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The Strecker Memorandum A Review & Commentary Use your arrow keys to navigate by Michael H. Keehn.

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1 The Strecker Memorandum A Review & Commentary Use your arrow keys to navigate by Michael H. Keehn

2 Intro The “Strecker Memorandum” is a lecture by Dr. Strecker that was video recorded and may be found online, although I found the video quality to be horrible. I found a source who would sell me the “Strecker Memorandum” DVD for minus one cent ($ -0.01) and $5.00 shipping and handling:

3 Bio At the time of the lecture, Dr. Strecker was a practicing internist & gastorologist with special interests in pharmacology, pathology, and AIDS. And perhaps he is still practicing today.

4 AIDS & HIV HIV is the AIDS virus. An AIDS diagnosis occurs when an individual begins to develop certain ‘hallmark’ ailments such as Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia or Kaposi’s Sarcoma, which generally appear shortly before death. Therefore, do not look at AIDS statistics, look at the HIV statistics to get a clear picture.

5 AIDS Is not a homosexual disease Is not a venereal disease Did not originate from the Green Monkey Is not prevented by the use of condoms Is not likely to ever be cured by a vaccine

6 AIDS Was predicted Was requested Was produced Was deployed And now AIDS threatens the very existence of mankind because it works.

7 A Virus Viruses are thought to be the smallest replicating organisms that require ‘other cells’ to grow themselves in. Viruses are not capable of reproducing themselves on their own, they must inhabit another cell for growth and reproduction.

8 Reproduction Helpers Present with the AIDS virus are enzymes that are known as Reverse Transcriptaes [tran-scrip-tays] which are responsible for the duplication of the genes of the AIDS virus.

9 RNA > DNA While the AIDS virus is in RNA form, human genes are DNA. The Reverse Transcriptases converts the AIDS RNA form into a DNA form and inserts that into the human DNA. Now there is an AIDS virus in the human genes. Which then sends out a signal for the reproduction of a NEW DNA AIDS virus.

10 Human Reproduction Factory The ability of the AIDS virus to inject itself into the human cell and convert from RNA to a DNA form, allows the virus to use the human cell as a reproduction factory. Because the AIDS virus contains some of the DNA of its human host, it genetically looks a little like the human host.

11 Opportunistic Ailments The human immune system is broken down into two parts, one is called “B” cells and the other is called “T” cells. The “B” cells control antibody production, protecting from bacterial infections. “T” cells control opportunistic infections such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and cancer. Therefore, if you were to wipe out the “T” cell system, you would see the onset of a number of opportunistic ailments.

12 Once Infected Once the AIDS virus infects someone, it begins destroying the T 4 cells of the host. The T 4 cells are a division of the “T - lymphocytic system”

13 So Called Human Retroviruses HTLV 1: Responsible for “T Cell” leukemia. HTLV 2: Responsible for “hairy cell” leukemia (a rare blood cancer). HTLV 3: The AIDS virus HTLV 4 (also known as AIDS-2) HTLV 5 (which is the cause of Mycosis Fungoities) HTLV 1 LA (Look Alike).

14 HTLV-1 & Bovine Leukemia In Cattle there is a virus known as Bovine Leukemia Virus which has the same shape and molecular weight as HTLV 1. It has the same magnesium dependency and the ability to produce “B” & “T” cell leukemia in cattle. Further, it is prolific in tissue culture. The same characteristics as HTLV-1

15 HTLV-2 & Bovine Syncytial Also in cattle is a virus known as bovine Syncytial virus (or BSV). Which has the same shape as HTLV 2, the same molecular weight, the same prolific behavior in a tissue culture, and produces hairy cell leukemia in cattle. All the characteristics of HTLV-2.

16 HTLV-3 & Bovine Visna Bovine visna virus (or BVV) has the same shape as HTLV 3, same molecular weight, and the same magnesium dependency.

