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Chapter 7: NeoMarxism Is Empire the new world order? © 2014 Cynthia Weber.

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1 Chapter 7: NeoMarxism Is Empire the new world order? © 2014 Cynthia Weber

2 Learning aims: Understand what the myth Empire is the new world order does Understand what the concepts Empire and multitude mean and their role in the myth Explore the differences between postmodernism and neoMarxism Critically interrogate how the myth is created through desire, truth and selective memory © 2014 Cynthia Weber

3 Last week: Globalization Myth: it is the end of historyKey concepts: Liberalism, dialectic, history Liberalisms own internal contradictions creates historical and ideological struggles as well © 2014 Cynthia Weber

4 NeoMarxism Flashcard Key concepts: Truth Ontology Desire Myth: Empire is the new world order Key thinkers: Karl Marx Hardt & Negri © 2014 Cynthia Weber

5 NeoMarxism and history Marxs vs. Hardt and Negris understanding of history (table 7.1) MarxHardt and Negri Understanding of history Dialectical Nature of dialecticMaterialist What clashes in the dialectic? Economic classesGlobalized postmodern ontologies (Empire vs. multitude) © 2014 Cynthia Weber

6 What Empire is and isnt (box 7.1) a single logic of rule (2000: xii) The political subject that regulates global exchanges (2000:xi) the sovereign power that governs the world (2000: xi) an order that effectively suspends history and thereby fixes the existing state of affairs for eternity (2000:xiv) a virtual center (2000: 58) a non-place (2000: 190) a decentered and deterritorializing apparatus of rule(2000: xii) A society of control constituted through biopower (2000: 25) An international disciplinary order (2000: 261) force presented as being in the service of right and peace (2000: 15) The enemy of multitude (2000: 45) Not reducible to the United States of America (2000: xiii-xiv) Not imperialism (2000: xiv) What Empire is What Empire is not Source: Hardt and Negri 2000 © 2014 Cynthia Weber

7 Who are the multitude? (Box 7.2) a new proletariat (2000:402) A unified (or at least unifiable) global axis of resistance (2000: 54-6) Those who share the common enemy of empire (2000: 393-413) the real ontological referent of philosophy (and I would add, history) (2000:48) counter-Empire (2000: 207) Contemporary militants (2000: 413) Source: Hardt and Negri 2000 © 2014 Cynthia Weber

8 The dialectical logic of Empire (figure 7.1) Communism (desired but not inevitable outcome of conflict) Empire (thesis) Multitude (antithesis) © 2014 Cynthia Weber

9 Theory activity: Resistance in the time of terror 1 Research In SMALLER groups, you will be given a group or network to research using the internet and what you already know about them 2 Answer FIND OUT as much as you can about the POLITICS of the groups Who is their enemy? How are they fighting it? What are they fighting for? 3 Present Each group presents what theyve found out 4 Discuss What do these groups have in common? Do they have a common enemy and can we understand their enemy as connected (Empire)? Do they form a multitude? Does resistance need to be common and coherent in order for it to make sense? What constitutes/does not constitute resistance? © 2014 Cynthia Weber

10 Central characters in Memento Leonard (Lenny) Main character with short- term memory loss Teddy (John G) Friend of Lenny Natalie Friend of Lenny and the films Femme Fatal Sammy Jankis Former client of Lenny who suffers from the same condition as Lenny © 2014 Cynthia Weber

11 Memento How Memento makes sense of the world (box 7.3) Mementos postmodern world is uncertain Temporally because there is no guarantee of process through time Spatially because everything (even individuals) is unbounded © 2014 Cynthia Weber

12 What is typical and deviant in the world of Memento? (table 7.3) Typical Time moves forward because people make new memories as they pass through time. This makes temporal progress possible and allows individuals to hold onto their sense of self Deviant Time moves backward because people cannot make new memories as they pass through time. This makes temporal progress impossible and means individuals have to constantly re-create their sense of self © 2014 Cynthia Weber

13 Film activity: Enemies and the problemof ontology in Memento 1. In SMALL GROUPS of three or four, discuss the following questions with reference both to the film and to Hardt and Negris myth Empire is the new world order (5 min.) Are all enemies constructions? Does this matter? Does Empire exist? Did it ever? 2. As a whole group, REFLECT TOGETHER on Hardt and Negris solution to postmodernism (5 min.) Is ontological lack a problem? Can it be solved by naming enemies? How does this happen in Memento and how does it happen in Empire? Aim: To reflect on the role that the enemy of Empire plays in Hardt and Negris myth Empire is the new world order. © 2014 Cynthia Weber

14 Next week: Modernization and development theory Is there a clash of civilizations? Film: East is East Identity Desire Culture © 2014 Cynthia Weber

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