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Phoenix Hong Kong Channel Program 鳳凰香港台節目巡禮

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1 Phoenix Hong Kong Channel Program 鳳凰香港台節目巡禮
2014 Phoenix Hong Kong Channel Program 鳳凰香港台節目巡禮 English Version October, 2014

2 Phoenix Hong Kong Channel 2014 Programming
Self-made Programs Phoenix Flagship Programs News Programs Infotainment Phoenix Morning News Phoenix Afternoon Express News On The Hour 1800 Phoenix Night News Phoenix News Weather Forecast The True Man Show On Stage Info Stream Speak Out Hong Kong News Decoder Money Bang Culture Talk Cross-Straits Explorer Medi Apps Panoramic Eyeshot of Phoenix A Date With Lu Yu My Patriotic Heart Starface Premium Spectacular

3 Speak Out Hong Kong Self-made Programs 《港人自講》
Host: Michelle Lo Mik-Suet, Jo Ngai Guests from different walks of life are invited to share and talk about a variety of hot topics from men fashion, cosmetic trends, weblog frenzy, wining & dining to travelling and cultural phenomena as well as most-sought-after gossips from the showbiz. Past guests included singer Richie Jen, singer Teddy Robin, businesswoman Cally Kwong, director Lawrence Cheng and many more appealing names. Intimate talk with A-list celebrities can also be expected. Each episode of Speak Out Hong Kong is like a casual but smart union with close friends who would give their hearts out, update each other and laugh their heads off. Among the jokes and fun the comforting ambience will chill you out, sooth your mind. Interesting info and glamorous life style are brought into the spotlight to make sure the show is not only relaxing but also informative. The host is the outspoken Michelle Lo. A fearless cross-media personality, she has been working for major local media including NEXTmedia, East Week and Ming Pao Weekly for nearly two decades. She has also been an active radio and TV host for a wide variety of programs. Jo Ngai is a well-known anchor in Hong Kong. She has covered major news from local to international, from social to political.

4 News Decoder《時事大破解》 Self-made Programs Presenter: Gary Ching Kai Nam
Airing Monday to Friday prime time, this program adheres to the Phoenix spirit to decipher social phenomena, decodes complicated political affairs, hot topics and controversial issues, allowing audience to have a better grasp of the society we live in. It also offers an alternative angle and gives you a cultural reference. Well-known specialists, analysts, commentators and officials from Hong Kong and Greater China are invited to air their views, providing an in-depth understanding of a particular issue through comparison, argument and reasoning. Gary Ching is a devout social observer and campaigner, specializing in education, public policies and China politics. He obtained a master of education at the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom. Since then he has been very active in Hong Kong educational reforms and social movements. He served as a Hong Kong legislator from He was appointed “Hong Kong Affairs advisor” in He teaches public relations strategy and crisis management at HK Baptist University as guest lecturer. His essays and articles are widely published in various Chinese newspapers and magazines.

5 Money Bang《金股齊明》 Self-made Programs Presenter : Sammy Chin, Chu Ka I
Guest presenter: Chan Wing Luk Greed and panic always rule the stock market. You might disagree but the dramatic ups and downs of the global stock markets since the financial crisis in 2008 made investors understand its true nature only too well. Facing with such a volatile investment environment, audience is getting more and more demanding for reliable information and forecast. Hong Kong Channel’s financial program, Money Bang, running from Monday to Friday analyzes market movements, monitors global financial issues, and tracks the latest economic trends. The program helps audience master all aspects of gold, commodity and currency trading, monetary policy developments, macroeconomics and international finance so as to adopt their short and long term money strategies. Chan Wing Luk, fondly nicknamed “Uncle six” by his fans, is now a household name and has over thirty years of experience in the financial field. He has been selected as one of the most popular investment commentators by 5000 public investors.

