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Top 10 zipForm® Must-have Tools Fatima Sogueco Senior Software Products Coordinator California Association of REALTORS® – 213.739.8315.

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1 Top 10 zipForm® Must-have Tools Fatima Sogueco Senior Software Products Coordinator California Association of REALTORS® – 213.739.8315

2 Agenda  zipForm® November 2012 Standard Forms Update  Forms Advisor™ Additional Features  Add-on zipForm® Libraries  Transaction Information  Address Book  E-fax  Clauses  Sticky Notes  Look Up Field Editor  Auto-save Feature  Auto-sync

3 November 2012 C.A.R. Forms Update  Available the week of November 26 th  A list of the new and revised forms are available thru  To ensure you always have the latest forms, be certain to download the latest forms when prompted to do so in your zipForms® 6 accounts.

4 Now Forms Advisor®

5 What is Forms Advisor®? It answers the question, “What form do I use when?” It is the nexus of the C.A.R. risk mitigation strategy:  Standard Forms  Electronic Forms – zipForm® 6  relay® - 50% reduction in E&O deductibles  Legal Q&A  Forms Tutor® – How do I fill out the form?

6 Top 10 Benefits a CAR Member Receives From Forms Advisor® and Forms Tutor® 1.I am already 90% of the way there by using my zipForm® 6 Member Benefit. 2.I will use the right form at the right time for each specific transaction. 3.I will have the instructions to complete the forms correctly. 4.I will never squander my reputation capital by having to correct a form mistake with my client. 5.I have a solution to the “other guy’s / side’s” challenges to provide the correct documentation.

7 Top 10 Benefits a CAR Member Receives From Forms Advisor® and Forms Tutor® (last 5) 6.I can generate a custom forms “template” or “checklist” for each and every transaction. 7.I always have the correct version of the information. 8.I have the C.A.R. Legal Hotline on my shoulder 24 x 7 x 365. 9.I have a valuable risk mitigation tool that non-members cannot purchase or access. 10. I have the Legal Q&As at my fingertips (and form preview as well).

8 How do I log on? You must be an Active CAR Member! zipForm® 6 Professional Directly through CAR.ORG

9  Log into your zipForm® 6 Professional (online) account  Click on Forms Advisor icon form the Home screen


11 Use it throughout Phases of your Transaction

12 Let’s start with a Listing

13 Each tab has different questions concerning the transaction

14 Tool Tips If you’re unsure what a question means, hover your mouse over the question for more explanation in the form of a Tool Tip.

15  You’ll never have to type in an answer in Forms Advisor®.  All choices are available to you in a drop-down format or using the Yes/No response buttons

16 Review your answers and click the “I Accept” button to get the suggested forms.


18 Get Recommended Forms Page


20 Mandated forms are noted as “Required”

21 Unselect a form by clicking the checkmark

22 Links you to Forms Tutor™ for that form

23 Using Forms Tutor®

24 The question marks and exclamation points will give you more details about a section.

25 Hit the Sound icon to hear an explanation about a section on the form. You can pause, fast forward, etc.

26 Links you to CAR Legal Q&A’s


28 Allows you to preview the form in PDF


30 What happens if CAR does not have a form appropriate for the selected conditions?

31 Now what? Select how you want to use these forms with your zipForm® Professional (online) account. 1. Add it to a Transaction you’ve already named. 2. Add it to a brand new Transaction. 3. Add it to an existing Transaction.


33 Forms Recommended will be brought back into zipForm® 6 Professional

34 Forms Advisor® Tips-and-Tricks You can re-visit Forms Advisor® to review a different set of questionnaires and receive other Recommended Forms Example: Listing agent now becomes dual agency – representing both Sellers and Buyers. The agent would click the Forms Advisor from a transaction drop-down, to answer questions under Buyer Representation Phase


36 Adding C.A.R. and Other Add-on Library Forms Click the Library Forms drop-down to select from any of the C.A.R. Member Benefit libraries:  C.A.R. Standard Forms  ePUBS®  Foreclosure Prevention  Foreign Language Rental/Lease

37 ePUBS® Library

38  A free Add-on library for C.A.R. members  Contains five mandated and numerous consumer disclosure titles, consumer-targeted educational titles, short sale/foreclosure, and eco-friendly information Residential Environmental Hazards Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home Home Energy Rating Pamphlet Homeowner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety Separate Signature Page

39 Other titles in the library Make non-mandated recommendations about the transaction without the extra costs.  Consumers Guide to Disclosure for Buyers  Consumers Guide to Disclosure for Sellers  Seller’s Guide to the RLA & Disclosures  Buyers & Sellers Guide to the RPA  Transaction Booklet  Foreclosure Q&A  Short Sale Q&A  Green Living Brochure

40 Foreclosure Prevention

41 FREE add-on library available to all members and zipForm® 6 users. Available through the zipForm® 6 Professional (online) and Standard (desktop) editions Designed to help REALTORS® act as a resource to their clients, prevent and ease the pain of foreclosure. 10 customizable documents:  Proposition 8 - Property Tax Relief  Tips for a Short Sale Seller  Tips for a Short Sale Buyer  Foreclosure or Short Sale  Foreclosure Prevention Resources  Short Sale Process  Foreclosure Timeline  Homeowner Liability After Foreclosure  Avoiding Foreclosure Scams  Alternatives to Foreclosure For download instructions and information visit: What’s Foreclosure Prevention Library?

