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F1 HoverPod Racing In Association with F1 HoverPod Racing Club Governed & Licensed Under The World f1 HoverPod Authority of Geneva, Switzerland. Information.

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1 F1 HoverPod Racing In Association with F1 HoverPod Racing Club Governed & Licensed Under The World f1 HoverPod Authority of Geneva, Switzerland. Information available at 

2 About Us The HoverPod Club is a new type of leisure business that sells itself to those with an adventurous spirit. The Formula HoverPod Club Hovercraft are simple to drive, fun and attract lots of attention from young and old and yet are safer than motorcycles, jet skis and airplanes. Ages Seven to One Hundred and Seven can pilot a HoverPod with simple training and instruction, and by gaining FHp license through an accredited training program will simply be able to fly as a ride on a lawn mower.

3 F1 HoverPod Racing All events are held and staged in association and under the covenants of the F1 HoverPod Racing World Federation. SPORTING FIXTURES SPORTING FIXTURES Club members can organise Formula HoverPod Club sporting programs similar to other sporting clubs where different events provide for varied interest. Racing (Individual and Teams) Racing (Individual and Teams) · Time Trials· Time Trials · Relays· Relays · Endurance· Endurance · Free Style or Tricks· Free Style or Tricks · HoverPolo· HoverPolo

4 F1 HoverPod Racing Club HoverPod can be used on land and water, but not the public highway and the Formula HoverPod Club is just that – a club, members join the club run by you as the exclusive manager and owner of the HoverPod. The Formula HoverPod Club offers not only exciting recreational fun for all ages but also acts as a sporting club for competitive events. events. To join the club members do the following; 1. Members pay a once only joining fee (Which buys the HoverPod and provides working capital) X number of members are needed per HoverPod. 2. Members pay subscription fees on a monthly basis which covers the HoverPod maintenance and business overheads and this contributes some of the profits. (Members pay for their use of fuel) 3. You can have several levels of club membership including group memberships (Group memberships are ideal for families, companies and social groups) · Titanium: Who pay a higher joining fee and have exclusive time access. (or even a nearly 100% reserved HoverPod. Will have access to the facilities at our global centres · Platinum: Who pay a higher joining fee and have more/reserved time access. · Gold: Ordinary members · Bronze: Occasional or tournament only members · Visiting Member: From another club · Guest: One time only membership (Trip, Hour, Day etc) Members gain access to the HoverPod on a time share basis but you are able to offer for hire time to non club members or temporary membership to gain extra income. This could include demonstrations to prospective members, public events, corporate events, schools, adventure trips or just passing trade.

5 How the business will work There is no limit to the numbers of HoverPod you may acquire for your Club use or even any restriction on the number of clubs you may run. You will need access to suitable land or water for club use, secure storage and depending upon location transportation, sufficient resources to establish and run the business as well as recruiting members and off course be committed to acquiring HoverPod. You will have access to the HoverPod supply where you acquire the HoverPod from us for the club and maybe resale and have the right to the non exclusive under license use of the Formula HoverPod & Club names as part of your business as Exclusive Your Area Formula HoverPod Club. We do retain a small interest in the HoverPod that are acquired by you for the club. As part of your Local Formula HoverPod business you will have your own dedicated Content Management System Website for promotion, events and club membership sections with league table facilities.

6 Environmental Considerations Environmental, Conservation and Water Authorities- Riding on a cushion of air the HoverPod makes virtually no wake whilst flying on water thus minimising shore erosion and disturbance. No underwater turbulence - protecting riverbeds and marine life. With an in board air cooled engine there is no thermal disturbance whilst on water unlike traditional craft or possibilities of pollution from oils and petrochemicals. No requirements for shore modification with the HoverPod being just as much at home on land as on water. Whilst on land the HoverPod has a very low-pressure footprint of approximately 1.55oz/square inch (17.3grams/square cm) regardless of speed, in comparison to the average human with pressures of 25lb/square inch while walking. With room for crew and equipment – the ideal solution.

7 Other commercial interests Filming and Photography Platform - The ideal small vehicle for this sort of work, providing a stable platform to work from whilst at rest or on the move over land and water. With an ability to reach places inaccessible to other vehicles, we concentrate on getting you there while you concentrate on the shots. Safety Boat Roles and Rescue Craft - Hovercraft Heaven is in the process of making our craft and pilots available for duties as Safety and Rescue craft for water sport events of all kinds. With the ability to rescue personnel and transport them not just to the shores edge but right up a beach, river bank or lake side, even slip ways, being able to cut across sand banks and mud flats it offers the fastest solution for retrieval and delivery. Shows and Events -With the ability of drawing crowds why not make arrangements for us to fly at your show, event, fete or other public gathering. Give the crowds that little something extra, help them remember the day. Other Uses: Patrol Ice, Flood Rescue, Airport, Rescue Military, Dive Craft Tours, Resorts River Tours, Water Taxi, Ferry Service, River Rescue Ice Breaking, Delivery Service, Agricultural survey, Game Warden, Conservation Farming, Camera Craft, Ice Fishing, Fishing Tours, Transport.

8 Opportunity There now exists a unique opportunity, for a short period of time, to be involved, in a partnership with HoverPod Racing Ltd. The principals of the idea have now managed to attract sponsorship and investment to promote the project on a global scale. Council and local authorities from numerous countries have shown interest in hosting the events. The license holder of the event will also be in a exclusive position to set up clubs under the guidance of HoverPod Club Ltd. The HoverPod vehicle will be built under licence by local manufacturer, to allowing the license holder to maximise their revenue. The license holder will also share in the merchandising sales and all revenue generating programs in partnership with HoverPod racing Ltd F1 Hover Racing has attracted numerous applications to stage the events. At present the following countries have been granted temporary licenses, subject to due diligence to be carried out by the HoverPod Club Ltd. Australia, Malaysia, Scandinavia, Portugal, South Africa and UK. The following states in the USA, Montana, Florida and California. For your next step to be involved in this opportunity with……… 

9 Contact Details tel: +(44)-020-7043-6859 tel: +(44)-084-4417-0820 fax: +(44)-087-0063-4348

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