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Welcome to Acuity! Acuity Training I Teacher Introduction Customer Service: (800) 282-4705.

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1 Welcome to Acuity! Acuity Training I Teacher Introduction Customer Service: (800) 282-4705

2 Training Agenda Teacher Login Viewing and Printing Class Rosters Viewing and Printing Answer Keys Scoring Constructed Response (CR) Items Scoring Multiple Choice (MC) Items Checking Assignment Status

3 Acuity windows Acuity A: Sept. 15 th -Oct. 3 Acuity B: Nov. 24 th - Dec. 12 th Acuity C: Feb. 2 nd - Feb. 20 th

4 Scheduling Language Arts: 60 min Math: 60 min Schedule more time for students that get extended time As best as you are able, provide accommodations to students

5 Proctoring Make it as standardized as possible DON’T allow accommodations for students who don’t receive them on state assessments – Don’t read the items to students on this if they won’t have the test read to them for state assessments

6 Teacher Login URL: Enter User name & Password (same as used to log in to your computer)

7 Log in to Acuity Login Page is the same for students & teachers

8 Acuity at home- out of district network

9 Main Menu

10 View and Print Class Rosters




14 After clicking on Print Entire Roster, a printing prompt will appear in a new window ______________________ Best Practice – Prior to your Testing Dates – Confirm your Class Roster(s) are correct. – New students will show in Acuity the day after they are enrolled in IC. If they do not then contact Susan Collins in IT via email. Provide, your name, school, student’s complete first and last name, grade level, and subject/course.

15 Printing Rubrics and Answer Keys

16 View and Print Answer Keys




20 Constructed Response Score Entry

21 Constructed Response Students may complete CR via paper/pencil for math only (CR Answer Sheet) Online response entry for Language arts only Teachers must score CRs using Rubric Teachers need to manually enter CR scores into Acuity Teachers can input students’ constructed response answers if students completed them on paper

22 Scoring CR Items No Response = 0 – Student skipped (did not attempt) item, but completed other items (do not use for absent students) – counts as an Incorrect score (zero points) ZERO Score = 0 – Student attempted to answer item, but answer was incorrect, zero points based on rubric Leave Blank Leave Blank – If student did not complete any multiple choice items (absent)

23 Scoring CR Items


25 Manually Scoring CR Items




29 Closing the test window Steps to insure your results will be accessible as soon as students are done testing

30 Assignment Status Hover over Assignments, hover over Assessment Assignments, and click on View Assignments. Fill in all information on the assessment on the left (subject, grade, etc.) Your assessment should show up on the right. You will see information on the assessment including the dates of the window, the number of students assigned and scored, and percentage completed. To see more details, hover over the Actions button to the right, and click on Assignment Status

31 Contact for Help Kimberly Terry Ext. 28335 Christina Ethier Ext.28337 Susan Collins Ext. 28288

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