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3 Absorbs more than traditional dressings Absorbs under compression therapy and pressure Binds the fluid inside the dressing, without leaking and dripping Contributes to fewer changes Time saving Improves patient comfort Absorbs vertically, and can reduce the risk of maceration on healthy skin area Sterile, single packed in peel-pouch Latex Free CE marked (class llb, according to MDD 93:42/EEC) TGA approved in Australia Number: 144120 Cost effective

4 Relevo TGA Certificate:

5 Relevo Packaging: 10 x 10cm(Box of 50 or packet of 10) 10 x 22cm(Box of 50) 20 x 22cm(Box of 50)

6 New Brochure:

7 Relevo Indications: For use on heavily exuding wounds, where it forms a mechanical barrier Heavily exudating wounds like: –Leg ulcers –Decubitus ulcers –Diabetic ulcers

8 Relevo Indications: Continued- suitable applications: –Fungating Tumors (only with PolyMem Wic Silver) –Post operative wounds (in delayed Primary Healing) –Dehisced wounds –Infected Wounds (only with PolyMem Wic Silver) –Burns (with heavy exudate output) –Relevo as secondary dressing with PolyMem Wic where exudate management is challenging on deep wounds, –Cavity wounds as a secondary dressing where the cavity depth and extent can be fully determined and in conjunction with PolyMem Wic or PolyMem Wic Silver –Shallow wounds

9 Relevo SUITABLE for the following: Yellow Red ! Moderate - High Exudate Only! Not Suitable SUITABLE Suitable with PolyMem Wic Silver

10 Relevo Instructions for Use: Following wound diagnosis ensure the use of Relevo dressings is medically indicated (considering the volume of exudate) Remove dressing from peel – pouch observing sterile handling techniques Both sides can be placed on the wound (absorbs from either side) Fixation can be medical tapes - perme-roll, stretch fabric tapes, or a cohesive bandage or compression regime

11 Relevo Contraindications and User Cautions: There are no side effects known Do not use Relevo Dressing on dry wounds, minor exudating wounds, eyes, mucous membranes or in wound pockets ( the dressing will swell during absorption) Do not use on Bone or Tendon (or deep cavity) Not for use in Sinuses and Fistulas Do not cut the dressing (must remain intact) Do not use if outer pouch is damaged Do not re-use or re sterilise

12 Relevo Product Properties – functionality – Vertical Wicking Relevo absorbs exudate and wound secretions, still keeping a moist wound environment in the wound area. As stagnant liquids will be absorbed, the wound healing process will be supported. The liquid will be bound inside the dressing, which will not leak or drip. The dressing will also absorb well under compression. The performance contributes to less changes, which gives the wound longer resting periods, and a more cost effective treatment, as well as less pain to the patient.

13 Relevo Product Properties – Relevo Dressing is a super absorbent compress. Wound exudate is transformed into a gel inside the dressing and cannot affect the wound surface in any unfavourable way, or soften the area around the wound. It will stay dry on the surface and eliminate any odour from the wound. Relevo is made from cellulose and super absorbent polymers, with a cover of polypropylene Product disposal is – normal waste, combustion from carbon dioxide and water

14 Understanding Indicator Symbols: 1 – Sterile – sterilised use ETO ethaline oxide 2 – Single Use Only – do not re-sterilise 3. Read / See- instruction for use before use.

15 Case Studies and Experiences with DryMax (Relevo): Aino Kivelä March 2007 –Experiences when using Drymax Dressing in wound care Kyrkslätt community, home care, north territory (Finland) ”All in all an excellent and safe basic cover dressing, that can be used by both beginners and more experienced medical caretakers providing wound treatment. You can be fully confident that you with this dressing cannot cause any harm, considering the healing process of the wound. “


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