17 Visna virus comes from sheep Visna causes a "slow disease" of sheep. Visna caused an epidemic in sheep in Iceland (1930 and 1950). It causes pneumonia and inflammation of the central nervous system that may progress to total paralysis. The virus slowly progresses with prolonged periods of apparent health. The sheep may eventually die of a lack of nourishment. If helped with food and water the sheep may live 10 years or more. (The disease is also known as maedi-visna; "maedi" is Icelandic for "labored breathing".)

18 1974 In 1974, bovine visna virus was producing Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia in chimpanzees. Which is a hallmark ailment of AIDS. The chimpanzee is the nearest primate relative to man.

19 Mixing Viruses? The genetic structure of the AIDS virus looks like both the bovine leukemia virus of cattle & visna virus of sheep. The visna virus is known to cause brain rot in sheep, and the bovine leukemia virus to cause leukemia in cattle. The question proposed is this: “Is it possible to cross these two viruses and make AIDS ?”

20 Brain Rot The previous slide informed us that visna virus can cause ‘brain rot’ in sheep. It is a fact that the AIDS virus also produces mental impairment or dysfunction in humans.

21 Children & Parents If a tissue cell is infected with both the bovine leukemia virus and the visna virus of sheep, what will come out is both parents, and every possible combination of the two. In simple terms, the two parents will produce offspring that have genetic characteristics of both parents. Crossing the donkey and horse produced the mule.

22 Family Members Looking at the makeup of the AIDS virus will reveal that it looks only 50% like the bovine leukemia virus and only 50% like the visna virus of sheep. Sounds like a parent child relationship, does it not?

23 AIDS-2 (HTLV-4) HTLV 4 (AIDS-2) may well be a recombination between bovine visna and bovine Syncytial virus. Again, the genetic structure appears to support a marriage of ‘visna’ and ‘syncytial’ virus as parents.

24 1966 “The human implications of what is going on in this sophisticated universe, of tissue culture cells, bacteria and the viruses, which can be grown at the expense of one or another, are at best dubious, at most, frankly terrifying.” - McFarland Burnett, writing in the Lancet (January 1, 1966), “Men or Molecules: A Tilt At Molecular Biology”

25 McFarland Burnett Cont. “This series of articles is designed, I believe, to persuade readers to think again about some current dogma’s that have grown up in medicine, and not necessarily to offer alternative approaches.”

26 And finally Burnett says: “Medicine must make use of all the sciences. But it must also recognize the limitations that the process of evolution, and the nature of man, places on their utilization. It is a hard thing for an experimental scientist to accept, but it is becoming all to evident that there are dangers in knowing what we should not know.”

27 Creationist? He is saying that you are fooling around with the very building blocks of life and in so doing, may have some very serious problems. If you are a creationist you would probably respond with, “what makes you think you can do it better than God?” AND...

28 Evolutionist? If you are an evolutionist, you might respond by saying, “what makes you think you can do better in a few short years what has taken mother nature hundreds of thousands of years?”

29 J. Clemenson, “We are in fact establishing conditions for a possible pandemic of an oncogenic virus varied on the scale of influenza of 1918…” “It is possible to visualize the mutation of a virus into a variety of high contageosity to man, resulting in a pandemic of euplastic disease before we could develop a vaccine..”

30 AIDS Predicted? Euplastic: easily formed into or adapted to the formation of tissue. What she [Clemenson] is saying is that because of the experiments being carried out with virus infections of tissue culture, this will eventually bring an adaptation of the virus to man, ultimately producing a life threatening infection before a means to combat it can be developed. Thus AIDS was predicted.

31 AIDS Predicted! And is this not exactly what has occurred with the spread of AIDS through this world? The AIDS virus has been in mankind since the 1970’s and there is no cure. It always results in death, and the number of infected people grows every year!