42 C.A.R. Foreign Language Forms

43 The foreign language form is for reference only and does not need to be signed. The English language version of this form is the legally binding form that must be used and signed by all parties when the form is delivered. 1. Residential Lease or Month-to-Month Rental Agreement 2. Notice of Change in Terms of Tenancy 3. Keysafe/Lockbox Addendum and Tenant Permission to Access Property 4. Notice of Obligation to Pay Rental or Lease Payments in Cash 5. Notice of Termination of Tenancy

44 Tips-and-Tricks – Adding Forms into Forms List TIPS Click and drag forms from the Library Forms to the My Transaction Forms area.  Hold down the SHIFT key or the CTRL key to select and add more than one form at a time.

45 Filling Out The Forms Using Transaction Information

46 Insert Property Information

47 Adding Contacts to Address Book Select the Address Book icon next to Client Roles

48 Click Address Book Button To Add Client Information

49 Click Add Button

50 Insert Client’s Information and Click Save

51 Tips-and-Tricks  Add as much of your Client’s information as you can in the Address Book  Include E-mail and Fax information  By saving using the Address Book, it will help eliminate repetitive data entry  Helps auto-populate the Cover Sheet and other forms within the transaction

52 E-Fax  Click the Address Book button to insert Client’s Fax #  Send out a copy of the Cover Sheet  Select the option to send you an E-mail alert once the client receives the forms

53 Fax

54 EDIT Menu - CLAUSES Click Clauses button to add new clause

55 EDIT Menu – CLAUSES Sample Clauses:  Sellers to credit buyers for non-recurring closing cost  Cash to new loan  Seller has the option to declare this contract null and void, if any earnest money deposits are not made on time as required by the contract or if Buyer's earnest money check does not clear.

56 EDIT Menu - Notes (A.K.A Sticky Notes)

57 EDIT Menu – Look Up Field Editor Tips-and-Tricks  Delete text entry from forms drop-down  Add and/or Edit information to use repeatedly (Ex: City, Zip, State)  Use Lock function to Lock certain fields. This avoids having misspelled words being added on the forms drop-down

58 zipForm® Options Menu  Allows a user to change the displayed form field colors  Set up a default interest rate  Turn on the auto save feature, and other options  Users may also set up eSign options to use zipLogix Digital Ink or sign up DocuSign® credentials.

59 Using Online and Offline Editions Start Synchronizing!  Launch zipForm® Standard (Desktop)  Click the Tools – then Options menu  Under Account – Insert your C.A.R. Credentials **You only need to do this once on a computer where you have the Desktop version installed**

60 Sync From Either Desktop or Online  Go to File Menu and Select Manage File  Check “Include Online (or Offline) files Box  Use Sync All to begin Synchronizing your files  Transactions will now be available each time you log into zipForm® 6 Online or Desktop **Only files created within 14 months will be synchronized**

61 zipForm® Add-on Libraries  AIR Essentials Ideal for the agent who want to take the next step towards Commercial Real Estate. It encompasses 57 different forms for C.A.R. Residential REALTORS® to conduct commercial real estate transactions. Available in zipForm® 6 Shop option for $149 annually. For information, visit  Employee Relocation Council Library This set of forms is specifically for relocation and comes from the Employee Relocation Council. Forms library includes ERC Disclosure Statement, ERC Property Status Form and more. Available in zipForm® 6 Shop option for $69.95 annually. Visit

62  Distressed Properties Library: C.A.R.'s Distressed Properties Library is an add-on library providing REALTORS ® with necessary forms on HAMP. Includes 11 useful documents such as the Alternative Request for Approvals of Short Sale and DIL Agreement - Exhibit C. For unlimited access in zipForm® 6, members can purchase this library for $49.95 annually. Visit for  Open House Library Show your listing to many people in a short amount of time and prepare for a successful open house with the Open House Library. This zipForm® add-on too includes Tips for a Successful Open House, Open House Check List, and Open House Sign In. Capture all the positive features and turn them from visitors into Buyers. Available for $49.95, visit the Shop option in your zipForm® 6. zipForm® Add-on Libraries

63 Additional zipForm® Training  zipForm® Basics and Advanced Features  zipLogix Digital Ink(r)  zipVault® -  Docusign® -  On-demand Videos:

64 THANK YOU! Fatima Sogueco Direct line: 213-739-8315 Customer Support: 213-739-8227

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