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“ The quality of hardware and software solutions can prove catalytic to your business success “

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2 “ The quality of hardware and software solutions can prove catalytic to your business success “


4 Our greatest strength and competitive edge is the experience and reputation of owner DaVaughn Lucas. Our success will rely upon building on those strengths and focusing on the core values of My Hot Electronics. Through our distribution partners, we have partnerships with warehouse locations in 25 different locations throughout the United States. Using the dropshipping model for distribution of products, we will have the ability to expand into foreign markets faster due to available distribution centers in Europe, Asia and U.S. Island Territories. Another area where My Hot Electronics will thrive is having an excellent and aggressive marketing strategy, dominant advertising via social media, and using the dropshipping practice to get items anywhere in the United States in the shortest time possible (1-2 Business Days). By having a home business setup, My Hot Electronics will have the ability to connect with consumers much easier and give more personal attention to each customer, a trait that is not always found in the enterprise competitors.

5 Market Analysis 20122013201420152016 Potential Customers Growth CAGR US-based Businesses 5%12,984,98413,634,23314,315,94515,031,74215,783,3295.00% US-based consumers 8%274,368,161296,317,614320,023,023345,624,865373,274,8548.00% Total7.87%287,353,145309,951,847334,338,968360,656,607389,058,1847.87% Our strategy: Will focus primarily on business and consumer markets. We aim to become the leader in providing electronic products to businesses of all sizes. We will establish long-term relations with our clients to maintain consistency with profits.

6 We anticipate making an impact immediately following our launch through the following methods:  Search Engine Optimization  Pay-Per-Click  Social Media (sales, special deals and ads)  Television Commercials


8 DaVaughn Lucas is currently completing the coursework required for a Bachelors in Business Management. With his entrepreneurial and industry experience, he brings forth exceptional expertise in operational management and financial skills to the business, as well as years in the entertainment industry, all the while focusing on new- age marketing by targeting online communities and social networking website including (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook...etc.).

9 Personnel Plan201220132014 201220132014 DaVaughn Lucas$115,000$138,600$172,400 Pamela Lewis$12,000$15,000$19,000 Melissa Morgan$45,600$48,000$55,000 Total People345 Total Payroll$172,600$201,600$246,400 This talented team consists of owner and operational manager DaVaughn Lucas, Melissa Morgan, and Pamela Lewis. Melissa Morgan specializes in web design and marketing, as she will be responsible to ensure My Hot Electronics attracts the exposure needed to succeed. Pamela Lewis will serve as a part-time advisor of My Hot Electronics overseeing the operation.

10 Investors will own approximately 45% of the company after initial investment.

11  When the business is self-efficient and profitable, owner DaVaughn Lucas will take the next step in development and become a public company by selling share to the general public, at which point DaVaughn intends to repay investors according to their agreement.  If the market conditions soften, My Hot Electronics plan to continue to operate as a profitable private entity, distributing dividends to shareholders until liquidity opportunities become available.  As an alternative, DaVaughn will implement necessary measures to exit the business with minimal loss to the investors.  All equipment and inventory will be sold to cover any outstanding debts  Any remaining debt will be paid by the owner in the form of monthly payments until all debts are paid in full.

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