32 Butt Biting? In careful listening to the main stream media, government officials, and those controlled by government, we are to believe that the widespread outbreak of AIDS in Africa was due to someone being bitten on the butt by an infected Green Monkey. Yet, the same people tell us that AIDS can not be transferred by saliva.

33 Never Mind Never mind that no one has been able to get the AIDS virus to grow in an African Green Monkey. Never mind the fact that the AIDS virus has no resemblance to the African Green Monkey... it looks like a cross between cattle and sheep viruses.

34 Adapting Animal Virus to Humans If we had a laboratory with bovine visna virus in it, how could we adapt it, accidentally or on purpose, to grow in humans? This question was answered in experiments, published by Stewart Arronson of the National Institute of Health in 1971. The first article was titled, “Common Genetic Alterations of RNA Tumor Viruses Grown in Human Cells.”

35 The Accomplishment What Arronson was to accomplish was to grow RNA retro virus of mice in human tissue cells. The virus adapted to the human tissue, becoming human-like and afterward, would no longer grow in mice, only humans. So here we have experimental work being done to adapt animal viruses to humans.

36 Cross Species Transmission That was expanded in 1973, in a paper by Koshi Maruyama and Leon Dmochowski from Texas Medicine (1973) in an article titled, “Cross-Species Transmission of Mammalian Tumor Viruses.” Remember that mankind is a mammal.

37 Resulting in a Human Infection What they did was to show that an animal virus, like a bovine or sheep virus, could grow in a human tissue culture and result in a human infection.

38 What do we believe? Therefore, what we need to decide for ourselves on an individual basis, is whether we believe the AIDS virus came from the African Green Monkey or whether it came as a result of serial human tissue cultures being infected with animal viruses in a laboratory?

39 1972 World Health Organization Bulletin “An attempt should be made to ascertain whether viruses can, in fact, exert selective effects on immune function, e.g. by… affecting “T” cell function as opposed to “B” cell function. The possibility should also be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages more or less selectively the cells responding to the viral antigens.”

40 AIDS Requested! As can be seen in the last slide, AIDS was requested in very specific terms by the World Health Organization. Knowing this should make it difficult for us to continue to believe that AIDS emergence was accidental.

41 The Virus Meets the Request The language of the World Health Organization bulletin is suggesting that a virus be constructed or made, that selectively inhibits, or renders ineffective, the “T-cell” immune system of man. And of course, the virus constructed to accomplish this very thing is AIDS.

42 AIDS Outbreak Although AIDS initially appeared predominately in Africa and close behind, the United States, it is now in virtually every country of the world. Why did it first breakout in Africa and then in the United States?

43 The London Times An article of May 11, 1987, in the London Times sheds some light on the matter of Africa. The article, titled “Small Pox Vaccine ‘Triggered AIDS Virus’ ”. This article addressed the question, “was there a connection between the World Health Organization small pox vaccine program in Africa and the simultaneous widespread outbreak of AIDS? ”

44 Inescapable Conclusion The inescapable conclusion was that there was an association between the WHO small pox vaccination program and the widespread outbreak of AIDS. It is interesting to note that the World Health Organization requested AIDS, and they are the ones who deploy it in their small pox vaccine.

45 Dr. Gallo A quote worthy of repeating comes from Dr. Gallo, the co-discoverer of the AIDS virus, in which he said, “this is an interesting and important hypothesis.” Can anyone explain why the free and independent press of the United States did no follow up investigation or reporting?

46 Are We Informed? Front page stories on this issue appeared all over Europe, Latin America, and much of the rest of the world, but not in the United States. Does anyone viewing American main stream television, or reading American main stream media news, think they are informed?

47 AIDS & Small Pox Vaccine How could the AIDS virus find its way into the World Health Organization small pox vaccine used to inoculate a large segment of the African population?

48 Intentional? The first way that comes to mind is that it was intentional. And people are going to say, “that’s absurd.” Really? In the 1930's and 1940's, in Tuskegee, Alabama, there was a study undertaken by the United States Public Health Service, which enlisted ‘Black men’ infected with syphilis. This group of men were serially followed over many years during the study.

