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Mary Queen of Scots Aged 13 mY.

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1 Mary Queen of Scots Aged 13 mY

2 Marriage Number 1 This is a double portrait of Mary and her first husband, Francois. It was made during their brief reign as king and queen of France.


4 Marriage Number 2 This is a rare double portrait commemorating Mary's second marriage to Lord Darnley Their son James VI – taken from his mum when he was 10 months old

5 This murder led to.......this murder!

6 She had been taken by force to Dunbar Castle by Bothwell in late April 1567. It was claimed by her councilors that he 'ravished her and lain with her against her will' and so 'the Queen could not but marry him' to protect her honor. And Husband Number three! Both Mary and Bothwell were unpopular and blamed for Darnley’s murder. This poster shows Mary as a prostitute!

7 17 years after fleeing to England, 8 th Feb 1587...... mY

8 Elizabeth’s Problems: Mary Queen of Scots Page 56 – 57 Renaissance Revolution and Reformation Do questions 1-4 by answering in full sentences. Imagine you were at Mary Queen of Scots execution. Write a postcard to a friend describing what happened. Draw a picture of the event. Finish for homework ure=related ure=related Elizabeth the Golden Age ture=autoplay&list=PL89F3F1717B4123DA&playnext=1 &safe=active ture=autoplay&list=PL89F3F1717B4123DA&playnext=1 &safe=active HH Oh Yea

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