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1 DUMMIES GUIDE TO JAMES VI & I By: Erika & Jensen

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS  Dummies guide part one, two and three: pages 1-3  James VI & I family: page 3  Deaths: page 4  Multiple choice questions: pages 5-9  Short answer questions: pages  Short essay questions: pages 13-14

3 DUMMIES GUIDE TO JAMES VI& I PART 1  James Charles Stewart Was born in 1566 June the 19 th. He was an only child.  James was born in Edinburgh Castle, Scotland  He became king on July the 24 th 1567 when he was only 13 months old.  He continued to reign in all three kingdoms for 22 years, often using the title King of Great Britain and Ireland.  In 1603, at the age of 36, he achieved his ambition and became James I of England upon the death of Elizabeth 1.  James had Three sons and five daughters, with Anne of Denmark.. only three survived birth Page: 1

4 DUMMIES GUIDE TO JAMES VI & I PART 2  James’s mother was imprisoned in the Loch Leven Castle, James never saw his mother again at less than a year old. She was forced to be supportive in favour of James and to appoint her illegitimate half-brother: James Stewart.Page: 3

5 DUMMIES GUIDE TO JAMES VI & I PART 3  James went to Denmark and got inspiration from the witch hunt, James thought that if he went to Denmark he would take down the witches that were “casting spells on him” James believed in witches, but for example if someone cooked him a meal and minutes later he would get sick than he would think that “a witch” poisoned him. Page: 2

6 FAMILY  Father: Henry Stuart: (died age 21)   Mother: Mary Queen of Scots ( died age 44)   James married the fourteen-year-old Anne of Denmark in she gave birth to 8 children. (died age 44)  Page: 3

7 DEATHS  James had Three sons and five daughters, only three survived birth. (it wasn’t rare that babies die at birth because in the 1500s no one knew that smoking and drinking was bad for babies)  Robert Stuart,(the fifth child of James)Died at 8 months old in   Elizabeth of Bohemia(oldest daughter of James) died in   Margaret Stuart ( daughter of James )died in 1598 – 

8 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS  Multiple choice:  How many children did James have with Anne?  A. 5  B  C. 8  D. He had no children. Page: 5

9 MULTIPLE CHOICE  How many of James and Anne’s children survived?:  A. only one  B. 6  C. all of them  D. 3  E. None of themPage: 6

10 MULTIPLE CHOICE  When did James VI & I become king?:  He became king on July the 24th 1567 he was only 13 months old.  1658: when he was 3 months old  1756: when he was 36 years old  1567: when he was 13 months old  None of the above Page: 7

11 MULTIPLE CHOICE  How many brothers and or sisters did James have?:  A. 3 brothers and 6 sisters  B. 2.5 sisters and half a brother  C. 1 sister and 1 brother  D. he was an only child Page: 8

12 MULTIPLE CHOICE  when did James die?  A. age 43  B 5 years old  C. age 58  D. he is still alive Page: 9

13 SHORT ANSWERS  How old was Anne of ________ ? when she married James???? Page:10

14 SHORT ANSWERS  Why did James never see his mother ever again??? Page: 11

15 SHORT ANSWERS  What happened to James’s father, explain ??? Page: 12

16 SHORT ESSAY  Why did so many of James’s children die??? Was it common back then, why???? Page: 13

17 SHORT ESSAY what was the reason for James to go to Denmark??? What was the issue?? How did he solve the issue??? Page: 14

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