49 Treatment? “While study participants received medical examinations, none were told that they were infected with syphilis. They were either not treated or were treated at a level that was judged to be insufficient to cure the disease.

50 Test Subjects Excluded Over the course of the project, PHS officials not only denied study participants treatment, but prevented other agencies from supplying treatment. In 1943, the PHS began to administer penicillin to patients with syphilis. Study subjects were excluded.” –

51 Congenially Infected Children It was, of course, an ultimate death sentence. But it not only killed the men in the study, because the Public Health Service did not inform them of their condition, their wives caught the virus and then came the development of congenially infected syphilitic black children.

52 Bio Tests on Americans Between the years 1959 through 1970, there were over 300 biological experiments conducted on United States citizens without their knowledge. You may read some of the History of Secret Experiments Conducted on U.S. Citizens for more information.

53 MK-ULTRA Project MK-ULTRA was code name for a covert CIA mind-control and chemical interrogation research program, run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence. The program began in the early 1950s, continuing at least through the late 1960s, and it used United States citizens as its test subjects.

54 Other Mind Control Programs Other mind control programs are ongoing, and still using United States citizens without their consent (consider reading the book Trans Formation of America by Kathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips).

55 Georgia Guide Stones These are monolithic granite stones in the State of Georgia and have been there since 1979. Engraved into these stones, in no less than eight languages, are the goals of an unknown or unidentified group.

56 First Goal The first goal listed is reduction of this world’s population to five-hundred-million. To achieve this goal with the world population of 2009, would mean that nine of every ten people must somehow be eliminated. This would include judges, police, clerks, truck drivers, teachers… everyone.

57 1979 The Georgia Guide Stones have been in place since 1979. Does it seem strange that the main stream misledia has not made this a front page or lead story. Monolithic granite stones with 10 goals engraved in eight languages? Certainly seems like a story for the front page and evening news!

58 A Higher form of Killing One might also read the book, “A Higher Form of Killing.” For anyone to think that ‘this government’ or other governments are not capable of doing these kinds of experiments is to not face reality.

59 Making Small Pox Vaccine The small pox vaccine, distributed to 46 countries by the World Health Organization, was produced directly from cattle. The belly of a cow would be shaved and sliced. An application of small pox vaccine would be dripped in the wound and the cow then placed in stanchions so that it was not possible to lick its belly.

60 Harvesting the next Vaccine A week or so later, a suitable container was placed under the cows belly and the scabs would be shaved off. The scabs and fluids collected would become the next small pox vaccine source.

61 Can We Conclude? We can probably conclude that any virus which may already be infecting the cow, such as bovine visna virus, bovine leukemia virus or bovine Syncytial virus could be a potential contaminate of the small pox vaccine?

62 Accidental Contamination? Thus, if we believe the people making serums in such a manner are totally incompetent, we might then conclude that the AIDS contamination of the small pox vaccine was accidental.

63 The Growth Medium In 1981, Cederick Mims, writing in Micro Biological Review, stated that bovine visna virus was a known contaminate of fetal calf serum. This means that in 1981, at the same time the AIDS virus is discovered, they identified a virus named bovine visna which was contaminating fetal calf serum.

64 Viral Relationship Thus the virus was not only present in cows but was also present in the growth medium being used as tissue cultures world wide. This is important because fetal calf serum, is the growth hormone for human and other animal tissue cultures, and it was contaminated with a virus which we know may have some, if not a direct, identity or relationship to AIDS.

65 AIDS Outbreak in U. S. If we look at the initial outbreak of the AIDS virus in the United States, we find that it broke out in New York in 1978, and San Francisco and Los Angles in 1980. It appeared in young white homosexuals between the ages of 20 and 40 who were promiscuous. It did not appear in black, heterosexual immigrants from Africa or Haiti as one might expect if we were to believe the “experts.”