6 Culture Talk 《文化傾程》 Self-made Programs Presenter: Jimmy Ching
Hong Kong is geographically limited by area, but with her own unique historical and geopolitical status, she has become a multicultural metropolis, embracing values and vision from the East and the West. For more than a century, Hong Kong is a hub of cultural diversity, displaying an all-embracing character which has made her one of the most fascinating cities in Asia. The cultural landscape in Hong Kong is full of heat and hype throughout the years. Artists integrate the East and the West, traditional and contemporary, classic and avant-garde, adding in innovative and unconventional elements, then convert them into their self-style works. Since 2006, Hong Kong Art Development Council has joint forces with The Hong Kong Institute of Architects to take part in the Venice Biennale of Architecture, exhibiting the gems of Hong Kong architecture. Culture Talk interviews outstanding scholars, performers, academics, curators, gurus, intellectuals and rising stars in different art circles such as music, drama, theatre, cinema, Chinese opera, dance, photography, architecture, visual art and new media etc. The program looks into each of their daunting uphill battles, passion and tension, setbacks and revival, telling how they start up their path and how they present their ideas and inspiration in different art forms. Guests who have appeared included Chan Kim Sing, Fredric Mao Chun-fai, Connie Chan Po-chu, Amy Wu Mei-yee, Raymond To Kwok-wai, Willy Tsao, etc. Other luminaries appearing on the show include: Ann Hui, William Tang, Robert Chua, Gary Chang, Joseph Wong and Loong Koon Tin. They are touching stories of unspeakable perseverance behind the glory worth sharing with the audience. Following their footprints onto the world stage, we catch the glowing creative spark. There is a Chinese saying that “a minute of brilliant performance on-stage took ten years of hard-work off-stage”. That is true of the performing arts and the motto of many artists.

7 Cross-Strait Explorer《兩岸大特搜》
Self-made Programs Cross-Strait Explorer《兩岸大特搜》 Presenter︰ Lily Siu Changes are sweeping across Greater China in an extraordinary way. It is novel, peculiar, absurd, awesome. It is a wealth of human stories on the other side of hard, serious news. A colossal output of news and information are covered by TV stations in Greater China every day to satisfy the demands of viewers. They are riveting stories covering a wide range of topics and issues. They are inspiring as well as revealing. Cross-Strait Explorer gathers social, cultural, domestic and technological news of interest in Greater China to delight audience with a light, pleasant touch.

8 Medi Apps《醫 Apps 最強》 Self-made Programs Presenter︰Vienna Cheuk
Everyone has to go through illness, aging and death. Wishing to live happily, we must improve our health knowledge and personal living habits. Here on Hong Kong Channel is a program tailor-made for bracing our audience with updated medical tips. Medi Apps is an information-packed program that features healthcare knowledge and hands-on medical advice that are very practical and educational. Common diseases like cardiac arrest, maternity problems, depression, mental illness to latent ailments, and hot topics such as mood disorders, plastic surgery, pediatrics and Botox injection etc are all covered in the show to cater for the info-thirsty population that are fully aware the importance of personal health. The program probes into the real cases or individual suffering in great detail to explain the actual symptoms and dispel common misunderstandings. Guest doctors and experts will examine ways of the cure, prescriptions and many more professional suggestions etc. Audience is invited to send in s or SMS messages for their medical questions and related concerns. Presenter Vienna Cheuk will interact with the audience and find out the answers with our guests. Graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University majored in Sociology, Vienna Cheuk have been working in the media industry for over a decade. She had worked for leading Hong Kong newspapers and electronic media where she was well trained as reporter, writer and presenter for local news and features. She has covered Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 and Shanghai World Expo in 2010.

9 Panoramic Eyeshot of Phoenix《鳳凰大視野》
Phoenix Flagship Program Panoramic Eyeshot of Phoenix《鳳凰大視野》 Presenter: Chen Xiao Nan, Sally Wu, Tiger Hu , Dou Wen Tao The program is awarded “the Best Humanity Program” at China TV Program Awards 2007. Panoramic Eyeshot of Phoenix, a series of captivating and controversial documentaries, includes segments on current affairs, historical anniversaries and exclusive insider’s views on present developments. Focused, in-depth, coherent and compact, these riveting documentaries-cum-feature serve to appeal and enlighten the minds of a broad range of viewers. Programs will document the past, investigate the present and anticipate the future. The program is also characterized by different producers and presenters contributed to the topics for different weeks, depending on the strengths of the individuals, which help put all the talents to good use in Phoenix.

