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SSIS V12.4 Release Training CW-TCM Service Plan Presentation for VPC December 2012 Child Welfare-Targeted Case Management.

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1 SSIS V12.4 Release Training CW-TCM Service Plan Presentation for VPC December 2012 Child Welfare-Targeted Case Management

2 SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 20122

3 1.Right-click and select New State Service Plan. 2.New Plan houses the service plans that have not yet been revised into the new format. 3.Click the drop-down menu from the Document template field. 4.Select CW-TCM Service Plan. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 20123

4 SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 20124

5 1.Select the Review Date in the corresponding field. The Review Date is the date you intend to review the plan with the family. This may or may not be the same date reflected in the Effective to date field. 2.Select Yes to display the language block at the end of the service plan. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 20125

6 SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 20126

7 3.Select the Effective from date in the corresponding field. This should be the date that CW-TCM Services may be claimed. 4.Select the Effective to date in the corresponding field. If the CW-TCM Plan is done in conjunction with another service plan (such as a CP Plan), the plans should reflect the same review date (such as 90 days). If the CW-TCM Plan is not created with another service plan, it is required to be reviewed at least annually. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 20127

8 5.In the Child section, select the identified child’s name in the Participant field. Note that the Participant field is a hyperlink. Click on the word Participant and the mouse moves to the Participants folder in the Tree View. This allows you to add or correct information that merges into this field. When the child’s name is selected, the Date of birth autofills below. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 20128

9 SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 20129

10 6.Both client and collateral names merge into the Parent/Legal Guardian section. Select both parents’ names to merge both into the CW-TCM Plan. When a name is selected, additional fields display. 7.The parent’s Address merges from the Address/Phone/Email/State Detail folder. Note that this field is a hyperlink. Each address entered for the parent displays. Select the current address. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201210

11 8.Each telephone number entered for the parent in his or her Address/Phone/ Email/State Detail folder merges by type. Select one or more of the desired Phones to merge into the CW-TCM Plan. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201211

12 SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201212

13 9.This section is labeled Parent/Legal Guardian; however, all clients and collaterals displaying in the Participants folder merge. It is intended that the Parents or Legal Guardians be selected in this field, but other participants may also be selected if desired by the caseworker. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201213

14 SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201214

15 10. If a collateral is selected -- and it has a business association added to its Education/Employment folder (via a Business Organization search) -- the address and/or telephone number of that business does not display on the service plan’s Setup tab. Rather, the address and/or phone must be entered in the collateral’s Address/ Phone/Email folder for it to display. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201215

16 SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201216

17 11. If a collateral is selected, and an address and/or one or more telephone numbers is added to the Address/Phone/Email folder, it displays as an Address and Phone selection on the Setup tab. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201217

18 SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201218

19 12.Ensure that the primary caseworker’s name displays in the Staff field. When the worker’s name is selected, any Document credentials and Phone number associated with that name in Admin displays. It is recommended that the agency’s general telephone number be used so that if the caseworker’s telephone number changes, it will not display incorrectly on a service plan. 13.Click Save to access the Document tab. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201219

20 1.The Document tab holds the actual CW-TCM Plan. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201220

21 2.The Document tab opens with a Navigation bar to the left. The blue arrow indicates which screen is reflected to the right. 3.A red checkmark displaying next to a node on the Navigation bar indicates that the Complete check box at the bottom of the screen was selected. Clicking Complete means that this screen will print on the service plan. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201221

22 4.Service plans print automatically in a format that does not separate sections or sentences between pages. This may make the plan longer, but it keeps information together on the same page. Select Alternate Print Format to have the printed text display continuously with no breaks between pages. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201222

23 SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201223

24 5.Demographic information merges from the Setup tab and displays as the top of the Title Page. Review it for accuracy. 6.Expand the names of clients to view contact information. Click the Address and Phone Numbers tabs to view either merge field. Both print on the service plan. 7.Note that collateral information displays in the same way. Click Complete. 8.Click the double arrow buttons to advance to the next screen. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201224

25 SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201225

26 9.Identify the reason the child is in need of Child Welfare – Targeted Case Management services in the Eligibility field. 10. Identify the goals to be achieved by the provided services in the Goals field. Click Complete. This information is required to claim for CW-TCM funds. Type directly into the Editor boxes, or click the blue E to open the Editor in its own larger window. The Editor window allows for more text features. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201226

27 11. Answer the questions on the Specific Services screen. The information regarding Specific services, Action steps, Timelines, and Person(s) responsible is required to claim for CW-TCM funds. Click Complete. 27

28 12. Identify the required signers on the Signature Setup screen by typing their names in the corresponding text boxes. Note that the Complete box is already selected. Review the Navigation bar to ensure that each screen you wish to print on the plan has a red checkmark next to the node. 28

29 1.Right-click on the Document tab. 2.Select Print to open the Print Preview. This is the quickest way to print any service plan. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201229

30 SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201230

31 3.Review the plan for accuracy. Note that the toolbar of the Print Preview has an option to e-mail the service plan if permitted by your agency. If something is not displaying in the plan, review the Navigation bar and ensure that a red checkmark displays next to each screen you wish to print on the plan. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201231

32 1.The Properties tab holds information about the creation of the service plan. 2.The Template Status field on this tab is not the same as the Status field on the Setup tab. If the Template Status field here indicates the plan is Active, it means that the plan’s template is active and the plan may be copied in its entirety. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201232

33 3.Once signatures have been obtained on the CW-TCM Plan, return to the Setup tab. 4. Change the plan from Draft to Active in the Status field. Click Save. An Active service plan is no longer editable; however, copying the plan returns it to Draft status, thereby permitting edits. 33

34 1.Click Tools from the toolbar. 2.Select External Documents. 3.Expand the External Documents folder and select CW-TCM Service Plan. A blank CW-TCM Plan can be printed from this location. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201234

35 1.Right-click on the CW-TCM Plan in the Tree View. 2.Select Print Service Plan. 3.Select Blank Plan. A blank CW-TCM Plan may also be printed using these steps. SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201235

36 SSIS V12.4 Release TrainingDecember 201236

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