66 Coincidence? Simultaneous with the appearance of AIDS in 1978 New York, was the Hepatitis-B vaccine study. That same Hepatitis-B vaccine study was implemented in San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1980, coinciding with the outbreak of AIDS at these locations. Again, the target group was young white homosexuals between the ages of 20 and 40.

67 Another Contaminated Vaccine Later published in the 1980's, in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly was that 6 of the first 10 cases in San Francisco came directly out of the Hepatitis-B study of 1980. Published in 1986 by Clad E. Stevens was a graph that showed that, in 1984, approximately 45% of those in her original study were HIV positive.

68 AIDS Knows No Boundaries It is because of this that AIDS in the United States became identified as a homosexual disease. Which completely ignored the facts coming out of Africa. Was this a matter of incompetent reporting, or an intentional psychological profiling of the American people?

69 Is AIDS Sexually Transmitted? Sex and drugs are asserted to be the underlying cause for transmission of the AIDS virus. Since AIDS is blood borne, it can easily be seen that drug addicts sharing a syringe would be a direct link to transmission of the AIDS virus from one individual to another. But in order to declare AIDS a sexually transmitted disease we must take a closer look at the characteristics of such transmission.

70 Common Cold Sexually Transmitted If we define a sexually transmitted disease as one that can be transmitted during intercourse, then the common cold would qualify as a sexually transmitted disease, along with almost all other viral infections.

71 Characteristics of a Sexually Transmitted Disease Sexually transmitted diseases have these specific characteristics: 1) They live inside the venereal track; 2) They have high titers (concentrations); 3) They don’t live outside the body for very long (a long time would be a few minutes); 4) They are primarily transferred by sex.

72 Inside the Venereal Track? AIDS does not live exclusively inside the venereal track, therefore it does qualify for this characteristic.

73 High Titers AIDS is not in ‘high titers’, therefore it does not qualify for this characteristic.

74 Short Life Outside AIDS has a very long life outside the body, having been shown to live as long as 14 days in a petri dish. Therefore, AIDS does not qualify for this characteristic. This fact should make us aware that there is potential for infection in many settings, including, but not limited to restaurants.

75 Primarily Transferred by Sex Since AIDS is a blood born pathogen it can be transmitted by coming into contact with contaminated blood. Since it is in salvia, this may provide a route into another body. So AIDS may, and probably will be transferred by sex, but this is not the excusive means of transmission, so AIDS does not qualify for this characteristic of a sexually transmitted disease.


77 AIDS Prevention: Condoms Condoms, like balloons have naturally occurring holes in their molecular make up or construction. That is why helium will eventually escape from a balloon. The gas molecules are small enough to get through the naturally occurring holes in balloons. A condom has naturally occurring holes of about 1.5 microns in size.

78 Condoms are no assurance An AIDS virus can be 1/10 (one tenth) the size of a naturally occurring hole in a condom. Therefore, if AIDS is transmitted via sexual intercourse, a condom provides no assurance that either partner is protected against transference of the AIDS virus from one individual to the other. Promotion of condoms as a source of protection is misleading (misledia) information.

79 Mosquito Transmission? The opinions of the “experts” is that AIDS can not be transmitted by mosquito’s. Mosquito’s evidently have some filtering mechanism, not understood by man, that allows them to filter out the aids virus. Or so the “experts” expect us to believe.

80 AIDS Relatives can be Mosquito Transferred The majority of close relatives to the AIDS virus are known to be transferred by blood sucking insects, which includes the mosquito. The ultimate test would be for an AIDS infected individual to put his arm in a box of blood hungry mosquito’s, followed by an AIDS researcher doing the same in a public, not private, experiment.

81 Saliva And of course, AIDS is present in saliva, which opens many doors. Children sharing a can of pop or glass of cool-aid. Chewed gum left stuck somewhere. Sneezes. Unclean plates, silverware, cups and glasses, or were clean and then handled by an infected individual. It is, perhaps, something to consider.

