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Mapping With Mobile Devices

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1 Mapping With Mobile Devices
Using TerraFlex, GeoJot+, and Esri ArcCollector Myles McReynolds

2 Benefits Cloud-based sync for fast data transfer
No expensive equipment needed Replaces paper forms and maps Cross platform: mobile, GPS, desktop Android, iOS, Windows Mobile Work anywhere: offline editing Assign users to different projects Customizable to fit your workflow Affordable Scalable licensing: pay for what you use Field data is automatically synced with a central server, streamlining office operations and driving higher productivity and cost savings. No need to return to the office to enter field data. No double entry of information re-typing paper forms. Save time, reduce errors.

3 Drawbacks Reduced accuracy Functionality Ruggedness No post-processing

4 Trimble TerraFlex Trimble InSphere is the online geospatial information management tool that provides cloud based data sharing Entry level GIS field data collection Centrally managed Online office platform – no need to download desktop software Import/Export Esri XML schema and data Export to Google Earth Replaces pen and paper workflows

5 Trimble TerraFlex

6 Trimble TerraFlex Start by creating a project

7 Trimble TerraFlex Select Users (you can go back later)

8 Trimble TerraFlex Edit Form Templates: What to Collect?

9 Trimble TerraFlex Attribute Fields: What do you want to know?

10 Trimble TerraFlex Publish forms for field use

11 Trimble TerraFlex Collecting data in the field

12 Trimble TerraFlex Collecting data in the field

13 Trimble TerraFlex Forms sync automatically when in service area
If you don’t have service, forms will be saved and will sync when you come back into service

14 Trimble TerraFlex Meanwhile, back in the office…

15 Trimble TerraFlex Export forms to multiple formats

16 Trimble TerraFlex Export forms to multiple formats ArcGIS Google Earth

17 GeoSpatial Experts’ GeoJot+
Includes desktop application used to create forms Collected forms uploaded to Dropbox cloud automatically Easily transfer data into back-end GIS Create customizable .docx and .pdf reports, photo maps (Esri shapefiles or GeoDatabases, and Google Earth files), watermarked photos, and other database imports

18 GeoJot+ Photo-centric GPS data for site assessment, proof of performance, asset audits, or to document compliance - quickly and accurately. Available in 3 levels Essentials Team Enterprise

19 GeoJot+ GeoJot+ Mobile Field App focuses on simplicity and speed. Create and distribute unlimited field data collection forms to your team. Easily collect data that is both accurate and consistent. Train your field team in minutes.

20 GeoJot+ GeoJot+ Core Desktop Software lets you review field data and enforce quality standards before inputting data into a GIS database. Create customizable reports as well as ArcGIS and Google photo maps.

21 GeoJot+ For more on GeoJot+, be sure to attend John Clark’s presentation this afternoon in the Asia room located on the first floor.

22 Esri Collector for ArcGIS
Use your iOS or Android device to collect and update information in the field, whether connected or disconnected. From damage reports and service requests to places of historical interest—create the data that matters most to your organization. Use the Collector app offline to collect and edit maps and data regardless of your network availability. Note: Because Collector for ArcGIS is a feature of ArcGIS Online, you will need an ArcGIS Online organizational account

23 Esri Collector for ArcGIS
Easy to use, map driven, custom forms Attach photos and videos Collected data is synced to ArcGIS Online server Get directions to features Calculate distance and areas Download maps to your device and work offline. Use GPS to create and update map data. Collect points, lines, and area features. Track and report areas you visited.

24 Take Aways Cloud-based technology makes for sleek workflow
No expensive equipment Replaces paper forms and maps Android, iOS, Windows Mobile Optimized for offline editing User friendly Customizable to fit your workflow Affordable Easily export to back-end GIS

25 Visit Our Website!
Product information and pricing Contact information Links to helpful support documents FAQ’s – mapping and survey Rental program information Training information Newsletters

26 Questions?

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