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The presentation is about to begin…….. Mrs. Elizabeth Tauber (Co-Founder) Dr. Ballard, M.D. (President) He is a professor at USC Medical School. He graduated.

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1 The presentation is about to begin…….

2 Mrs. Elizabeth Tauber (Co-Founder) Dr. Ballard, M.D. (President) He is a professor at USC Medical School. He graduated from UCLA Medical School. Dr. Tauber, M.D. (Co-Founder) He graduated from Yale Medical School with a Medical Degree in 1976. He is certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. Jenny Hwang (Founder)

3 Presented By Dr.Yi Dr Yi, graduated from Hwa Xi Medical University. He had work for Szechuan hospital, as a department head of chirurgeon.He had 30 years experience in medical field.Currently, he served at USA.


5 1) Introduction 2) Factor of causing sickness Environment Factor: Pollution, Life Style Changing, Pressure, and etc Body Characteristic: Vary of Genetic, Immune System, Digestive System 3) Constipation versus Colon Cancer 4) Elements After Digestion versus Colon Cancer Bile Acid Lecithin T- Bil Cholate Cholesterol Fatty Acid 5) Prevention Today Outline

6 Internal Ascending Colon appear with triangle shape, which was opposite with Transverse Colon. It’s surface appeared the color within light orange and red. The vessels under the surface were not clearly can see that compared to the vessels at Descending Colon Normal Colon

7 Normal colon appeared light orange and red color in the texture. The vessels were obviously distributed on the surface of colon’s interior, and a little bit rough on surface. Normal Colon

8 Above two pictures were from the previous picture

9 Case study 1: Male, 72 years old, had a long period of constipation , and exceed in taking medicine for control.It caused colon turn to darker color on the surface, and appeared leopard texture.

10 Case Study 2: Male, 65 years old, Rectum Stuck. This picture indicated 8cm apart from Anus and Descending Colon. The intersect area obviously appeared end bulb, and the interior looked harder, narrow, and easier to cause bleeding. Due to the narrow interior of colon, microscope cannot go through for further observation. And it was concluded to be Rectum Cancer.

11 Case study 3: Female, 50 years old, stud appeared bloody, she was loss weight. At Descending Colon, which was located by 40cm away from anus, appeared a bulb with area of 5.0×5.0cm.The surface shown up corruption and erosion, and accompanied death tissue that brought some blood. The bulb up area was harder, and it was stuck. So the microscope cannot go through for further observation.

12 Case study 4: Male, 49 years old. At Appendix, around 6cm area found out erosion, corruption, and bulb up on the surface.The base area of appendix turned out harder, and got fresh blood. The surface of appendix was not function.

13 Case study 5: Male, 45 years old. The large portion of interior surface area of Rectum that turn out corruption and erosion, which is away from anus around 5 - 9cm. The surface was covered by death tissue, easy to get bleeding, the base area was harder, and got bulb up at the end.

14 Case study 6: Female, 43 years old. Called emergency, due to the colon stuck. By using the microscope for observation found out that the B-type colon area was mess, corruption with blood, bloating, harder texture,and easy to get bleeding. It was 35 cm away from the anus. And due to narrow interior of colon, so microscope cannot really go through.

15 Environment Factor: -Dietary -Schizothyme -Drug and Toxic -Others Body Type Factor: -Genetic -Immune System

16 The steps toward Cancer !!!!

17 Unreasonable anemia phenomenon Loss weight in short period Stomachache, digestion system not function well, not feeling to eat Stud got blood, mucous, and texture like the asphalt The number of times that went to restroom abnormal (more or less) The shape of stud appeared in different (More Slim or flat) Discovered some bloating or spot on skin The sign of Colon Cancer

18 鍾國權 醫學博士 MD 演講

19 Colon Cancer was related to Constipation (I)  According to University of North Carolina’s research, if a person behave constipation, which will increase the probability of Colon Cancer. Compared to male and female, female has the higher percentage for Colon Cancer.   According to research report from Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, and University of Hawaii, which indicate that United 15%-20% of American suffer from the constipation. In 1970, scientists agree that if stud or waste remained too long inside the colon, it will increase the opportunity of Colon Cancer.

20  According to research from Eric J Jacobs & Emily White (1985-1989), at Seattle. The population that between the age of 30 to 62, and found out 424 persons got Colon Cancer. It’s all related to Constipation.   VA Medical Center and Medical College of Wisconsin had done the research, and came out 14 copies of report about Colon Cancer. They realized that Colon cancer related to Constipation. Colon Cancer was related to Constipation (II)

21 The Relationship between food we take, exercise, and constipation  Less fiber we take from Vegetables  Red meat  Less exercise   Less drinking water   Take a lot of alcoholic

22 Presented By Dr.Wang 王鼎華先生,畢業於中國浙江大學和美國葛 魯博大學,分別獲得博士學位。曾任中國皖 南(省立)肝病專科醫院院長,行醫近 20 年, 具有豐富的臨床經驗,擅長肝病專科、腦科、 內科、婦科。 著有《腦病學研究》、《瘟病學探溯》 等專著,曾擔任《美國中醫藥研究》、 《美國綜合醫學》、《美國健康生活》 等雜誌主編。

23 1. The three main reason human body get aging : -Nerve System Aging -Bone Aging -Tissue Chain Aging 2. Human body aging related 6 main Glands: - Pineal -Adenosine -Thyroid -Adrenal -Prothoracic -Gonad