82 Some Statistics Global statistics for the end of 2007 related that 33,000,000 (33 million) people world wide have HIV and of those, 15,500,000 (15.5 million) are women. Here in the United States the CDC statistics for the end of 2007 relate that 1,106,000 (1.1 million) Americans are HIV infected and that approximately 56,300 people were newly infected with HIV in 2006.

83 The Numbers Continually Grow AIDS has been with us since 1978, and in no year has the number of HIV infected dropped. It has grown every year since it was discovered.

84 Is it likely an AIDS vaccine will be developed? The AIDS virus genetic structure contains about 9000 base pairs. Each pair has four choices when it reproduces. The number of possible combinations becomes 9000 to the 4th power: 9000 X 9000 X 9000 X 9000. This amounts to 6,561,000,000,000,000 (6.5 million-billion) possible combinations.

85 Most Difficult, Perhaps Impossible This huge number, combined with the fact that when HIV reproduces in our cells, it takes on some of our genetic structure, becomes the reason why every AIDS virus isolated to date is different than all other AIDS viruses. These combine to make development of a vaccine most difficult if not impossible. However, there are some brilliant people working on it.

86 Chameleon AIDS is generally spoken of as though it were a stable virus like small pox, which is the same today as it was a hundred years ago. Or chicken pox, or measles, or mumps. AIDS however, is chameleon like. And it changes in every person it infects.

87 WHO asked for it! To its own benefit, HIV addresses the central issue of processing! If we go back to the bulletin from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1972, they essentially said “let’s see if we can make a virus that selectively destroys the cell responsible for processing the virus. Which is exactly what AIDS does by attacking the “T-Cell” immune system.

88 Macrophages & Monocytes Macrophages are white blood cells within tissues, produced by the division of monocytes. Human macrophages are about 21 micrometres in diameter. Monocytes and macrophages are phagocytes, acting in both non-specific defense (or innate immunity) as well as to help initiate specific defense mechanisms (or cell-mediated immunity) of vertebrate animals.

89 The role of the Macrophage In our bodies, it is the Macrophages job to engulf a virus and present it to the “T- lymphocytes” (T 4 ) for development of immunity. But in the case of the AIDS virus, the Macrophage can not kill the virus and it grows inside the Macrophage after being engulfed, and the Macrophage may well be injecting the virus into other cells throughout the body which leads to the death of T 4 lymphocytes and probably other cells as well.

90 Can AIDS be Eradicated? In 1977, Frank Fenner wrote an article titled “The Eradication of Small Pox,” published in the Progress of Medical Virology. In this article Mr. Fenner writes that one can virtually rule out the eradication of an infectious disease if any of the following criteria are present.

91 1. The agent grows in animals or birds, thus it has an animal reservoir. Therefore, if AIDS came from either the monkey, or cattle and/or sheep, there is an obvious reservoir. - YES

92 2. The agent exists in humans for years before producing death. Which is exactly what AIDS does, sometimes not showing symptoms of infection for years, allowing the disease to infect others. - YES

93 3. The disease has multiple, serological types. In other words, many variants to the virus is possible. Remembering AIDS has 9000 to the fourth power (9000 4 ) possible variants. - YES

94 4. If the degree of social cooperation needed to remove the disease from the population can not be acquired. And from what I can see, we have no social cooperation at all here in America, forget the rest of the world – another big YES.

95 The Long Haul… Since a YES answer to any of the four criteria would prevent eradication of AIDS once it is running in mankind, we can conclude that with four YES answers, AIDS is going to be with us for the long haul.

96 Congressional Record Dr. Hazeltine from Harvard has said before congress, that the AIDS virus alone, not counting HTLV-1, HTLV-2, HTLV-4, HTLV-5, HTLV-1 Look Alike, that the AIDS virus by itself is species threatening. That is, it has the ability to exterminate mankind. This is in the congressional record.

