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Critiques/Kritiks Baxter MDAW 2013 “Strange things are afoot at the circle k…” --Ted Theodore Logan.

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1 Critiques/Kritiks Baxter MDAW 2013 “Strange things are afoot at the circle k…” --Ted Theodore Logan

2 Uniqueness Links Causality A  B Impacts Kritiks vs. Disads

3 Fiat Permutations Kritiks vs. Counterplans

4 Value to Life Why every kritik is the same Why should language matter Kritiks vs. Counterplans (2)

5 Do we need an alt? Kritiks vs. Counterplans (3)

6 By Lav

7 Framework=filter

8 Dumb Framework Aff: the Neg can only read a CP or advocate the status quo Neg: the judge should only listen to kritiks!

9 Why is this dumb? No “best type” of argument Aff is whiny Is necessarily not “real world”

10 Smart framework!! Interpretation of knowledge vs interpretation of arguments

11 Smart framework examples Only evaluate impacts that have been justified [read cards why marxism is a way to justify impacts]

12 More Smart Framework Aff: Only evaluate impacts that are justified [read cards about why social science is the best]

13 Framework Cheating! Allows you to not answer arguments on the aff and the neg and or Beat people JUST on framework

14 reify elide conflate utopia/dystopia Dichotomy us/them, self/other, inside/outside General Vocab

15 otherization normalization normative v. descriptive objective v. subjective subject cooptation General Vocab(2)

16 enlightenment rationality modernism Ontology Epistemology Ethics Kritik/Philosophy Words

17 Deontology Utilitarianism Ideology Discourse Kritik/Philosophy Words

18 capitalism Marxism Socialism Anarchy Commodification/commodity Fetish Empire (Hardt/Negri) Multitude Proletariat Bourgeois Objectivism (Rand) Frankfurt School (Adorno, Marcuse) Economics

19 Realism Idealism Securitization/Environmental Securitization Eurocentrism Occident Orientalism Self Fulfilling Prophecy/Error Replication Nuclearism Nuclear Numbing Chaloupka/Love the Bomb Development Global/Local (Nayer) Human Rights K International Relations

20 Identity Politics Waves of Feminism: 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd Feminist International Relations Public/Private Dichotomy Patriarchy 3 rd World Feminism Ecofeminism Performativity (Butler) Sex v. Gender Heteropatriarchy Identity Politics

21 Heterosexism/Homophobia Phallocentrism Phallogocentrism Standpoint Epistomology Subaltern (Spivak) Essentialism Strategic Essentialism Intersectionality Victimology Narratives (Delgado) Violence (Fanon) Identity Politics (2)

22 Critical Race Theory Critical Legal Studies Indeterminacy Masking Trashing Normativity (Schlag) Role Playing Rights Talk Legal

23 power discipline micropolitics panopticon geneaology death of the author repressive hypothesis confessional bare life Homo Sacer (Agamben) State of exception Biopower Foucault

24 logocentrism trace erasure deconstruction differance Derrida

25 psychoanalysis Freud Lacan Zizek Metaphoric condensation Letter of the law Symptom Lack Fidelity to the Event (Badiou) Jouissance Desire Object A Psychoanalysis

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