24 3. What kind of food will advantage to our health? Help to clean up and soften vessel: Corn —Extracted Arginine Rue —Extracted Bioflavonoids Dried Fruit—Extracted Chiline Bitrartrate Help to relieve and clear toxic, and waste from body : Cheqianzi (Chinese Herbal) Aloe Silymarin Cascara Sagrada

25 4. Relationship between digestive system and cardiovascular : - Hyper Blood Pressure ( Apoplexy--Stroke ) -Hyperlipemia and High Cholesterol (Apoplexy—Cerebral thrombosis—Stroke ) -Hyper Blood Sugar ( Diabetes ) Relationship between constipation and all kind of sickness: Colon Cancer, Gallstone, Pile, Acne Breast Cancer, Headache, Heart rate abnormal


27 1.Gallstone : Normal person will excretory certain amount of cholesterol from excretory process on each day. For people suffer from constipation will not function well with excretory process. So, it ’ s let cholesterol easier to stay inside the cholecyst, and become stone. This is the reason that most people got Gallstone. The sickness related to constipation

28 2. Colon Cancer: According to the observation, According to the observation, most of the patients had a long most of the patients had a long period with constipation problem. period with constipation problem. For those people consumed a lot of meat, had a higher probability to get Colon Cancer than others people. It is Colon Cancer than others people. It is because the waste will produce some because the waste will produce some element that could be caused cancer. element that could be caused cancer. For example, if the waste remain too For example, if the waste remain too long inside the colon, Bile Acid, long inside the colon, Bile Acid, which had strong osmalar and element that could cause Colon Cancer. that could cause Colon Cancer.

29 3. Breast Cancer : In past, people suspected that Breast Cancer related to wearing bra or genetic problem. According to recent research, for those people only has two times excretory process for a week, has five times opportunity to get Breast Cancer than others. Female with fat body type, and had constipation problem, the probability of Breast Cancer was proportional increasing. Even though the patients who had surgery from Breast Cancer, also had higher possibility to get cancer than others people. By the way, for those women, who are over 25 years old, and lack of sex life, had two times possibility to get Breast Cancer than others. If women have healthy sex life, can improve blood circulation around the nipple. It can soften nipple, and relieve their body.

30 4.High Blood Pressure : Due to constipation, the excretory process of cholesterol was not function well. It caused body cholesterol level increase, which will make vessel get harder, narrow vessel ’ s interior, and prevent blood from flowing.So, the vessel ’ s interior suffered from the tension increasing, and caused High Blood Pressure. Elderly easier get Apoplexy, due to constipation. It ’ s because they need consume a lot of energy during the excretory process. The suggestion for cardiovascular patient that drink some water before the bedtime or middle of the night when you are wake. This can be thinning your blood, and reduce the Apoplexy.

31 5.Pile : Most of the pile ’ s patients had constipation problem.Due to long period of constipation, and it caused vessel ’ s around the anus suffered from the pressure. This affected blood circulation around the anus area couldn ’ t function well, and aerator inflammation.And it became pile. 6.Acne : Most of the teenagers suffered from this.It ’ s because they absorbed too much toxic from the waste.

32 7.Headache : From observation, women got hemicranias and vessel type headache, due to absorb too much toxic element from waste. Which caused dirty blood, and increased blood intensity. It affected blood supply to the brain vessel. It came out sleepless, easier to get angry, bad mood and others symptom.

33 8.Heart rate abnormal : Constipation patient too often depend on medicine, which will cause abnormal excretory, and dehydration. It also caused body electrolyte mess up, decreasing in blood ’ s Mg and K. If long period diet with only in take fruits and vegetables will cause dizziness, lack of energy, and so on.It ’ s because vegetable will take away Na and K element. If people suffered from constipation and heart disease, using medicine for constipation is dangerous. 便秘者若兼有心臟 病,濫用瀉藥會有潛在的生命危險。

34 9.Diabetes : Pilot experiment, big portion of diabetes patients were related to constipation. Most of the patients were meat taker, who will always happen constipation.And they lack exercise, so it is easy to cause constipation. Diabetes is an unknown sickness that indicated by blood sugar level.

35 A . Febrile constipation B . Air constipation C . Cold constipation D . Amorphism constipation Constipation is divided in 4 type:

36 1 Febrile type : The stud looked dry and hard,yellowish micturate, face looked red, and body temperature raise. Or stomachache, mouth dried and smelly, tongue ’ s appearance yellowish. 2 Air type : The yellowish stud looked harder, stomach felt air fill or expansion, reduce food in take.

37 3 Amorphism type : A. Air : Feel to excretory, but can ’ t make it. After excretory feel tire, and the stud looked soft and wet. Face looked pale, light color of tongue, and weak of pulse rate. B. Blood: Stud looked hard, face looked fair, dizziness, worried, tongue felt taste less, and weak of pulse rate. C. Dry : Stud looked liked a small hard ball, not easy to excretory.

38 4. Cold type : Hardly for excretory, micturate clear, face looked pale, both leg and hand felt cold, love warm and hate cold, stomachache with cold type, or back felt pain, tongue looked white, weak of pulse rate.

39 Presented By DR.YE

40 Thank you for coming 1-888-879-8688

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