97 The Future with a look at the Past It is a general rule of retro virology, that when one clinical case of AIDS can be confirmed, there are 99 sub clinical cases below the one known case. That was 21 years ago. The statistics for AIDS cases in 1987 was 49743 beginning in 1981. A year later (1988), that number jumped to 80,930. In 2006, the CDC estimates 1, 106,000 American’s infected with HIV with 21% undiagnosed. The CDC also reports that 56,300 people were newly infected in 2006.

98 Another General Retro Viral Rule Another general rule of retro virology is that the viruses which support the index case(s), say a ratio of 1:100, work over an extended period of time. Generally 20% of the life span of the species. While the government health officials were predicting that the AIDS virus would work over 1 to 3 or possibly 5 years, 20% of 70 years would be about 14 years. As time has provided more data, we find that the time involved to see the result of an AIDS infection was initially 7 to 14 years, and with advances being made today, that time period is even longer.

99 Who’s Knocking? When an index case appears, it will lead to 2 more infections, and those to 4 infections, and those to 8 infections and so on, with a specific period of time involved in doubling the amount of infected people. Should we wonder how long it will be before AIDS comes knocking on our door?

100 Global 2000 Report The Global 2000 Report, which should have been titled Global 2000 Population Reduction Plan, was developed in the 1980's. The goal of the plan was to reduce this world’s population by one half by the year 2000. Obviously that did not occur, but there are many dead, and more coming.

101 Global Planners Not condoning their thinking, but in examining the viewpoint of the global elite, they see the biggest problem of the earth as overpopulation. In this view they see the resources of Earth being quickly depleted by the consumers (useless eaters) of the Earth, who are multiplying at a very high rate.

102 Increasing Population In their view the limited supply of Earth’s resources are being depleted by the increasing world population, who, to the world planners, are statistical numbers on their computer.

103 That Which has been Created In their view, the use of the world labor force to create and service cities, highways, homes, parks, waterways, ships, trains, airplanes, vehicles, has now run its course. Now the currently engineered machines and only a few laborers (perhaps 500,000,000 – goal #1) are necessary for the maintenance of that which has already been created.

104 No Apology If the Global 2000 Plan is new to you in this presentation, I make no apology, for if the main stream misledia had been doing their job of informing the American people, it would be well known.

105 Dr. John Coleman Former British Intelligence Officer, Dr. John Coleman, was sent to Sierra Leone, Africa, and in his own words, ‘was able to observe an early experiment in developing viruses that bridge the animal / human gap.’

106 According to Coleman Black’s from the bush who came to a mission hospital for treatment were being injected with a newly developed virulent form of lasser fever. They would arrive in the morning and be dead by evening. But those doing the experimental work could not control the virus and it killed three of the scientists. The experiment was shut down and the whole place burned to the ground.

107 TODAY 1) New drug resistant super strain of Tuberculosis; 2) A deadly new form of malaria; 3) Ebola; 4) A new deadly form of fungal meningitis; 5) A weapons grade of Anthrax; 6) A new deadly form of Cholera; 7) Legionnaire’s Disease; 8) Hantavirus; 9) Marburg hemorrhagic fever; and of course 10) the human Retro Viruses including AIDS.

108 24 Years? FOX news reports that a person infected with HIV will have a 24 year life expectancy. Therefore, a person infected at 40 years of age, is not going to see retirement at age 65. Nor is this individual going to have an ongoing wonderful life throughout those 24 years. The latter part of those years will be filled with declining health and difficult medical conditions.

109 Conclusion This concludes the review of the Strecker Memorandum. There is much to consider. If mankind is to survive what lies ahead, if death and loss of life is to be reduced in the viral arena, it will most likely take an active participation on our part to bring it into effect. Our lives, and our children’s lives depend on our collective & individual decisions.

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