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#ZOLLSummit. Tips and Tricks of RescueNet Billing.

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1 #ZOLLSummit

2 Tips and Tricks of RescueNet Billing

3 Who am I? Michael A. Rivera Implementation Specialist

4 This session will cover:  Editing Customer Information  Call Taking Options and Features  Customer Service  Workflow & RescueNet Billing Today  Helpful Shortcuts & Tips

5 Edit Customer Click on New Name or Y Type all or part of the name (last name, first name) and hit the Tab key. Highlight the Customer you wish to edit and click Edit or E. - OR -

6 Patient Demographics Once a customer has been selected, the Modify Customer screen can be accessed by clicking the Modify Customer button or selecting Y

7 Edit Customer Adding Payors Click Add or A

8 Edit Customer Adding Payors If a payor provides more than one type of coverage, select the type that the payor bases its payments on most of the time. Accept Assignment does not necessarily mean the same thing as being a Participating Provider. Normally not used. Denotes the relationship of the CUSTOMER TO THE SUBSCRIBER.

9 Deceased Patients Ends all Standing orders for the Patient Doesn’t allow Dispatch to choose Patient for Dates of Service after the deceased date Patient Invoices and collection letters are addressed to “The Estate of” Won’t require Signature Source for Patient

10 Deceased Patients Check the Show all button to see deceased Customers

11 Permanent Address Patient Mailing Address such as a P.O. Box or the place where they receive their mail. Free text section for International addresses. Patient Residence should be the physical location the patient can be picked up from.

12 Change Customer To change the customer associated with a trip press H or Trip > Call Taking > Change Customer If the patient already exists in your database, they will be displayed. Otherwise they can be added by clicking New.

13 Change Primary Payor This is the Current Payor. This is the Primary Payor. This is typically done in cases where the wrong Payor was billed initially. Trip > Call Taking > Change Primary Payor Resetting the Primary Payor will: Reverse Contractual Allowances Reset the trips status to Pending Verification

14 Change Schedule & Event To change the Schedule, Event and/or Next Event Date while editing a trip in Call Taking: F2 Trip >Call Taking > Change Schedule & Event Double-click in the magnified area above

15 Edit Billing Messages Trip > Call Taking > Edit Billing Messages

16 Create Trip from Last Leg When multi-legged trips need to billed as separate claims, use the Create Trip from Last Leg feature. Highlight the last leg of the trip then go to Trip > Call Taking > Create Trip from Last Leg or hit L. The trip has been split into two ‘A’ legs.

17 Merge Trip into Other Trip  Trip>Call Taking> Merge Trip into Other Trip  Used to create a Roundtrip from two “A” Legs

18 Re-Mark as Billed  Used to re-mark a trip as billed where the status was changed back to Pending Verification or Verified.  Changing Primary Payor will change the status on the trip.

19 Time Payment Put the Patient on your Time Payment Schedule Select the minimum amount the patient will pay each month

20 Time Payment The account will default if the patient pays less than the contract amount. Important!

21 Printing a PCS  Trip>Print PCS or Print Preview PCS  Treating or Referring Physician from Tab 2- Medical will populate on PCS

22 PCS  You can track when the PCS was received and how long the PCS is good for  If you have Professional Reports you can print a report for any PCS indicated on a trip that will expire the next month.

23 PCS Expiration Report This Report is available only if you have the Professional Reporting Package

24 PCS History  Allows you to see all PCS information on file for patient.  Will show up to 50 entries by default  Enables you to copy PCS information to the current trip.  Right click on PCS on Tab 2

25 PCS History

26 Workflow  + W  Workflow should be used as your first tool for Claim follow-up  Workflow can also be used as a management tool to gauge productivity  Workflow is meant to be Worked so your revenue Flows!

27 Defining a Workflow filter Select the Define Button or use + D

28 Defining a Workflow filter Keep it Simple; decide what type of trips you are looking for and limit specific selectors. Remember: You don’t have to fill everything out!

29 Defining a Workflow filter  Select Your Billing Statuses Three Billing Statuses: Billed Complete Verified

30 Defining a Workflow filter Don’t forget to check the boxes at the bottom Will add filter to your RescueNet Billing Today Check this box if all user will share this filter

31 Verify vs. Auto-Verify Verify allows you to verify the currently selected trip When Auto-Verify is selected, RescueNet will try to verify every trip currently in the filter.

32 RescueNet Billing Today  Summarize the Billing Filters you need to see  Gives you a good idea of not only what work you have for the day but where you are currently in your follow-up

33 RescueNet Billing Today Selecting “ Totals ” shows total numbers of trips and dollars Use to update filters through out day

34 RescueNet Billing today Selecting “ Charts ” displays the same data in a “ chart ” format

35 Rolodex Search RescueNet for Payors, Facilities, Crew Members, Doctors, Post and System Users Edit>Rolodex or V then R

36 Trip Inquiry  F3  Referred to as the “BlueMan”  Allows you to quickly find all trips for the patient as well as the current total balance for the patient.

37 Trip Inquiry

38 Find Customer  Search for a patient by name, Social Security number, the ID assigned by you or by the Payor and policy number.

39 Find Trip Search for a Trip using several selectors

40 Last Recalled Trips Recalls the last 10 trips viewed Will only recall the last 10 trips viewed from an active session. If you log out, RescueNet can not recall trips from the previous session.

41 Print Receipt  You can print a receipt for a patient payment  Can be printed at the time of posting or at a later date  Trip>Call Taking> Print Receipt

42 Do Not Auto-Close Use to print a copy of billing form

43 Window Sort Options  + W  Allows you to sort the open modules

44 Save Settings Now  Desktop>Save Settings Now  Once you have set the order of your modules and columns, save it so that the next time you login you will not have to order the modules again  *AutoSave on Exit should not normally be used

45 Helpful Shortcuts


47 Helpful ShortCuts

48 Tips and Tricks of RescueNet Billing

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