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Case - ADHOC Person - XREF. Case OptionsOrder Options.

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1 Case - ADHOC Person - XREF


3 Case OptionsOrder Options

4 NCP OptionsCP Options


6 Saving/Work in Progress Tags, Notes and Worked Copy Notes

7 Select the report(s) you want to appear in your reports section of the home page and select update. Select the folder in the upper left corner to get the list of available reports  Live Reports ◦ Tools goes to ACSES to create the selected report.  Monthly Reports ◦ Point in time reports that are created once a month.

8  Open your user profile.  The Tech ID and Supervisor ID have to be in the same county.  Your supervisor will be able to view your saved work lists. All tags, notes and checked work boxes will be displayed.

9 Select the disk icon in the upper left corner Name your list. Set expiration date. Send to any other tech A DR000123

10 Work in progress  All saved work lists appear in your work in progress.

11  Tags are used to identify cases you do not need to review on a case list OR identify those cases that you want to review for a specific action.  Notes can be added to a case and the note added can be moved from one work list to another.  Marking the worked box is another way to indicate you no long need to work that case on the work list.

12 The pre-defined tags are some of the most commonly used tags. User defined tags are the templates you create in the advanced search function.

13 Right Click in the notes area. You will get the pop-up to add your note. When you hover over the book icon your note will appear DR A DR A DR A

14 DR A DR A DR A DR000123

15 Save time and work cases once.  While in the new case list ◦ Select the book icon to transfer notes. ◦ From the pop-up select the report where the notes have already been added. ◦ The pop-up will close and the notes icon will appear on the new work list A DR A

16 Year to Date 0-50%/50-90% 0% 90%

17  Both the Current Support Collections Year to Date and the Current Support Previous Month dashboards reflect collections through month end for the previous month. For example, in the month of May the dashboard has information through April.  The Year to Date graph provides you with a visual overview of where your caseload is at for the year. This calculates all MSO due since Jan 1and all payments received since Jan 1.  The Current Support Previous Month dashboard allows you to pull the list of the cases that fell into the percent paid in the previous month.


19 The percent paid for prior months will be displayed. Tag and work cases: o New I/A, call employer. o With Good NCP phone, call NCP. o With good NCP address, send letter for multiple cases. Exclude cases: o DOC A DR A DR000

20 When you hover over the percent for last month the MSO and amount paid will be displayed. Tag and work cases: o Verified employer no I/A, review and send or make employer bad. o New I/A, call employer. o With Good NCP phone, call NCP. o With good NCP address, send letter for multiple cases or review for possible contempt. Exclude cases: o DOC o 60 Day Closure Started A DR A DR000

21 Just because a case is paying does not mean it does not need to be reviewed from time to time. Tag and work cases: o Verified employer no I/A, review and send I/A or make empl bad. o RAW o MAD less that 20%, review case is it time to increase to payoff arrears faster. o No medical support on PG 9, send CSE 256 to all cases at the same time. o Good NCP phone o CP phone Exclude cases: o Current MSO paid (if close to month end). o DOC o 60 Day Closure Started A DR A DR000

22 Purpose When updated How calculated Tags

23  The purpose of the arrears dashboard is to create a list of all cases that have (or had) an arrears balance in the current year.  Why the dashboard and the 157 do not match.

24 ◦ The 157 is for the federal fiscal year (Oct – Sept). ◦ The 157 is point in time (run on the 7 th or 8 th of the month). ◦ The 157 does not count IRS payments. ◦ The 157 does not count closed casesets. ◦ The 157 counts a ledger ID anytime the caseset was ever open.  The dashboard is for the calendar year (Jan – Dec).  The dashboard is through month end.  Unpaid MSO for the closed month does not count to arrears until the next month. Example: unpaid MSO in Jan is on the 157 but does not show on the dashboard until after February’s accounting period is closed.

25 Click in the gold box and the case list for all cases with an arrears balance loads. If you hover over the line horizontal black line the number of cases with a payment to the arrears is displayed. If you hover over the vertical black line the number of cases you still need to get a payment to the arrears on will appear.

26 Once a payment to arrears is received the case will no long appear when you select the gold bar graph.  DOC: Mark as worked.  Bankruptcy: Mark as worked.  Active I/A: Call employer to find out why full MPD is not being paid.  RAW: Call NCP why isn’t there a MAD payment set up.  Good NCP phone: Call the NCP re: payment.  DLS Suspended: offer NOC with 1 full month MPD (don’t wait till end of year).  NCP address verified: possible contempt action.  CP phone: Call CP for any new information that may help in collecting support DR A DR000

27 Alerts Calrevs Locates

28 My Open Tasks  The task list is in the upper right corner of the home page.

29 You can review the case in tools, but the alert must be cleared in ACSES. To do this load the case to ACSES, then in ACSES type LOADWEB, then CASEALRT. All of your daily alerts will be listed when you open this list from the home page A

30 Most calrevs can be worked without the use of ACSES. The full calrev can be viewed by selecting the review reason. Once you have reviewed the case you can delete the calrev or modify the date if you want to set it further out A JANE DOE A

31 Locates  Right click on Pending or Workable Locate and select Refresh Locate. The count will be updated. When you select Pending or Workable, the list for all pending and workable locate will be created.

32 The list indicates if it is pending or workable, the date received and the date the POV or VOE were requested A

33 Select the locate you want to work, the person employer list will open Select the employer to open the update employer box to mark it as verified or bad. This will carry over to ACSES A

34 For a workable address, select the case and the workable address pop-up will open. From here you can mark the address verified or bad, or request the POV A 123 W 1 st St Denver, CO Main Ave Denver, CO S 9 th RD Denver, CO S 9 th RD #123 Denver, CO 80211

35 Single case Multiple cases Including Data

36 Tag cases with a good address for the ncp A DR A

37  Right click on any case number and select Request Document.  Select the document from the list.  Complete the DOCGEN information and fill in any other parameters you need and select Send Document to Queue.  You will get a message if the request is successful.  The document will print at your DOCGEN station and a CHRON will be added to the case.

38 To select multiple cases, sort by the tag. Then select the first tagged case and scroll to the last tagged case and while holding down the shift key select the last case. All cases will be highlighted. Select the letter you want to send A DR000

39 CP Name or NCP Name will print Last, First. If you want first then last don’t forget to put a space between the two data items when selected.  When sending the free text letter (220A) to the obligor you can add data that is case specific as long as that data appears in your work list.  Right click in the letter where you want to insert the data and select it from the list DR A DR A



42 Jessie Woodruff Vanessa Trindade

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