10 Phoenix Flagship Program
A Date With Lu Yu 《魯豫有約:說出你的故事》 Presenter: Chen Lu Yu The programme was named “Talk Show that Most Reflects the Spirit of the Age” at China TV Program Awards 2010 by New Weekly. It was also awarded “Interview Program with Effective Multi-media Promotional Power” at China TV Awards 2008. Valued at RMB 310 million, presenter Chen Lu Yu was rated one of the “Most Valuable Presenters in China 2008” by World Brand Laboratory. She also scored “Yearly Presenter Award” and “The Best Interview Program Award” in Lu Yu’s questions are quick-witted instead of intrusive. Her hosting style is seasoned, natural and pleasing. It is no wonder that her program is a multi-award winner. Comments remarked that the program delicately and subtly connects the guests and their stories, keeping a superb balance between the desire for peeking into the private lives and a sincere, touching conversation, toeing the fine line of moral and sentiment. Chen is always able to form a comfortable distance between daily living and in-depth probe. The show has a rich storyline and powerful emotions, full of warmth and smile. It is simply the best portrayal of listening and chatting. For the past eleven years, it has been standing at the forefront of talk shows in China. Lu Yu had an exclusive, highly-praised interview with former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on May 23, 2010, when the largest US delegation came to China for strategic talks.

11 Phoenix Flagship Program
My Patriotic Heart《我的中國心》 Presenter : Zheng Hao The spirit of China has proven to be our best antidote to every challenge. China 5000-year history has solid grounds. The national culture is our best remedy in times of crisis. Despite the changing of dynasty, foreign aggression, warfare, famine, drought, the China heart sustains, nourishes and consoles us through the storms with the overseas Chinese communities as protecting satellites. Overseas Chinese never fails to come to rescue and pour out their hearts and resources into the orbit. My Patriotic Heart guides you through a living perspective among things and figures whether known or irreverently thought to bear a touching impact. Significant Chinese figures from across the globe such as former diplomats, generals, world class scholars, religious leaders, are interviewed. Anniversaries, memorable dates are examined in great detail, in addition to riveting specials.

12 Phoenix Flagship Program
Starface《名人面對面》 Presenter: Olivia Xu Ge Hui Valued at RMB 160 million, presenter Olivia Xu was rated as one of the “Most Valuable Presenters in China 2008” by World Brand laboratory. She is praised as “pleasant and appealing, a fine lady in the Mandarin-speaking broadcasting world”. Indeed she is! Starface has interviewed countless celebrities from diverse fields during the eleven years the program has been running. Illustrious names include the late Mike Wallace; famed scholar Jao Tsung-I, Buddhist master Hsing Yun, magician David Copperfield, world renowned investor George Soros, master tenor Placido Domingo, basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and English footballer David Beckham. Host Olivia Xu is known for her graceful and discreet personality as well as her refreshing interviewing style. With her combination of solid journalistic training and a deep cultural disposition resulting from years of experience working as a program hostess, Olivia engages her audience with feminine sensitivity, capturing the subtle nuances of emotion and characters during her interviews on television.

13 Phoenix Flagship Program
Premium Spectacular 《皇牌大放送》 Premium Spectacular plays host to a variety of special programs showcasing historical, cultural, social and musical events from around the world. This show is unbeatable for infotainment and enjoyment during the weekend. Contents of episodes range from world leader biographies, current affairs specials, history features, cultural forums to awards ceremonies such as the “You Bring Charm to China” Award and the Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant Final. It is a visual feast for the eye blending entertainment and information.

14 Phoenix Morning News News Programs 《鳳凰晨早新聞》
A refreshing report to get audience into a good start of the day, Phoenix Morning News offers the latest news from major wire services such as Reuters, Sky News, NHK, EETV, AP and the New China News Agency. Enjoy a hearty breakfast with a nice serving of the day's headlines, financial updates and weather forecast.

15 Phoenix Afternoon Express
News Programs Phoenix Afternoon Express 《鳳凰午間新聞》 For irrepressible news lovers, Phoenix Hong Kong Channel presents Phoenix Afternoon Express right after noon, in addition to the morning news program. Presenting the most updated international and financial news breaking before lunch, viewers can tune in to stay informed about events happening around the world. Phoenix Afternoon Express showcases the edge of Phoenix through its accurate, independent and objective coverage.

