digital evidence infrastructure? No problem. The AXON Flex camera can be configured to download into local systems or to upload to services. The choice is yours.

8 Features Secure from sensor to storage
Video hash to ensure no tampering with video, untouched by human hands from sensor to storage (exceeds IACP security standards). Weather resistant and ruggedized: Crime doesn’t wait for a sunny day From the rainy streets of Seattle to the humid beaches Florida, AXON Flex equipment was designed to withstand use in the harshest environments. Wide angle lens – Capture it all AXON Flex has a 75-degree lens that provides for a greater field of view – allowing officers to capture more of what they experienced.

9 Features AXON Mobile (optional smartphone application) – Let’s consult the video… Now. Android™ or iPhone™ application Secure live camera view stream to phone. Playback files stored on camera through the phone application (no data stored on phone – only remotely viewed – all evidence is secured within the AXON Flex camera) Automatic GPS tagging on video capture Add metadata to files on camera from phone (title, category, case number)* Secure proprietary blue-tooth streaming to smartphone utilizing Looxcie technology The Hybrid Holster – Flexibility meets serious protection Staying in line with the AXON Flex philosophy of flexibility, we designed the Hybrid Holster to be a modular system that supports several different clips. Button Shirt Alligator Clip Zipper Shirt Alligator Clip Large Utility Belt Clip Regular Utility Belt Clip Compatible with many standard duty belt clips This incredible holster offers world class durability … but cops can be pretty tough on gear. Under extreme circumstances, the holster will break to protect the AXON Flex controller. The modular design allows you to easily replace clips and moving parts in the holster without the need to replace the full controller.

10 Tech-Specs FLEX Camera Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight: 15 grams
Physical Characteristics Weather Resistant IPX2- MIL- STD 810F Method procedure 1 (rain & blowing) Retina Low Light Capability ≤.1 lux Configurable A/V Settings Bit rate (multiple settings to optimize file size and upload speed) Audio – on/off Video Sensor Settings 30FPS Video Resolution 640 x 480 Server configurable connected or local download Field of view 75 degrees Record time 4 hours 12+ hour Pre-event buffer Captures previous 30 seconds from start with no audio Battery stand by time in buffering 12+ hours Recharge time Fully depleted battery = 6 hours Power activation Slide switch on battery Record activation Push button – double-press to start recording, 3-second hold to end recording Volume Control 4 step momentary press Video playback Via phone application or MDT application GPS coordinates Via phone application Operating temperature -20 to +50 degrees C Drop test 6 feet Humidity 80% non condensing Manufacturer’s Warranty (DVR/Battery) 1 year on DVR, accessories 90 days FLEX Camera Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight: 15 grams FLEX Controller Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight: 93 grams

11 EVIDENCE.COM Features and Benefits

12 Features 360 Degree Dashboard Views of Evidence
Single view of evidence, device information, shared cases and more GPS Mapping and Visualization Features At a glance view crime map and event details on a 3D interactive map Multiple Evidence Formats (.mpeg, .doc, .pdf, etc) supported Upload, catalog and maintain in-car, fixed camera and on-officer video, as well as documents and pictures Case Management Functionality Group and organized uploaded evidence into case files Easily share cases among one or more interested parties Roles and Permission Level Security User defined roles and permissions enable you to customize access and visibility to evidence Time sensitive permissions allow for temporary privileges to access evidence Sharing and Collaboration Capabilities Ability to define sharing permissions and share cases or specific evidence with cases with one or more users Automated Data Management and Workflow Robust search and category functionality enable users to quickly sort and select desired evidence Upload and Access to Evidence from Anywhere 24/7 access to evidence with internet connection Chain of Custody Tracking and Auditability Full custodial controls including audit log of all activity

System requirements Browser requirements Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 or later (IE 7.0 is recommended) Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later Apple Safari 3.0 or later Google Chrome 5.0 or later Other Requirements Adobe® Flash 10.1 or later System requirements Hardware requirements with Windows® 1.3 GHz Intel® Pentium® or faster or equivalent processor 1 GB of RAM (2 GB of RAM is recommended) 60 MB of free disk space (100 MB of free disk space is recommended) Operating Systems requirements for Windows Windows® XP SP3 or higher Windows Vista® (32 or 64 bit) Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) Browser requirements Platform Browser Microsoft Windows Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 or later (IE 7.0 is recommended) Macintosh Not yet supported Languages English EVIDENCE SYNC Network requirements For EVIDENCE.COM and EVIDENCE SYNC broadband connection of 512 Kbps or greater is required 1.5 Mbps is recommended For AXON Flex Number of AXON Flex Units Agency Upstream Bandwidth (Kbps) 3 750 or more 9 Between 2,000 and 2,500 12 3,000 or more 24 Between 5,000 and 7,500 48 Between 10,000 and 15,000

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