16 News On The Hour 1800 News Programs 《鳳凰六點新聞》
Phoenix has always strived to become the first Chinese media for breaking news, exclusive interview and authoritative reportage. Phoenix reporting bureaux from Beijing, Taipei, Tokyo, Moscow, to Tehran, New York, Paris are in 24-hour operation to cover news for you. The strong line-up of presenters, reporters, commentators has made Phoenix the most powerful global Chinese TV media.

17 Phoenix Night News News Programs 《鳳凰晚間新聞》
Catering to a niche evening audience, Phoenix Night News, telecast at 10pm, is a comprehensive news program to update viewers on headlines and interesting stories from Greater China and around the world. From Moscow, London, Paris, Tehran, to Tokyo, Phoenix’s superb team of reporters from various stations across the globe has never failed to probe into the hot news for first-hand reportage. The program is often the first to report breaking news from Europe, America and the Middle East where the day is still buzzing with activities. Throughout the years, Phoenix is best known for its breaking news, authoritative reportage and in-depth analyses.

18 Phoenix News Express News Programs 《鳳凰快報》
All eyes on China, all Chinese eyes on Phoenix. From a single channel specialising in entertainment when it started in 1996, to the multi-channel broadcasting corporation that it is now, Phoenix is dedicated to providing a wide variety of information and updated news to people all across China as well as all Chinese speaking communities around the world. Seven times a day, Phoenix News Express delivers news highlights to viewers, keeping you well-informed.

19 Weather Forecast News Programs 《鳳凰氣象站》
Viewers can decide whether to open their umbrellas or put on sun-shades for sure, with Weather Forecast. Phoenix goes the extra mile to collect data from observatories across the globe so that predictions and reports on weather conditions in different countries are as accurate as possible.

20 The True Man Show《百變真人 Show》
Infotainment The True Man Show《百變真人 Show》 Reality show is captivating as it is unpredictable, giving you emotional surprises. You couldn’t ask for more. Phoenix Hong Kong Channel acquires the hottest and finely produced reality shows, for example competitions, survival games and conditional life records, to bring viewers unbeatable viewing enjoyment. 24 Hour Catwalk (25/7/14-7/8/14) Dancing On Ice S9(8/8/14 – 4/9/14) French Collection S1(5/9/14 – 25/9/14) Educating Yorkshire S1(26/9/14-8/10/14) The Incredible Dr Pol S2(9/10/14-30/10/14) Ultimate Survival Alaska (31/10/14-13/11/14)

21 On Stage《娛樂大舞台》 Infotainment Sat Version (Foreign Language)
Sun Version (Chinese) On Stage plays host to a variety of blockbuster movies, music concerts, special features and dazzling variety shows to enchant you on the weekends. It is unbeatable infotainment and enjoyment during the relaxing holidays. The movies we have recently shown include “In-Laws, Out-Laws”, “Running Out of Time”, “Eternal First Love”, “Wonder Women”, “Flash Point”, “Forest of Death” and “Itchy Heart”, etc. Hong Kong movies feature popular actors and actresses such as Sean Lau, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Kelly Chen, Gigi Leung, Fiona Sit, Nicholas Tse, Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Shu Qi, Ekin Cheng and many more. Music concerts include Brian May and Kerry Ellis Live by Candlelight at Montreux, Elton John The Million Dollar Piano Live in Las Vegas, Lang Lang Live in Berlin, etc.

22 Saving Hong Kong (25/7/14-26/9/14)
Infotainment Info Stream《資訊全面睇》 A stellar line-up of well-made programs, with content ranging from informational, educational, inspirational to global social topics. On diversified themes, Info Stream covers history, current affairs, social policy, cultural and future blueprint! This is what makes life rich! Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Meteorology (13/8/14-1/10/14) Under the Himalayas (12/8/14-2/9/14) Kung Fu Quest II (9/9/14 – 11/11/14) Men From Mars (29/9/14-10/11/14) Saving Hong Kong (25/7/14-26/9/14) Fading Marketplace (3/10/14-24/10/14) Artspiration (28/8/14-18/9/14) Parenting Handbook (25/9/14-25/12/14)

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